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Could you choose between two men you’ve fallen madly in love with? This is the dilemma Imogene faces after a life-changing trip to exotic Thailand. The biggest part of the problem? They’re identical twins…

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Recipe for Lust

Just how does a good girl from LA end up in the tabloids with a famous chef, surrounded by scandal and betrayal?

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The Bluegrass Billionaire Trilogy

This is the complete box set of The Bluegrass Billionaire Trilogy by Alice Ward and Jessica Blake, containing all three books of the series: Bluegrass Seduction, Bluegrass Obsession, and Bluegrass Rebellion.

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Unraveling the Billionaire

Even though she knew he was hiding something, she still wanted him so badly she couldn’t breathe. A hot, steamy read that will leave you breathless…

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Who is stalking Blaire and is her new love, Cristiano, involved?

After following other people’s orders my entire life, I’ve finally struck out on my own. I realize that I don’t even know who I am. It’s time I found out who Blaire Daniels really is. I need to discover myself… reinvent myself.

And, if the breathtakingly sexy and handsome, not to mention super rich, Cristiano Leventis is a part of that equation, who am I to complain?

But, is it just coincidence that I meet him now? When I think someone is following me? Or is something more sinister going on? Please don’t let me be falling in love with the wrong man. He seems like such a perfect Mr. Right…

Although this novel is part of the Lords of the City series, it is a full-sized STANDALONE novel with an HEA and NO CLIFFHANGERS.

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Take A Peek At My Upcoming Release Rookie Mistake

Chapter One I’d dreamed of this day, for how long I couldn’t even remember. I knew I was a boy, maybe seven, watching the New York Yankees play against… who was it? I couldn’t recall, but I remembered the excitement that soared through my grandfather’s living room...

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Get A Look At The Cover For Rookie Mistake

Exciting news! I’ve started working on a brand new series called The Beasts of Baseball, and the first book in the series, my next upcoming release, is called Rookie Mistake. Rookie Mistake tells the story of Calvin Malone, who pitches for his small-town minor...

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What People Are Saying About Secrets

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all the great feedback I’ve been getting about Secrets! Here are some of my favorite comments so far: “Talk about an amazing story and hope that there’s a continuation of this one. Would love to know...

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