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Could you choose between two men you’ve fallen madly in love with? This is the dilemma Imogene faces after a life-changing trip to exotic Thailand. The biggest part of the problem? They’re identical twins…

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Blitzed By The Billionaire

After a lifetime of traveling the world with my uncle, I was ready for a normal, routine life. I thought I found it too. A job teaching kindergarten, good friends, and a stable man by my side. I was happy… mostly. Until I walked in on a surprise that shook my world…

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The Bluegrass Billionaire Trilogy

This is the complete box set of The Bluegrass Billionaire Trilogy by Alice Ward and Jessica Blake, containing all three books of the series: Bluegrass Seduction, Bluegrass Obsession, and Bluegrass Rebellion.

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Unraveling the Billionaire

Even though she knew he was hiding something, she still wanted him so badly she couldn’t breathe. A hot, steamy read that will leave you breathless…

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Combine two hot guys and one lonely girl. Add a teaspoon of longing and a pinch of drama, and what do you get? The perfect recipe for lust.

My life had been one big comfort zone — long term boyfriend, long term friends, long term boring life. I wanted sizzle. Something new. Something different. When they say you better be careful what you wish for… believe me, you better.

I’m Claire Walker, and on a whim, I applied for the hot reality show, Extreme Cuisine, to launch my dream career as a chef. I soon found out I’d bit off more than I could chew when I was tossed into the pressure cooker of the show.

Over nine long weeks, I served up my best, even while cameras and everyone else watched my every move. So, how does a good girl from LA end up in the tabloids with a famous chef, surrounded by scandal and betrayal? Welcome to my life…

Remember Claire from Unraveling the Billionaire? If you loved Lauren and Asher, you’ll adore Claire and her journey to step out of her comfort zone, take a few risks, and discover love. Beware, it’s hot in the kitchen. 18+

This is a standalone book so even if you haven’t yet read Unraveling the Billionaire you can jump right into this one with no problems. HEA included.

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Recipe For Lust – Drunken Dipped Berries

      Strawberries are my absolute favorite fruit. And why not? They’re tasty, sexy, juicy and RED! They’re probably one of the first foods that come to mind when you think about aphrodisiac cooking. Think of these strawberries as dressed up...

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Recipe For Lust – Rosewater Mimosa

  Time for an adult beverage (or three!). When it comes to food, few things are sexier than brunch. And no brunch worth its salt would dare be without this classic brunch cocktail – the mimosa. This mimosa has a special twist, a tiny little addition that...

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