The Matchup

A dark pleasure competition. An enemy for an opponent. A woman who may be my match.

My absurd tycoon of an uncle is retiring. Finally, my dream of being CEO over his publishing empire, including his coveted BDSM website, is nearing reality. But Uncle Harvey won’t hand over the reins so easily. He’s pitted me against my enemy… my cousin.

Best man wins it all, according to ol’ Harv. Fine. Because the best man is going to be me.

But we can’t do it alone. For fun, Unc matched us with a woman.

He chose Ava for me. She’s sweet, courageous, sexy… and vanilla to her very core. Since I’m a Dominant, that’s a problem. I don’t compromise, but she has me twisting my commands into requests, and thinking of her desires before my own. As the competition advances, we’re both pushed beyond our limits.

Worse, my cousin has plans of his own. Has desires of his own. And he always desires what is mine.

He wants Ava, and when I see him touching her, the contest explodes into violence, with consequences I couldn’t have imagined.


Never predictable, this author’s creativity knows no bounds. This book is so original – yes, the “contest” thing has been done, but not like this, I can assure you.


I must say that this story took us on a whole to experience. It gave us so much to wrap our minds around but in a way it has us all thinking about the possibilities.

Tianna McPherson


“I want you.” Her words were so soft I barely heard them.

I looked more closely at her and saw there was a fine sweat on her upper lip. When my gaze landed on her parted lips, her hips rocked upward.


At her simple plead, everything I’d so carefully planned fell by the wayside, as the need to be inside her washed away everything else. I could feel myself shaking, for fuck’s sake, just from the sensation of my balls resting on her abs. Plan B.

“We may need to… fast forward a bit. What do you say?” Moving back until her pussy was just under my pulsing cock, I slowly ground into her mound as I watched her eyes roll upward. I could feel her moist pussy beneath my rock-hard erection through her thin silk panties. She wanted me as badly as I wanted her.

She undulated in response as I brought the tassel up her sternum, feathering it across her collarbone, up her neck, and to her lips. There, I stopped, pressed it to the soft skin of her lips so she could feel its smoothness. She puffed out a breath, sucked one in, drawing my attention back to her breasts.

“Fast forward,” she breathed and pulled on the restraints around her wrists.

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