Ace’s Wild (The Beasts of Baseball – Book Two)

Can Ace Newman, a wild man on and off the baseball field, be tamed by a sweet small town girl like Holly Summer?

This is the second sexy STANDALONE novel in Bestselling Author Alice Ward’s brand new sports romance series, The Beasts of Baseball.

My major league career is stronger than ever, and women are flowing like cheap wine. I have life by the balls, and it feels like the party has just begun. I’m not ready for it to stop.

I’m Ace Newman. Heavy hitter. Superstar short stop. A Beast. The wild man. So what if I party a little, drink too much, and screw a different woman every night? So what if my teammates are getting younger every season and retirement is staring me in the face?

They can’t get rid of me that easy. I’ll do whatever it takes to stay in the game. I refuse to be tamed. Especially by any one woman.

Then why do I keep thinking about Holly…

NOTE: The Beasts of Baseball series follows the sexy exploits of the players on the baseball team The Beasts, and the women they love. Each book can be read as a standalone.

Prepare for a raw, emotionally charged HEA with No Cliffhanger. And remember, when two dysfunctional lives collide, it’s going to leave a mess!


I never expected to read this novel in one day, but once I opened it and read a couple of pages it became impossible to put it down. Despite of my personal profound ignorance about all sports and baseball in particular, I found myself reading game descriptions with interest. But it wasn’t the game that kept my eyes glued to the book. It was the fast pace of the story, fascinating characters and interesting plot. Steamy sex scenes were just proverbial icing on this delicious cake.
There’s no point in delving into every aspect, every situation and every character. Why spoil the fun of reading a new book? And, it was fun! “Ace’s Wild” is an excellent read. Alice Ward’s writing style is wonderful. I wish there were more writers like Alice Ward and more books like “Ace’s Wild”.

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OMG! Alice Ward just hit it OUT OF THE BALLPARK with the second story in her Beasts of Baseball Series! Ace Newman, one of the hottest players on the Beast Baseball team likes to party, and party hard … booze, drugs, women, you name it. Ace uses these outlets to cope with his childhood demons, and the only time those demons seem to disappear is when he is with Holly. Holly is a small town girl who dreams of owning her own Bakery, and most important getting away from her home life. Holly met Ace thru her best friends Whitney, who is engaged to Ace’s teammate Calvin. Holly fell hard for Ace, but won’t admit her feelings. Holly sees another side of Ace that he doesn’t show others, and they bond over similar childhood issues. I’ll let you pick up this heartfelt love story to read how Ace and Holly got their HEA!!!

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It was a new season, guaranteed to be better than the last. I was still reeling over losing our chance at the World Series. One fucking game — just one fucking game — and we could have had our chance at being champs. I knew some of the guys choked, never having been so close before, but I was used to winning, and after being in the series four times without clinching the victory, I was ready and thought the Beasts were my ticket.

Coach had given me hell, trying to throw blame on me for losing. Seriously, me? I was the best player on the team. Hell, nearly the best in the entire league with a batting average of .348 and more putouts than anyone else on the field last season.

So how the fuck was that lose mine?

The coach had called me late the night before and asked me to come in early, to talk. Yeah, fucking right! I was late, almost by an hour from the time he wanted me here, but still a few minutes early for practice.

Coach Griffin’s face was bright red, and sweat was beginning to bead up on his forehead as he leaned over his desk to spew his anger onto me. It had been awhile since I was called into his office, so I guess he’d been waiting awhile to unload onto me. I tried to listen, I truly did, but watching his dark skin turn nearly purple was distracting, and the spit that sprayed from his lips wasn’t helping me to focus.

“I get it,” I said, hoping to calm him down.

“You don’t fucking get shit!”

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