His face was solemn as he gazed up at me. “If I was a good man, I’d walk out the door right now and never look back. I’d leave, and you’d never have to worry about me again.”

My heart pounded, and I was grateful that I was on top of him, holding him down. Not that I could’ve made him stay if he didn’t want to. God, please don’t let him want to go.

Then he grinned, and the old Jake was back as that devilish dimple appeared. “Since I’m not leaving, sounds like you need to make a choice. You can either worry about flames burning out…” he wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me until I was sitting on his chest, my mound just inches from his mouth, “or you can come on my face.”

I smiled down at him, at the delectable dimple winking back up at me. I loved that playful Jake was back, if only for a little while. I would play along. Tapping my lip as if I was thinking hard, I murmured, “Decisions, decisions.”

Then he pulled me forward, and his tongue was inside me. All playfulness vanished in that instant. Teeth and tongue explored and tasted as I ground down harder on his face, seeking the first of the releases he promised. And I was close. So very close.

Erotic wasn’t a good enough description of what was happening to me now. When he opened his warm chocolate eyes and watched me watch him, I’d never experienced anything so sensual in my life. His hands reached up, his palms capturing my breasts as his tongue thrust into me, then sucked my labia into his mouth. His teeth grazed my clit, and I ground down harder. He took it, giving back. And when I exploded, he took that too, his fingers pinching my nipples as I clamped a hand over my mouth to stifle the scream.

Then I was on my back, and he was between my legs again, two fingers diving inside me as he took my clit between his teeth. His knuckles grazed my walls as he twisted his fingers, finding my G-spot. He thrust hard and fast, his tongue working its magic as he drove me toward yet another edge.

I leaped, again stifling my screams as my legs clamped around his head. But he didn’t stop. I hadn’t stopped falling before he was building me up again. I began to cry deep, heaving sobs of pleasure that were so overwhelming, I couldn’t contain everything I was feeling.

When I exploded again, he climbed up my body, crushing his mouth to mine. “Taste how good you are,” he demanded and I licked his lips, his chin, finding it sexy as hell to do so. “Can you taste how perfect you are?”

The thing was, I felt perfect for the first time in forever. And I didn’t want the feeling to end.

“I fucking want you,” he said against my mouth and caught my lower lip between his teeth. I shuddered as he sucked it into his mouth.

“Then take me,” I begged. “Hard.”

He raised his head until our eyes met. “I will, baby. I will.”

Sliding away, I groaned at the loss of his weight, then yelped as he dragged me by my ankles to the edge of the bed. Standing in front of me, he spread my legs wide, gazing down at my sex until I squirmed.

“Please,” I begged, and his eyes snapped back to me. He pulled me again until my ass hit his thighs before lifting my feet until they were resting on his shoulders.

“Play with your nipples,” he instructed, then growled low in his chest when I licked my finger before circling the puckered flesh.

His eyes seemed to grow darker and he lowered himself to the bed, pressing my legs back, bending me until my knees were resting on my shoulders. His cock nudged my entrance, and I willed him to slip inside me, give me what I needed.

“Watch me fuck you.”

I licked my lips and lowered my gaze to the point where our bodies almost connected. He entered me slowly, and I gasped at the burn of him stretching my already raw flesh. Inch by inch, my body consumed him, until the hardness of his pubic bone pressed against my clit.

When he was balls deep, he shifted until both of my wrists were in his hands. With ease, he pulled them over my head, holding them captive as my legs began to shake from the burden and blessing of his weight.

I was at his mercy.

And heaven help me, I loved it.

I loved how vulnerable I was to him. How much trust I held.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” he growled, “and you’re going to come on my cock, understand?”

I nodded, and he withdrew just enough that I moaned at the loss of him. I didn’t have to wait long before he was filling me again with a body shattering thrust.

There was a hard edge to Jake’s hunger for me as he found a rhythm, spearing me over and over with his delicious cock. My breasts rocked on my chest with each violent thrust vibrating through me. My hips ached. My fingers itched to touch him. My mouth needed his kiss.

“Touch you,” I panted, wiggling my fingers, trying to fight my hands from the hard circle of his grasp. He let me go, and my fingers went straight for his hair, his shoulders.

He released my legs, and I groaned, pain radiating through my hips as I wrapped around his waist. His hand curled around my braid again, pulling my head back until our mouths met, our tongues clashing in sync with our bodies.

I cried out, and his mouth captured the sound as my body tightened and I raced toward the cliff. He cursed as my body clamped down on him, but he didn’t stop, didn’t give me time to recover. He pounded, slamming into me over and over, the sound of skin slapping together so erotic.

Without warning, he pulled out and flipped me onto my stomach. He pulled my hips up until my weight was resting on my elbows, and his mouth was on my ass. His tongue washed down my crack, and I gasped, trying to pull away from the unfamiliar sensation. His fingers dug into my hips, holding me still while he tongued the hard rim of my anus. It was so different, so wrong but right, and I found myself pushing back harder against his face instead of trying to pull away as my mind screamed for me to do.

Then his tongue was gone, and his weight was on me, his hand settling on the back of my neck, holding me down.

“I’ll fuck your ass someday,” he said, making me shiver, “every part of you will be mine.”

Before I could answer, the weight was gone, and he slammed into me again. My arms buckled, and I collapsed onto my chest, my fingers gripping the bedsheets as I desperately held on.

Again at his total mercy, I surrendered to everything he was doing. Everything I was feeling. So good. Everything was so incredibly good.

Even when a finger slipped into my ass, burning and stretching that virgin territory, I surrendered, my only sound the wail that issued from my throat.

It was insane, all that I felt as he forced me from one climax to another.

His sweat dropped onto my back, rolled down my spine, and I found the strength to push myself up until my back was connected with his front. The angle changed, and his finger slipped out of me, his hands clamping on my hips to raise and lower me at his will.

There was a thunderclap, barely heard above the thunder of our bodies slapping together. Jake didn’t flinch. Didn’t lose the steady rhythm. If anything, he picked up speed, nearly breaking me in two with his urgency.

Wrapping an arm around my waist, he flipped us until I was on top, riding him now. Desperate to see his face, I broke away only long enough to turn around before sinking down on him again, wincing as he stretched the sore skin. I wouldn’t be walking right tomorrow, but I didn’t care.

This time, it was my sweat dripping down on him, and I realized I didn’t care about that either. All that mattered was how he looked up at me as I rode him, the curses coming from his mouth as I pushed him closer to his own release.

Our fingers linked and he sat up, changing the angle of penetration again. I wrapped my arms and legs around him as I continued to ride.

My fingers found a scar on his back, reminding me of all he’d been through, and I bent my head to kiss the round scar on his shoulder.

And I rode.

Rode until his tongue plunged into my mouth as he finally found his own release deep inside of me.

As our harsh breaths filled the room, I pressed tight against him. Sweat coated our bodies, sealing us together. I could feel it running down my face and the sides of my torso. Jake’s lips found mine, kissing me softly, then he kissed my nose, my eyes, my hair. Wrapping my arms tighter around him, I pulled him closer to me and nuzzled my face into his neck.

The now-humid air pressed around us, creating our own little haven. I closed my eyes tight and sucked in a deep breath. His familiar scent filled me. When he went to pull away, I held on tighter.

Don’t go, I wanted to say, but I kept my lips firmly pressed together.

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