Claiming My Duchess



As the Duke of Becktonas, I have it all. But it’s nothing without her.

Second in line to the throne of a beautiful island nation, I have my pick of the sexiest women, fastest cars, whatever my heart desires.

What I want is my freedom — so much that they call me The Runaway Duke. Some call me The Duke of Debauchery. Both are correct.

When Iliana walks into my life, with her little llama t-shirt and big green eyes, it’s only supposed to be one night. But the fates think differently and cross our paths in the most unexpected way.

Now, as outside forces attempt to tear us apart, I don’t want to run.

But is it safe for her to stay?

* This is a Full-Length Standalone Novel with an HEA and No Cliffhangers – Click “Buy Now” below to read this book on ALL PLATFORMS (including Kindle) *



“So… I think we’ve done enough talking, don’t you?” I asked, my gaze falling to his lips.

He didn’t answer. He didn’t have to. His lips told me everything I needed to know when they crashed down on mine. A warm, rough palm covered my breast and squeezed as his tongue danced with mine. Damn, he could kiss.

“You taste so good,” he murmured against my mouth, “τόσο γλυκό.”

I didn’t have a clue to what he’d just said, but I didn’t care as I pressed myself closer to him, my fingers finding the soft strands of his hair. We’d barely begun, but this was already my best sexual experience. I’d never had a man take so much time with just this… kissing and caressing, murmuring words that made me feel like a goddess to him.

“Are you as sweet everywhere?”

I couldn’t answer because his lips were trailing down my mouth and over my nipples. He sucked deeply, and I felt the pull down to my toes. I cried out, and instead of softening his movements, he took the other into his mouth and sucked even harder…

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