Claiming My Soulmate



I sell the concept of love. But don’t believe in it. Until her.

Although I created the world’s most popular dating app, I secretly don’t believe in love. In fact, I think people who do are fairy tale chasing fools. And soulmates? Only idiots would buy into that concept.

When my secret gets out, my professional life and my billion dollar company are in jeopardy. In a desperate move, I agree to let a matchmaker help repair my image and find the perfect woman for me.

But what if soulmates are real? And mine is the feisty matchmaker herself?

Can I escape my fear and claim my soulmate? Or will I lose her? Lose everything?

* This is a Full-Length Standalone Novel with an HEA and No Cliffhangers – Click “Buy Now” below to read this book on ALL PLATFORMS (including Kindle) *


“Did you seriously just laugh at me?”

I didn’t know if I should be amused or offended by the fact that Gemma had giggled in my face just seconds before I was going to taste her.

No, it wasn’t a giggle. It was a full belly laugh. The kind that would have shot water all over my face if she’d had any handy.

She recovered quickly and shook her head. “I’m sorry,” she said, still grinning. “It’s just a long, silly story. For another time. Not now. Definitely not now.”

I lifted a brow, curious despite my arousal. “Yes, now.” I moved my thumb, pressing it directly on her clit. “Tell me why you laughed. I really want to know.”

She arched into the touch, her lower lip slipping into her mouth. “Later,” she moaned as I moved my thumb in a circle.

I nipped the inside of her thigh with my teeth and she gasped, giving me her full attention. “Why did you laugh? Tell me, and I’ll give you a reward.”

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