Claiming My Vengeance



I don’t forgive. I never forget. And I always claim my vengeance.

My former business partner has cost me millions, but a thirty-year jail sentence has put him out of my reach. His son, Devlin, is just as corrupt, disappearing shortly before my billion-dollar business starts going up in flames.

Getting my hands on Devlin is my last shot at revenge, and his wayward stepsister holds the key to finding him. Strong, stubborn, and sexy as hell, Olivia Redmond is going to help me, and I won’t take no for an answer.

I just didn’t know that she has some vengeance of her own.

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Gabe startled a gasp out of me when those big hands locked around my waist, and he swung me around and set me up on the bar, knocking a couple of stools out of his way as he did so. He pushed my thighs open and settled between them. “Last chance,” he murmured.

“Let’s do this,” I purred.

His hands, hot and hard, streaked under my tank top and stripped it off in one quick movement. Then, oh god, he cupped each of my breasts through the thin material of my bra and pushed them together, giving one slow lick up my cleavage, continuing a trail of fire along the side of my neck until his teeth gently bit my earlobe. The sweet friction of his rough cheek and hot breath against the side of my neck and the feeling of his thumbs rubbing at my peaked nipples almost made me come right there.

Had I thought I was in control of the situation? Minor miscalculation.

“God, these are sweet.” He’d unclasped the back of my bra and slid the straps from my shoulders to cup my breasts. He fastened his mouth to a nipple, sucking hard, and to my surprise, I came…

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