Lords of the City – The Complete Series

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On your knees for your Lords of the City! A bestselling series that’s worth over $14 combined, now available in one complete box set for one sweet price!

Sleek and formidable, Chicago is an empire, controlled by the men and women who rule from the upper floors. Beneath gray skies, there’s an order to the city, but when office hours are over, a scorching heat pulses within its walls that has nothing to do with the sun.

The Lords of the City series follows the sexy exploits of the billionaires who rule the city and the women they love. These billionaires are definitely not boys – they are men, grown up, alpha to the core, and bad in a bad boy way. So, settle in for a deliciously bumpy ride.

Included in this Box Set are:

Three complete standalone romance novels – each with an HEA and no cliffhangers:

Torn (Lords of the City – Book 1)
Secrets (Lords of the City – Book 2)
Burned (Lords of the City – Book 3)

One Never Before Released Prologue Novella: Lured (Lords of the City – Prologue)

Until now, this novella was only available through subscription! One particular Lord of the City weaves his machinations through each of the books in this series. Find out here how it all began!

And EXCLUSIVE TO THIS BOX SET ONLY, one Brand New Epilogue Novella: Forgiven? (Lords of the City – Epilogue)

The Lords of the City will forever continue their rule, but this novella puts the thrilling and oh-so-sexy finishing touches on the series!

Settle in and prepare for a raw, emotionally charged stimulating journey that will leave you breathless!

*** This set contains Full-Length Standalone Novels with an HEA and No Cliffhangers – Click “Buy Now” below to read this book on ALL PLATFORMS (including Kindle) ***


3 reviews for Lords of the City – The Complete Series

  1. Armenia Fox

    Great box set you don’t want to miss…..5stars!

    This bundle is a must read set of five standalone books, plus 2 novellas; a prologue and epilogue. I am so excited I got to read this series in completion.

    Lured is a never released prequel to the series. It’s Niall Lambert’s story. Niall is self made man and a billionaire in the high stakes game of power and money in Chicago. He’s a man who knows what he wants and usually gets it. In an unfortunate evening of mishap for waitress, Emma, Niall is willing to overlook the accident if she agrees to weekend of pleasure, with Niall calling the shots. Neither Emma or Niall expected strong feelings and emotions, but Niall is still hurt from a past and is too jaded to break down his walls.

    Imogen meets Corey on a trip to Thailand, a trip of a lifetime with the inheritance she received from her grandmother. As Corey and Imogen learn about each other, the friendship and feelings come with it. And Corey promises to find Imogen when he returns home to the states. When Imogen has a job interview in Chicago she is taken aback with the man who interviews her who looks so much like Corey but is opposite in demeanor. An uncanny realization that Noah is Corey’s twin. I just loved how the story begins to unravel with the twins in the mix.

    I enjoyed this story, it was suspenseful and a page turner. The romance between Cristiano and Blaire is beautiful and heartwarming. I was heartbroken about Cristiano’s childhood, and in spite of the odds, he became a billionaire. Blaire is an awesome, feisty, strong heroine in this story who fought selflessly in this exciting and thrilling read.

    Quinn has no time for men or relationships. As an owner of a consulting business her focus is on the success of her company. Seth is in the Army Reserve, but secretly hides the fact he is an heir to a fortune. Seth and Quinn meet at the opening to an art gallery show, and clearly dance around their attraction. As they plans for a weekend getaway, they realize there is more to the chemistry between them. Neither expected falling hard for each other, and realize what they had been missing. But Seth is soon deployed and leaves Quinn wondering about him. I was on pins and needles until the end.

    Forgiven is the epilogue to the series, and it’s the final half of Niall Lambert’s story. By this time, I’ve really softened towards Niall. He meets and falls in love and his journey is a hard one, but he gets his HEA. All in all, a wonderful series that comes full circle. Great job, Ms. Ward.

    I received an Advance Reader’s Copy of this book.

  2. Tiffany

    This book is FIRE! You get a fantastic bundle featuring standalone books with bonus material including a prolongue and an epilogue! The characters are amazing and it’s great to read on a cold rainy day all cuddled up with a blanket and a kindle!

  3. Andrea l

    Holy MC books!!!! I finished the first one and i thought holy hell this was amazing, and the rest just got better! They were all exceptionally written filled with drama, sex, and love and your typical MC shenanigans. There was so much just jammed packed into this 3 books defiantly buy these you will really enjoy them.

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