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I have a legacy to fulfill. She has memories to hold on to. Who will win this clash of wills?

As newly minted CEO of the Pennington’s enterprise, I’m thrust into the big shoes my late father left for his only son. My first task: Convince a certain stubborn metaphysical shop owner to sell the last piece of property needed to build our new superstore.

But she isn’t giving in.

I’m prepared to take Gretchen Laughlin down, until I meet her. Then, it all falls apart. Those bewitching mossy eyes, that snappish tongue, and her utter lack of intimidation has me torn and twisted, leading me to make a choice… the legacy or the girl.

I can’t have both. Or can I?

There’s only one way to find out.

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47 reviews for Mesmerized

  1. Armenia Fox

    Following your heart

    I won’t rehash the story, it’s been described thoroughly. What I will say, is that Alice Ward has done it again. The author brings us a heartfelt and thoughtful romance. I appreciated the slow boil when it came to Cash and Gretchen’s story, it made it that steamier when it finally happened, and oh boy, it was off the charts.

    Cash had some deep soul searching with his position with his father’s company and trying to carry the legacy. Thankfully Gretchen had to do the same for herself. Would she sacrifice happiness for familial memories? I loved the satisfying resolution to Cash and Gretchen’s story. I received and voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  2. Mindy H

    Good read. She owns the last property his company needs to go forward in building a new store. Cash travels from Oklahoma to Michigan to seal the deal, charm the pant off of the small town business owner, easy right? Gretchen is at a loss as she see the businesses around her selling out, her charming street was going to be knock down and a superstore in its place, the store where she grew up, made memories with her grandmother, she’s determined to hold out, this is her livelihood as well as her home and nothing is going to remove her from her building. A charming southerner maybe sweet talking but Gretchen is prepared to stand her ground, what neither expected was the sparks that flew as their hand met. Offer after offer she’s refused but the chemistry between is mighty powerful. Engaging characters, a fun story line, who will win out?

  3. misty g warner

    I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book. I have read several book by Alice Ward and am definitely a fan of her books.
    Cash is the CEO of Pennington’s. He just took over after his father’s sudden death. Pennington’s is a large grocery chain and they are buying up all the properties in Fawn, Michigan to build a new store. They have acquired all but one property. Gretchen is refusing to sale. He’s just going to have to go there to try to convince her. Only he doesn’t expect to be so attracted to her.
    This book is another great one from Alice. All her books are definitely worth reading.

  4. Belinda Hayes

    Gretchen is fighting to keep her business. She’s not ready to give it up to the company that’s been itching to buy her store recently. Cash is the newly appointed CEO of that company and the investors are desperate for Gretchen’s store so they send Cash in to try and do a little convincing. They instantly feel an attraction to each other but they know they can’t cross those boundaries or so they think…..Lots of chemistry between the characters and plenty of drama. This is a fun and sweet story. You won’t be able to put it down!

    I voluntarily reviewed a ARC

  5. Heather Vandine

    Cash grew up being trained by his father to take over his dad’s company, but all it did was make him hate everything about the corporate world. When Cash’s father died unexpectedly and he was made CEO of the company he was torn. He was disappointed he never got his father’s genuine approval or love. So he forgot everything about hating and tried his best to be like his father. When 1 business owner was refusing to sell, ad it was the last of the property they needed to start building their super store, he had to go try to talk to her in person. Gretchen was upset that all the neighboring businesses sold out to Penningtons. There was o way she was going to sell no matter how much more they continued to offer. She didn’t want her little to town to change and she grew up in the building her business was in. She had to many memories. When Cash showed up on her door she wanted to hate him, instead she fell in love with him. Could they get over the fact that he was the CEO of the company trying to take everything away from her. This is a well written book. I loved the story line and the chemistry is hot. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

  6. Jo-Ann Forrest

    I love this story so much that I read it twice! It is even better the second time around. Gretchen is the owner of this quirky story in Michigan. Cash Pennington CEO of Pennington is buying all the property around her story to buil a big box store. She is the only one left holding on to the history and traditions of her little town. One day. ash flies to Michigan to try and persuade her with another offer. What he sees is a beautifl strongwilled woman who is ready to stand up to this big coporation. They slowly discover that thye both have some personal issues that they need to face. She needs to let go of the store but keep the memories, he must stand up to the board and be the man he longs to be and not stand in his father’s shadow. A very nice intense read that will mesmerize you! I voluntarily reviewed an arc.

  7. Nickiann Holt

    A beautiful story about fighting for what you believe in while at the same time finding something you did not even know you were missing. Gretchen refuses to bow down and let her business be bought out by a huge conglomerate that wants to build a big box store. Cash is the man who needs to get her to sign on the dotted line to save his position in the company. But what neither of them realizes is that the sparks of hatred can turn into sparks of desire in a heartbeat. Will Cash get her to sign everything over? Or will he finally understand the real reason the two were brought together? Once again Alice Ward creates a story that has so many layers that it is simply a joy to read. While we always what the HEA – it is the journey that means so much more.

  8. Diane Colbert

    I Voluntarily reviewed a copy of “MESMERIZED” Loved the chemistry between Cash and Gretchen sparks fly as soon as they touch but she won’t give him what he wants and that’s to buy her store. Gretchen is very attached to the book store it’s been in the family a long time plus she lives upstairs. This was another great read by Alice Ward loved the storyline and the characters it was an engaging interesting drama filled story with some humor thrown in I definitely recommend to read you won’t be disappointed that for sure.

  9. Carol

    This is a good enemies-to-lovers romance featuring a determined CEO and the stubborn shop owner whose property he’s trying to buy. I enjoyed the snappy banter between Gretchen and Cash – how easy it was for him to rile her up and her strong and often emotional reactions that only served to fuel his fire and ignite his desire for her. I appreciated Cash’s struggles to reconcile his confusion over his father’s legacy and his desire to follow his own code of ethics. Gretchen was an interesting character but I found her to be a little too quick to judge and to make assumptions. I enjoyed the imagery of the Auras shop and the glimpse into the metaphysical world of Tarot cards and healing crystals etc. This is a well written, very steamy story with plenty of angst and drama. While I did enjoy the story, I don’t think it needed to go on for as long as it did. I was surprised and shocked at the twist at the end and wondered WTH?! I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book from the author, and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  10. Kathi S

    Big business versus quaint small town!!

    Fawn Michigan is full of small-town-charm and a tourist destination along the northern coast of Lake Michigan. CEO Cash Pennington is finding his way in his new role after the death of his father and working to complete the buyout of a block in Fawn. Cash must travel to Fawn to convince the final holdout to sell her business and prove his worth as CEO. Gretchen spent some time living in the rooms above her grandmother’s bakery as a child, then worked for Madam Adam in the metaphysical specialty store Auras, before she bought it herself. Gretchen is determined to hang on to the location where she can still “feel” her long-gone Grandma.

    Cash recognizes the charm of this quaint town. He disagreed with the way his father ran roughshod over others to promote his business; and rues still the fact they never threw a football, or went fishing; only had lessons on running a corporation.

    When Cash and Gretchen realize they actually have things in common, and enjoy each other’s company can these two with very different goals find a way to stay together, or is this just an avenue to lower her defenses?

    Sensual and romantic this story reveals the dichotomy between corporate America and the little guy all while exploring this very special relationship. A splendid story and engrossing read!!

  11. Keri Loves Books (Keri Roth)

    He’s the jerk that’s trying to buy her out of her business and her home so that his superstore chain can take over her quaint little town. She’s not giving up with out a fight.

    Cash is the reluctant CEO for his father’s company. A company that he was groomed to takeover since birth. But when his father passed suddenly, he was thrust into a role he is not even sure he wants. Now he’s been tasked to meet his hold out in person and convince her to sell to his company.

    Gretchen is all light and auras. She owns a metaphysical store. She likes to meditate and read Tarot cards to figure out her life path. She also loves her business and her home. Everyone else in her town may have sold, but there is NO WAY she is going to allow them to force her out of her home and her livelihood.

    He’s all business and she’s all yoga and crystals. He’s unsure of his career path and she loves what she does. Total and complete opposites that can’t keep their hands to themselves! In their case, opposites attract and ignite! These two have heat and intense chemistry. They definitely struggle with finding their way, but in the end they both end up exactly where they were meant to be.

  12. JenB

    Absolutely loved reading this book! I cannot wait to read anything released by this author but every once in awhile she releases a true gem, this is one of them! You will always get a great story with amazing characters but this one just has a little extra sugar and spice to truly keep you mesmerized from the first page to the last. This story takes place in a small town called Fawn, Michigan. The town is a tourist town that is losing some of its independent store owners as a big corporate company is moving in and needs the land. But we meet one store owner who is determined not to give in and sell out……meet Ms. Gretchen Laughlin. She is everything you dreamed your heroine to be and she drives our hero, Cash crazy. Cash Pennington is now the CEO of the corporate company that is moving into Fawn. His first major duty is to buy out the current businesses and get the land for another corporate store. This story is well written, flows easily and has fantastic characters.
    I voluntarily read and reviewed this book as an ARC.

  13. Tammy

    Cash Pennington is the new CEO of his family’s business after the death of his father. Their latest project is to build one of their megastores in the small-town of Fawn Michigan. The company has managed to buy up all the property on the block except one. Needing to prove he has what it takes to be CEO, he decides to travel to Fawn and convince Gretchen the owner of the metaphysical specialty store to sell. But once he meets Gretchen he realizes that getting her to sell will not be an easy task. I really loved Cash and Gretchen’s story. The interaction between them was very entertaining and they had sizzling chemistry. The story was well written, had drama, turmoil, emotions and steam. A fantastic read that kept me turning the pages from beginning to end.
    I voluntarily received an advanced arc copy for an honest review.

  14. Tiffany

    This book is well written and the characters are well developed. Though I’m not into the physic, tarot card reading aspect of the book, but that is just me. If you don’t have a problem with that then you will love it.

  15. Maria Borres

    First of all, my heartfelt thanks for an advance copy of this book Mesmerized! An absolutely mesmerizing book let me be honest with all of you!!!
    Since this review is long overdue, I’m praying I’m not far behind!
    My dear Alice, you’ve done it again…this book has not only made my summer bearable but it consumed my whole being with exhilarating joy livingb it up with Cash and Gretchen, two wonderful characters that seemed to leap up alive from the pages of this book, enchanting me with their positive realism with their respective role… that’s how a well written story should be done, as usual, only a renouned author with exemplary dedication to her craft can do that!!! Not to be outdone, Mesmerized has broken another record from Alice’s other books… each time, her extraordinary creative mind leads us forward a magnificent reality of her story! Funny, genuine and unstoppable reality!!!
    Cash’s brilliant performance as his late dad’s CEO has a remarkable and positive side as not only honest to himself and goodness but most of all with integrity and romantic side in him as a person… dedicated and genuinely in love with Gretchen whose overall character is also a woman to be reckoned with! Integrity versus business fame? Cash and Gretchen has chosen the best … INTEGRITY in huge letters, genuine love and respect for their respective interests and desires in life… business ownership with honor and respect, most of all love and happiness reign within their hearts! United in love, what else is missing? A happily ever after leads toward a brilliant family partnership for Cash and Gretchen!
    Mesmerized? Absolutely! Not only Gretchen did so, but also myself Included with a thrilling storyline such as this latest book Alice has brilliantly created for her beloved fans!!’
    👏 Bravo, great job!!!

  16. Christine Reese

    I received this as an ARC for my honest review. WOW what an amazing story line. Cash and Gretchen what chemistry they have even with all their up’s and down’s it makes for a fantastic read. It will not disappoint, two people from two different worlds, sexy with drama. You will not be disappointed.

  17. Rita

    I liked that Cash and L stood up for what they both believed in. While they fight each other for what they thought they wanted, they realize they can’t fight the chemistry between them. It was wonderful how Cash stood up for himself and Gretchen.

  18. Ruth Crittell

    I always love Alice Ward’s stories because they always have unique story lines and this one is no different. Big corporation trying to get what they want even at the little businesses expense. Cash is part of big corporation but only as a result of his father’s death. Can he broker a deal that can save his soul and also learn to love. Gretchen also has to overcome big business in order to learn change can still keep things the same. The two of them have to nurture their budding romance if they wish to have their happy ever after. This has some sweet moments in it.

  19. Cheryl Petit

    Mesmerized is a well-written small town opposites attract romance story filled with angst, drama, twists and turns, some humor, snappy banter, engaging characters, an interesting storyline, sizzling chemistry, plenty of steamy scenes, and a happily ever after.

  20. zan Tonge

    In the name of Urban Renewal and Corporate Greed, a story of great courage and sentiment is born. Cash meet Gretchen as she is the last holdout for a slated demolition project to make way for a new project. Boy and girl fall in love amid a lot of badgering and strife caused by Cash’s Board of Directors, leading the way for the most important project of Cash’s life; the HEA. Loved the metaphysical aspect, Alice Ward really does her research and I learned quite a bit from this book on this subject and interesting loopholes.

  21. Kari

    After the death of his father Cash now finds himself of the CEO of his company. The company has plans to build one of their stores in Michigan and they have gotten all of the store owners to sell except for one holdout Gretchen and he is determined to change her mind.

    Gretchen owns a metaphysical store and she is not about to sell both due to the memories it holds as well the changes it would bring to their small town.

    There is no denying the connection between them but when big business clashes with the spiritual who will emerge the winner?

    These two appear to be complete opposites but it is not enough to stop the hot chemistry and connection between them.

  22. Kai

    I liked Gretchen from the moment I “met” her. Gretchen’s character is the ideal mix of sass and fortitude. Cash is dispatched to acquire her business in order for a lucrative development deal to proceed. He never expects his attraction to the adversarial woman, who is determined not to relinquish what she holds dear. The mix of adversity, attraction, and heat work well in this entertaining story.

  23. Erika

    This book is fun and hot! It makes me laugh as the adversity of the situation, and the attraction heats up!! Their chemistry is off the charts from the moment they meet, and it only gets hotter from there. This book is a delightful read and would recommend!!

  24. Jennifer Cone

    I LOVED this book! I laughed and have daydreams of this little town. The chemistry and heat between Gretchen and Cash is out of this world HOT!! You feel like you’re right there with them experiencing what this little town has to offer!

  25. Patricia Anthony

    Great book! Corporate America versus the small independent business makes for a gripping story and how two people from each side of the table find their true love. The characters are fun, sexy and completely relatable from Cash’s drawl to Gretchen’s psychic beliefs. I chuckled. I had a few tears. And, then there were times I wanted to scream because of the Cash’s board of directors. This gripping story is a timely romance that is worth reading.

  26. Darlene Loop

    I am always excited to read your next book, because I know I am in for quite a adventure. I was not disappoint. I believe this is now my favorite.

  27. Kim James

    This is an amazing read by Alice Ward. Her version of big business vs small town shop owner is excellently told and should not be missed. Cash and Gretchen have the chemistry but will they give in for the sake of themselves or will the business side win all. You will not be able to put it down. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  28. Robin Moss

    “Mesmerized” by Alice Ward is a terrific book. This is truly a book that I could not put down until I finished it. The chemistry between Cash and Gretchen is off the charts hot. All of the characters in this book are very well developed with great depth to each of them. The book flowed so well between each scene. Gretchen is an amazing, strong woman. She is a terrific heroine. She is an amazing woman who is dealing with a large corporation buying up the entire street where her store is. She’s the last holdout. Cash is the new CEO and needs to get her to sell so that the Board of Directors have confidence in his ability to take over from his father. I loved how this book progresses through each phase of Cash and Gretchen’s struggle for what they believe in. If you read this book you won’t be disappointed.

  29. Pat

    Chemistry in this book is mesmerising, great characters and a fantastic storyline. This book will thrill you throughout. Not to be missed.

  30. Renee Williams

    I really liked this novel. Plenty of bantering back & forth between Gretchen & Cash. She’s adamant in not selling her business location & he’s determined to get her property so he can build a nationwide superstore chain in her little town. He’s unsuccessful in getting her to sell by giving her a better deal than the last one so he decides to get to know her & see the other side of her. Gretchen fights the big corporation, so that her small town continues to attract the tourists who want to escape from the big mega superstores & restaurants that are in the big cities. An enemies to friends romance story. A must-read!

  31. PEJ

    Cash and Gretchen have a wonderful story to share. He’s a multimillionaire and she’s a struggling shop owner. Aura is the name of her shop and she deeply loves it and her apartment above it in her quaint town of Fawn. But Cash is sent to get her to sell to his company, Pennington, so they can build a super store. She is the last hold out on that street. Their hate/love relationship starts from there. This was a fun read that I very much enjoyed.

  32. Andrea L

    I love to read a book that seems like it’s gonna have a good challenge on it and that’s when does . It was nice to read about a stubborn girl who doesn’t given to good looks and money. I loved the story line of the book. The characters fit so perfectly. It was well written and I really enjoy this book.

  33. Tabitha

    I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. I have read a lot of books by Alice Ward. It is a great book. It has a little bit of everything his in it. You never know what your going get. Once I started it I could put it down till I finish it. The characters are two strong will people. She will fight till the end. He is used to have everything jus fall in his lap. Will find a way to work out their differences. I can’t wait to read more books by Ward. I will recommend this book and author.

  34. Kbries

    Gretchen will do anything to save her business. Cash, CEO of his family business decides he will make a visit to her small town and convince Gretchen to sell. Two people thrown together. Both fighting for what they believe is right. Once they get to know each other perhaps they are fighting for the wrong reasons. I enjoyed this story told in both of their POV. I enjoyed Gretchen’s determination to fight for what she believes while listening to her inner self to figure out exactly what that was. Cash turned out to be a great guy. It was enjoyable to watch as he also figured out what he needed for a happily ever after.

  35. Lisa H.

    This was a great read.
    Cash is the new CEO of Penningtons and he’s been putting the pressure on Gretchen to sell her shop to them so they can develop it. Gretchen is the last hold out on Main Street, she’s sweet as sugar and is determined to keep Auras open. Loved Gretchen, who is willing to fight to keep her Oklahoma shop intact and open on her terms. Cash has a whole lot of learning to do, both as a man and a new CEO.

  36. Betty

    Loved this book another great read from Alice. I have read many books from her and she never disappoints love her books and how well each character fits so well together. Love the writing style as well.
    Cash just inherited his fathers company and he has been trying to get this one female to sell her place so they can tear it down and build a new building there. Well Gretchen isn’t having any of it she stands her ground. Even when Cash comes to visit and he is a handsome man at that but she will not give in to him. Cash is starting to take a liking to Gretchen and starts to see things in a different light. Once they give into their feeling the story gets even hotter. This is a must read loved this book! Recommed this one!

  37. Kim aka KB

    5 stars
    I received a free copy of the novel Mesmerized by Alice Ward and this review was given freely.
    Slightly different from recent books this steamy romance pits the holistic centered mystic Gretchen against a business focused CEO. I enjoyed not only the steamy scenes but seeing Cash stand up for himself, his beliefs, and for Grethen.

  38. Glenda

    Cash has just taken over as CEO of the family company after his father’s sudden death. The board has thrown a challenge at him to see if he can prove to be as good of a CEO as his father. There’s one hold out on the new project they have going on and they want him to convince her to sell her shop to them. How hard can it be?
    Gretchen is determined not to sell to Pennington’s as all of her neighboring business have…it’s a matter of principals as much as a sentimental attachment to the shop. When they send in the new CEO, she’s determined to hate him, but Cash isn’t what she expected. She’ll still hold on to the bitter end…won’s she?
    Loved it! Alice has done it again! Great characters, great twists in the story line and all around wonderful read!
    I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book and am leaving my honest review.

  39. Jennifer

    Wow Alice wrote another incredible book!!! This was a well written book about cash & Gretchen! Loved their chemistry! Can’t wait to see what mischief she writes next!

  40. magali

    Good story, well written denouncing the power of money against the human under cover of a romance
    Good title knowing that the beginning of the relationship between Gretchen and Cash is as if they were hypnotized. I loved this beginning, which although the story is not at all a sci-fi romance, lets spirits and witches coming around. Then the story develops as a love story where trust is the most important point of their adventure. But the pressure of selling Gretchen’s business to a large company, constantly relies on this confidence and for a good reason because Cash is the president of this famous company that wants to buy a whole district of a seaside town.
    I liked the irony of choosing the name “Cash” because the whole story is that: how far are we going for money and how far do we refuse to be bought ?
    Gretchen does not want to sell and he wants to buy her. Cash finds himself forced to come and negotiate with her and he is as bewitched by her (although he hopes to manipulate her, and that she’s extremely tough).
    Day by day, she pierces his armor, but Cash is struggling between this emerging attraction, the weight of the legacy of his father’s business, the reasons for which he is there, and the pressure from the board members.
    The story also simply presents to us the transition between the charm of tradition and the passage necessary to modernity, sometimes without the consideration of living human beings in this territory.
    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  41. Tammy Evans

    Cash Pennington is the new CEO of his family’s business after the death of his father. Their latest project is to build one of their megastores in the small-town of Fawn Michigan. The company has managed to buy up all the property on the block except one. Needing to prove he has what it takes to be CEO, he decides to travel to Fawn and convince Gretchen the owner of the metaphysical specialty store to sell. But once he meets Gretchen he realizes that getting her to sell will not be an easy task. I really loved Cash and Gretchen’s story. The interaction between them was very entertaining and they had sizzling chemistry. The story was well written, had drama, turmoil, emotions and steam. A fantastic read that kept me turning the pages from beginning to end.
    I voluntarily received an advanced arc copy for an honest review.

  42. Lisa

    Mesmerized is the story of Cash and Gretchen.  Cash is the new CEO of Pennington’s and trying to get the last piece of land to start the next project.  Little did he know that he would have such an attraction to the owner.  Gretchen just wanted to be left alone.  She had no interest of giving up the land and building that ment so much to her family.  This is a sweet story of finding true love in the most unfortunate way.  It also has some steamy love story but will love win?

  43. Patti Phillips (verified owner)

    Amazing book,it entices you from beginning till the end leaves you wanting more.

  44. Kristen Lewendon

    This is such a story of opposites attract. Gretchen is full-out, new age, airy-fairy metaphysics with a passionate loathing for corporate America. Cash, on the other hand, was born and raised to be everything corporate America represents: drive, power, money, success. In desperate bid to maintain his hold on his father’s legacy, Cash is sent to negotiate in person to convince Gretchen to sell her business, her legacy. The sparks this pair strike off each other nearly shorted out my reader. They broke my heart over and over again, every time they got vulnerable and shared those dark hidden parts of themselves. And then again, every time something happened to tear apart the connection they were building with one another. I loved watching this pair stumble their way to their happy ever after.
    I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book.

  45. Maggi

    I have been a fan of Alice Ward’s for a long time and love her books. I received an arc of this book for my voluntary review. After Cash’s fathers death, he steps in as the CEO of Pennington’s, the business his father built. In order to start building the new store, there is one business that refuses to sell. Cash Personally goes to the Little Michigan town to prove to the board that he can seal this deal. What he didn’t expect was Gretchen, the strong feisty, determined young woman who wasn’t about to sell out to the big corporate world. Loved it.

  46. Maria L.

    I read an advanced copy and I leave my voluntary and honest review.

    Cash & Gretchen’s romance was fun, captivating,thought provoking, passionate & steamy. Other reviewers have captured what the story is about. I will just say that I love this slow burn romance. The banter, attraction and sizzle was established so well that the consummation of their attraction was so hot I’m surprised the scene did not erupt in flames!

    This story of David vs. Goliath was a captivating page turner. If you want to be entertained and mesmerized, buy this book! It won’t disappoint.

  47. Pam

    Great story – wonderful characters. The story has it’s ups and downs but the steam makes it all fun to read. When you think the story might be ending, something else happens and on it goes. Alice continues to surprise – just when you think the story will be going one way, it goes another! Hope you enkoy this book as much as did!

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