Reclaiming My Wife



We were young and stupid then. We’re older and wiser now. But some things never change.

Eight years ago, she was the only woman to heat my blood and make me lose all my senses. I gave her my last name, but within a year, it was over.

Now, she’s back in my life and wants the divorce that was never finalized. I want that too, after I get what’s mine.

True, I’m not the same college boy she’d married, and she’s not the wild, carefree woman I could never tame. But I still burn for her, and now that she’s back on my ranch, this cowboy will do whatever it takes to melt his ice princess.

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“Would you go back to whatever it was you were doing before you picked a fight with me? I’m going to take a shower.”

“Not until we finish talking.”

“But we’re not talking. We’re fighting, and I’m really not sure what we’re fighting about,” I grumbled as I opened the door to his room. I tried to close it in his face, but he stopped it and followed me right in. I couldn’t very well kick him out. It was his room.

“We’re trying to have a conversation about you distracting my employees and trying to sow the seeds of love,” he blustered.

“Sow the seeds of love?” I laughed. “Where did you get that from?”

I looked at him hard. Was he blushing?

“Poor choice of words. Why don’t you just admit that you’re the worst kind of person to be giving advice about romance?”

It was time to put an end to this. Dropping my toiletries on the dresser, I whirled around and poked him in his hard chest. “First of all, I’m not giving advice. I’m helping two of your employees sort through their problems, and if you think that those problems aren’t affecting their work, then you’re blind. Secondly, how dare you judge the way I’ve lived my life! You left eight years ago, and you don’t get to talk to me about how I’ve spent it! What do you care anyway? Are you just angry because you don’t have any kind of power over me anymore?!”

“Power? I never wanted power over you, Jillian!”

“Right, so your attempt at seducing me a week ago wasn’t about power? Trying to make me feel insecure?”

His jaw dropped open, and he stared at me. “Power? You think that’s the only reason I want you? Jillian, we might have had a lot of problems, but manipulation was never one of them. How could you even think that?”

I didn’t think that. Not at the beginning, but by the end of our marriage, we were barely speaking, and I just knew that he hated me. That he blamed me. What better way to get back at me than to prove that I would always want him?

“I shouldn’t have said that,” I apologized softly. “I’m sorry.”

He pushed his hat back from his forehead and scratched at his scalp, his face redder than I’d ever seen it. “Jillian, I kiss you because I want to kiss you. Because I enjoy kissing you. Very much,” he murmured as he stepped a little closer to me. “Because I’ve missed kissing you.”

God knows that I’ve missed kissing him…

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