The Beasts of Baseball – The Complete Series

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The Beasts are back in a bundle that will make you believe in love again. A five book Amazon Top 30 Bestselling series that’s worth over $19 combined, now available in one complete box set for one sweet price.

The Beasts of Baseball series follows the steamy deeds of the New York City players who are too untamed to lose the game that they live for, and the women they love. These billionaires are alpha bad boy power hitters with more testosterone than the dugout can hold. So, get a good seat and enjoy the game.

Book One – Rookie Mistake
Standing on the pitcher’s mound for a professional baseball team has always been my dream.
But there’s a downside to instant fame and fortune. In this alternate world, people change.
It used to be me and Whitney forever.
Now, the dream has become a nightmare.
Can we wake and find our way back to each other?

Book Two – Ace’s Wild
I’m a heavy hitter. Superstar short stop.
I have life by the balls. The party has just begun. Women are flowing like cheap wine.
So what if my teammates are younger every season and retirement is staring me in the face?
They can’t get rid of me that easy. I’ll do whatever it takes to stay in the game.
I refuse to be tamed.
Until she walks into my life.

Book Three – Hard to Catch
The worst event of my life was being traded from the Mets to the Beasts.
Now, my reputation as an adrenaline junkie has landed me a babysitter.
I have to admit… Katrina Delaney is hot. And mysterious.
She’s hiding something beneath that social media perfection.
But what? I want to find out.

Book Four – Winning Streak
Soon I’ll be forced to take over my family’s billion-dollar company.
That means settling down. Wife. Kids. Things I don’t want in my life.
Freckles, sunshine, and an ass that makes me harder than a baseball bat explodes into my life.
Eliana Anderson goes from fake girlfriend, to fake fiancée, to an altar that’s all too real.
But there’s another bomb. One that’s meant to shatter our world.

Book Five – The Dom vs. The Virgin
I created the NY Beasts, a bunch of MLB misfits who just won the f’ing World Series.
Now everyone wants a piece of me.
How the hell I allowed myself to be part of a reality show, I’ll never know.
Now I’m facing nine single women who see only two things: fresh man meat and dollar signs.
Except her.
Beautiful, young, innocent Emery Rose didn’t plan on being here either.
But that won’t stop me from hunting her. I might be the Beasts’ Daddy, but the real beast is me.

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23 reviews for The Beasts of Baseball – The Complete Series

  1. Armenia Fox

    You will fall in love with this baseball series

    Ms. Ward offers her Beasts of Baseball series in this complete box set. I’ve previously read and reviewed individual stories of this series and they are amazing. Though each is standalone, I love that the characters do cameo appearances throughout the series, and each story is unique and refreshing. They are all well written and entertaining, sexy and funny. I do have favorites: Winning Streak, two endearing people that will melt your heart, and The Dom and the Virgin. That one was pretty emotional and intense. All in all, this series will give you hours of entertainment and pleasure, I definitely recommend this bundle for all fans of contemporary romance.

  2. Mindy H

    All the Beasts are together in one great collection! Sexy, charming, cocky and funny beasts what’s more to say!

  3. Theresa Campbell

    This review is for all 5 of the books in this series. I received a copy of this book from the author and this is my honest and voluntary review. I did read all of these 2 times (one with Kindle Unlimited) and enjoyed revisiting with “The Beasts of Baseball.”

    The Dom vs the Virgin, 5 stars:

    I loved reading this book. There’s comedy, angst, and romance. I had a few tearful moments reading this and I really could feel the emotions of these characters. Emery & Rhett are the main characters in this story. You feel sorry for Emery at first and then you’re proud of how she handles herself and her past. Rhett is the owner of the Beasts, the baseball team. I love the character of Nana Steele which is mostly like a matchmaking grandmother and provides some of the comedy.

    Rookie Mistake, 3 stars:

    I liked the book; however, I do have issues with some of the characters’ morals in this book. The book is written well, I just personally don’t agree with people (Calvin and Whitney) loving each other but willing to have sex with other people just because they aren’t currently together. Calvin and Whitney do “grow up” eventually and manage to overcome their differences which is good.

    Ace’s Wild, 4 stars:

    I liked this 2nd installment in Alice Ward’s The Beasts of Baseball much better than the 1st book. Yes, Ace is hard to like with all of his problems, but he actually redeems himself (thankfully). I still have trouble with all of Ace’s addictions (my personal opinion) but this story is well written and will pull your heart strings.

    Hard to Catch, 4 stars:

    I liked this installment of The Beasts of Baseball. It’s better than the first two in the series as I’m not personally offended with “cheating” and this does concentrate on the two main characters and building their relationship. I have to agree with some of the other reviews that the heroine could’ve been a bit stronger and not so wimpy but overall a good read.

    Winning Streak, 5 stars:

    The books in this series just keep getting better and this one is just that, better! I loved the story of Kane and Eliana. This actually had a bit of suspense rolled into the story as well. I enjoyed reading this and hope there will be more of these in the future!

  4. Belinda Hayes

    This is a hot and steamy five book collection from one of my favorite authors. Each book has its own characters that are facing their own dilemmas and struggles they have to overcome. So much drama and humor in each story. The stories will pull you in and have you completely entertained. This is definitely one collection you must have on hand. Amazing!

    I voluntarily reviewed a ARC

  5. Moriah

    This is the perfect bundle if you like hot guys that play baseball. Alice Ward does no wrong with these 5 sports stars and the woman they love. And there’s a Nana in there too that stole my heart.

  6. misty g warner

    I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book. This is the complete series of The Beast of Baseball. I loved everyone of these books.

    Rookie Mistake – Whitney & Calvin are high school sweetheart’s. They have survived through college together but now they are in a whole new league. Calvin has just been drafted into the major league’s but can their relationship handle his new found fame.
    Ace’s Wild – Ace is the notorious bad boy of baseball. Girls, booze and drugs. It’s what’s expected of him. But what happens when his life starts spinning out of control?
    Holly has tried being the friends with benefits type of girl but she just can’t hide her feeling.
    Hard to Catch – Katrina has been a spoiled princess her whole life. But now that her father gambled away everything she finds herself having to get a job for the first time in her life.
    Todd is an adrenaline junky and got himself in danger one too many times. Now he’s been traded to the Beast. And the pretty new blonde has his adrenaline on high.
    Winning Streak – Eliana has dreamed of becoming a vet but for now she settles on working as a groomer while feeding homeless dogs on the side.
    Kane catches sight of a woman feeding a homeless dog. He decides to follow this amazing woman. Only when she’s done she eats lunch with a horrible lady and he can’t help but come to her rescue.
    The Dom VS The Virgin – Rhett is the owner of the Beast baseball team. Now that they have won the world series he has been asked to do a reality show called The Biggest Catch. Nine contests fight for a two week vacation with him.
    Emery has just landed a job at the perfect time. She is busy running errands and getting coffee when she unexpectedly becomes a contestants on the reality show.

  7. MyOhMy

    This is a wonderful bundle. If you’ve never read Alice Ward this is a great example of a variety of stories with H/h that manage to find each other (sometimes in spite of themselves) and develop a relationship. Always with an HEA and great stories with well rounded characters, a fully developed storyline and and two people who find each other and become better and stronger together.

    I’m still reading this BIG book. (I’ve read several of the books as stand-alones but here they are in a great bundle). This is a great weekend read. Once you start you won’t want to stop until you reach the last ending. Highly recommended. (I voluntarily reviewed an ARC).

  8. Nickiann Holt

    Rookie Mistake
    Heartwarming romance surrounding the great game of baseball. Calvin and Whitney overcome obstacles to go from high school sweethearts to everlasting partners I love. A great start to the series that I can’t wait to read more of.

    Ace’s Wild
    The angst between Ace and Holly made the twists and turns of this book well worth the read. I have never seen two characters that were created better for each other than these two. The romance was a rollercoaster but such a fun ride. A great read.

    Hard To Catch
    Alice Ward writes about baseball with sex and steam. Katrina and Todd were two unlikely characters to fall instantly in love, but between sex shops and rollercoasters they certainly became soulmates. This book had it all, humor, angst, love and baseball. No better combination.

    Winning Streak
    Loved it! This book had it all…hot alpha baseball player, sweet sexy heroine, sex tapes, psychotic mothers and a romantic fake proposal. What more could a reader ask for? How about true heartwarming attraction and ending with soulmates. This book could not get any better. Kane and Eliana are a couple that made it through every curve ball thrown at them. I highly recommend this book.

    The Dom and the Virgin
    Another fantastic Beast baseball story!! Rhett and Emery are an unlikely pair that are thrown together in a reality based bachelor/baseball team television show. Both characters have deep emotional baggage that once is out in the open can make or break their relationship. The characters were so lovable and the storyline while hysterical at some points, also had highly intense moments that kept the reader on the edge of their seat. Great job Alice Ward. I cannot get enough if these men of baseball!!

  9. Kathi S.

    Starts a bit Decadent – later Stories Highly Enjoyable

    1. Rookie Mistake – 3 stars
    Rookie pitcher Calvin is newly brought up to the major leagues and becomes a “Beast”. He is tempted by teammates to partake in the decadent lifestyle they enjoy. When his girlfriend Whitney joins him, she does not appreciate being ignored and catches him in compromising situations. Hard for me to like any character here early on as it is all about living in the moment.

    2. Ace’s Wild – 3.5 stars
    Ace is the major instigator in “Rookie Mistake” so again hard to relate to this character or find redeeming qualities. Holly sees the man behind the party-goer due to her family situation, and continues to support Ace. When he escalates his addictive behavior things definitely come to a head.

    3. Hard to Catch – 4.5 stars
    Todd is traded from the Mets to the Beasts when his search for an adrenalin rush is broadcast and he is caught breaking his contract restrictions. Katrina is daughter to a famous ball player who has lost everything due his gambling addiction. She is given the job of social media manager for the team to present a positive image – perfect for her as she grew up with baseball. These two try to fight their attraction due to the “no fraternization” policy; Katrina cannot afford to lose this job! This story has likeable characters and the relationship is scintillating and relatable.

    4. Winning Streak – 4.5 stars
    Kane is the Beasts first baseman. His family expects him to join the family company – but has given him 5 years to pursue his dream of playing ball. When he sees a young woman Eliana feeding homeless men and their dogs, he is intrigued and follows her. Later at a gala he overhears Elianna’s mother being cruel and steps in pretending to be her boyfriend. As events occur, that escalates to fake fiancé and more. These two increasing care for each other and may no longer be pretending… an exciting, sensual journey of these likable characters.

    5. The Dom vs the Virgin – 5 stars
    Rhett has a mysterious beginning, and was not in the public eye until creating the baseball team the Beasts. When he is talked into begin on a dating show “The Catch” in return for $1M to his favorite charity he is not thrilled, as he does not necessarily believe in love. Emery is out of options. She is back in her hometown for a memorial to her best friend Ryan. Ryan was both an NFL player and gay. Emery posed as Ryan’s girlfriend. Upon his death she can no longer afford their apartment, and upon returning home she sees her father’s hoarding is worse than ever, and she cannot even open the door to her bedroom to check on it.

    Receiving a call to be production assistant on the dating show is a lifesaver. When a last minute proposal knocks out one of the competitors Emery is promoted to contestant with the idea that Rhett would boot her next. Rhett is smitten. Emery continues to make the cut. Can these two damaged souls find a relationship under the scrutiny of a reality show? Best one yet!!

  10. Keri Loves Books (Keri Roth)

    *Review of Rookie Mistake
    Having It All
    They had everything and then they had nothing, because without each other, none of it was worth it.

    High school sweethearts. First love. First everything. That’s what Calvin and Whitney were to each other.

    Calvin has been picked up in major league baseball. A starting pitcher for the NY Beasts. Everything is about to change. He’s hitting the big time and his girlfriend is leaving everything she knows, to be by his side.

    New city, new life, money, women and opportunity. Their perfect little bubble is about to bust.

    When you went from having nothing, to having whatever you want at your disposal, it’s easy to be sucked in. You lose site of everything that’s important. And all that’s left is emptiness. Instant gratification and living every fantasy seems like it would be fun…right?

    Calvin and Whitney learn the hard way how badly fame and fortune can tear you apart and leave you with nothing.

    This is the story of finding fame and losing focus on what’s really important. Calvin and Whitney will have to fight their way back to each other, because in the end love is all that really matters.

    *Review of Ace’s Wild
    Ace is crazy as ever; partying, drinking, women and baseball. He’s still a star with the NY Beasts but time is not on his side. Ace has been hitting it all a little too hard. His life is starting to spiral out of control. The only stability in his life is when Holly comes to NY to visit. Being one of the oldest guys on the teams is like trying to outrun a ghost. He’s doing his best to keep up with the young guys, but age is taking it’s toll. Ace, willing to do whatever it takes, sets himself on a path to destruction.

    Holly is a good girl with a tough past. She has a soft spot for Ace and sees beyond his jerky facade. She’s only ever claimed to want is a no strings arrangement with Ace. But what they have seems to be teetering on the edge of more. At least for her.

    Watching these two start out as bedfellows and develop into more was beautiful. Their chemistry has always been molten hot. Seeing the softer side of Ace and being witness as he conquers his demons made him more human and likeable. I always enjoy a series that interconnects so that I can catch up with past characters. I look forward to more of the NY Beasts.

    *Review of Hard to Catch
    Traded For Love
    Todd Morris has just been traded to the NY Beasts. No one seems to be too happy about it. Calvin Malone’s the pitcher. Todd had a fling with Calvin’s wife, before she was his wife, while they were broken up. Calvin is not over it. Things are about to get heated!

    Katrina has just been hired by the Beasts to work on their image and social media. Her job is to keep them out of trouble and make the fans see them as more than just a bunch of rowdy, party boys.

    Todd sees Katrina and it’s game on. He knows exactly what he wants and he’s going to let her know. Katrina feels that same attraction, but this is her job. She doesn’t want to jeopardize the job that she needs. Plus, she has a secret and getting close to someone means sharing her secret. However, protecting her family has to come first.

    Katrina tries to stay away, but Todd just pulls her in. These two can’t keep their hands off one another. Sneaking around and keeping their relationship a secret is getting complicated.

    This story is hot and steamy. Their connection is something they just can’t hide. However, getting through all the obstacles to be together is going to tough. Catching up with Calvin and Ace settling in to family life is like coming full circle. The NY Beasts are boys becoming men, once they meet the right their better half!

    *Review of Winning Streak
    She turned out to be more than just his luck charm. She became his everything.

    Kane is first baseman for the NY Beasts. He comes from money, but that’s his secret to keep. All he wants to do is play in the major league for the next five years, before he has to run the family business. He is a good guy, from a good family but he’s not ready to settle down just yet.

    Eliana comes from a whole different kind of upbringing. A narcissistic mother, who has her own daughter, call her my her first name. She always reminds Eliana what she sacrificed for her. Luckily in the case, her daughter is the complete opposite. Kind, caring and dedicated to helping others.

    Kane spots Eliana on the street feeding homeless people and their pets. And he is intrigued. And upon following her to see what she was up to, he ends up meeting her mother. And so the story unfolds. In an effort to save Eliana from that horrible woman, Kane steps in as her “fake” boyfriend.

    These two are now in a fake relationship. The start may have all been pretend, but once they get to know each other, it’s no longer acting. The chemistry is real. The heat between these two is unstoppable. However, just when it all seems like smooth sailing, their are a whole lot of bumps in the road.

    We also get introduced to Nana and you just can’t help but fall in love with her unfiltered wisdom. Another great read from this author. I look forward to the next book in the series.

    *Review of The Dom Vs. The Virgin
    A slow burn romance that brings the heat! He’s a dominant, she’s a virgin. He’s about to teach her how he likes it in the bedroom, but she’s going to show him that love is real and unconditional.

    Emery is a small town girl from West Virginia. She has not had an easy life and likes to keep her past private. She’s been left in a situation where she’s struggling to get by and then she gets a phone call that will change everything.

    She’s now working in production on a new reality show. It’s featuring the world’s most eligible bachelor Rhett Hamilton, owner of the NY Beasts. Rhett is the elusive owner. Often seen with a different woman on his arm, but other than that and his success as an adult, his past is a mystery.

    Rhett is not really interested in doing the reality show, but since publicity is great for his team, he agrees. He is an intensely private man and plans on keeping it that way. Rhett is all about control. He likes a woman who can submit to him in the bedroom. He’s never believed in love and is really only looking to have some fun.

    When Rhett and Emery meet, sparks fly! He is intense, but Emery does not back down. He wants her and has no problems making advances. Emery definitely feels the attraction, but is doing her best to resist because she really needs her job. Until, resisting just isn’t an option because not being with Rhett is worth all the risks. However, to really be together, both of them will have to open up and be honest about where they come from.

    I was hoping that book five would finally bring us Rhett’s story and it did not disappoint. This story was full of heat and intense chemistry, as well as twists I ever saw coming. I loved all of these storylines because each one touched on pertinent issues we hear about every day. A great series full of hot sex, sexy ball players and dirty mouths.

  11. JenB

    This is a really good series. I am not a baseball fan but I know enough about the game to get by. These books are an introduction to a new major league team in New York. Each and every one of these books focuses on a new couple while updating you on previous characters and of course expanding the family to include new ones. You get to glimpse into the fact that these guys are not always as they seem. What they portray on and off the the field are in some cases totally different people. This is a great adventure to read and get to know all the these characters and be along for the ride as we anxiously hope they succeed both on and off the field.

  12. Tammy Evans

    This is a five book box set, of alpha bad boy romance stories featuring billionaire baseball players and the women who have captured their hearts. The stories are well written and have great storylines. The couples are perfect together, they’re well developed and have sizzling chemistry. There’s action, angst, twists/turns, humor, obstacles, and plenty of steam. This is a must have box set!
    I voluntarily received an advanced arc copy for an honest review.

  13. Christine Reese

    The Beast of Baseball is a fantastic series. It is heart warming, emotional and has bad boys that will melt your heart. Even if you are not into sports this will make you a fan, it will not disappoint and it is a must read and hard to put down.. Enjoy. I received this series as an ARC for my honest review.

  14. Tiffany

    This is a great collection of a 5 book series! I personally had never read this series before this collection came out and was really excited to get to read it. It makes it great that all the books are in one collection. All books are standalone and feature new characters.

  15. Rita

    this Is a wonderful series that tells about five guys that love baseball and all the things that go with it(mostly)! Each book is exciting and different. You get to see what baseball means to them and how they got there. Each book has a love story and a happy ever after. Although I have my favorites in the collection they are all very good.

  16. Ruth Crittell

    The beasts are back and all together. These sexy stories will draw you in and make you want more. Each story can be read alone but put together it gives you the scope of the whole team, how their lives are interwoven to make them a complete family. All of the men work together and are beasts on the field but here you are given glimpses into their background stories. You will come away loving each and every one of these bad boys and wishing for more

  17. Cheryl Petit

    The Beasts of Baseball is a five-book collection of alpha bad boy romance stories featuring billionaire baseball players and the women who have captured their hearts. This action-packed collection is filled with angst, twists and turns, humor, obstacles, and plenty of steam.

  18. Carol

    This bundle of five books is very well written, sometimes emotional and full of engaging and compelling characters. There’s plenty of drama, and angst along with TONS of steam throughout. Once again Alice Ward has done a fabulous job and given us a realistic depiction of the game of baseball along with the goings-on in the locker room. Throw in the sexual escapades off the field, and this is one entertaining compilation! I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book from the author and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  19. zan Tonge

    I’m not a fan of sports romances, but I am a fan of Alice Ward’s writing, which supersedes any prejudices against the genre. Always well written, always interesting, this box set is no exception.
    Rookie Mistake – An introduction to some of the players in this series in a second chance love story for Calvin and Whitney as they adjust to the pressures of fame, notoriety and predators.
    Ace’s Wild – A redeeming look at the team’s largest a**. His wild behaviour hides a softer core, he struggles with the instant and long lasting attraction to what was expected to be and should have been a typical one night stand. An emotional and heartwrenching rendering – this one digs deep and is so much more than expected.
    Hard to Catch – Taming Todd, adrenaline junkie is not easy, providing a substitute for the adrenaline high seems to be the answer. A heated but sweet romance amid the pressures of Katrina’s first real job, with a few extra twists just to keep things interesting.
    Winning Streak – Funny, with dramatic twists, an evil relative, some misfortune and an incredible Beast! Alice Ward has some very insightful scenes covering the game. Instant romance at it’s best.
    The Dom vs The Virgin – I was sorry to see the last of the series arrive. This one follows Rhett, the owner, is not played on the baseball field, but a different game is afoot! A recluse, propelled to the spotlight when his team wins the championship, Rhett is led to his HEA via a Reality Show and a whole lot of fun.

  20. Kari

    Hard to Catch – Todd is a catcher for the NY Mets when his off field behavior ends up getting him traded to the NY Beasts. Katrina Delaney is in charge of Social Media for the team but with their reputation she has her work cut out for her. They have an instant however will they be able to keep their relationship strictly business as any relationship is against the team rules.

    Winning Streak – Kane is busy on his phone when he runs into Elian literally and can’t believe that a woman that beautiful would help out a stray dog and a homeless man, so he follows her to a restaurant. When he sees the way she was being treated by her Mom he comes to her rescue and pretends to be her boyfriend, but will their relationship become real?

    The Dom vs. The Virgin – Rhett is the owner of the Beasts baseball team when he is convinced to be the “Bachelor” on The Biggest Catch, a reality dating show. Emery has been hired as an assistant for the show and she desperately needs this job. He is drawn to her the moment they met so when one of the contestants drops out he convinces the producers that Emery should take her place but when chaos erupts from a group of gold digging, back stabbing women will they ever get their happy ever after?

    I have only read three of the five books so far, but I am looking forwarding to reading the other two. It is great to have the whole series in one collection.

  21. Patricia Anthony

    This is a good series, especially if you like baseball. Each book gets better than the one before it. I would like to say ignore the first book (the main characters lose perspective and it is at times painful to watch them destroy themselves) but, I can’t because it lays the groundwork for all the series characters and the baseball team’s storylines. I love how each story is so different while keeping the steamy times with lots of heart the focus.

    As always, Alice Ward does not just give you a romance. She illustrates some of the darker sides of humanity by showing you the incredible ability to turn heartache, pain and tragedy into something positive while showing the characters with strength, grace and determination to move forward.

  22. Andrea L

    What a box set!!! If i could Star it more then 5 i would defiantly! I really enjoyed reading each story. They were so well written filled with love, sass, steamy scenes and just good old lust and banter! This boxset i didn’t want to end! Defiantly a must buy!! You need this in your collection!

  23. Kristen Lewendon

    Rookie Mistake
    This book definitely contains triggers. It has flawed characters behaving badly until they learn better and are emotionally able to commit to a single person. I thought this was very realistically written. Calvin and Whitney are a young pair of high school sweethearts who are suddenly thrust into the limelight. Neither of them have faced any serious hardships and their relationship hadn’t been tested either. With stress and temptation everywhere around them, I’m not surprised at the way everything fell apart. I wasn’t a fan of the drama that takes place while their relationship is broken, but it makes sense. I actually wish we could have seen more of them once they were back together, but I have I feeling I’ll get that in the next book in the series.
    Ace’s Wild
    A lot of my feelings are the same for this book as for the first one in this series. There are several different kinds of triggering situations in this book. Again, I thought most of the Ace and Holly’s reactions were very realistically presented. I’m not completely on board with the way their friends-with-benefits relationship is portrayed, but I think it’s amazing the lies we tell ourselves to justify our own bad behavior and that of the people we love. I really appreciated the way the authors shows us how this pair breaks through: that it doesn’t always work the first time and that there’s no shame in asking for and accepting help. I do think the secret baby angle, was just a little bit more than was necessary, though.
    Hard to Catch
    This is my favorite in the series so far. There were a lot fewer significant triggering scenes in this, and the lack of any major other partner drama was a nice change. Todd and Katrina fit together like two puzzle pieces. His adrenaline-junkie tendencies help to encourage her to take a few more risks in her everyday, and her wide-eyed innocence about risk-taking feeds his need for those adrenaline spikes in a much less death-defying way. I think one of the parts of the story that I liked the best was seeing Todd and Calvin have their ‘come to Jesus’ moment and pull their heads out of their rumps and finally start working together. Hmmm… is it odd that I’m a little more invested in the relationships within the team than with their romantic partners?
    Winning Streak
    Okay. I have a new favorite in the series. I laughed, I cried. I “awe”d, I sighed. There were even a few tears, but that might have been because I was laughing so hard. (By the way, I adored Kane’s nana. She deserves a book of her own.) I loved Kane. He seems to have the head on his shoulders screwed on better than the heroes in the previous books of the series. Eliane it awesome even though she doesn’t really know how to deal with her mother. In her place, I don’t know that I’d be any better prepared to deal with the woman either. Together, this pair are like fireworks and ice cream: sweet and explosive. And perfect together.
    The Dom vs. The Virgin
    The previous books in this series did not prepare me for this one. Compared to this story, those others were practically romantic comedies. This book took me though such emotional highs and devastating lows, I might be a little numb for the next several hours as my brain and heart settle out. I feel a little dizzy, and also completely bereft now that it’s over. Rhett and Emery have such deep scars. I shed more than a few tears reading about them. They’re exactly what each other needs. I just wish, for their sakes, they hadn’t had to go through the pain that brings them to the point where they meet. And while Nana Steele doesn’t get her own book, this is almost as satisfying.
    I received a complimentary copy of this book.

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