The Blind Date

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Decadence. Sinful pleasure. It’s all I want. Until I see her.

After taking over my family’s business, all I care about is the bottom line. Sure, we sell sugary, fat filled heart attack snacks by the trillions, but people love them. After all, that’s what life is about — pleasure.

All I want is a night of pure sin with no sticky entanglements, so I hire an escort. But Juliana isn’t who I think she is. And vice versa.

She’s not only my date, she’s my blonde, vegan, lethally sexy enemy.

Now, I need to keep my hands off her. Stop thinking about her. Stop wanting her. But I can’t.

Damn. How can a blind date go so wrong… and so deliciously right?

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“Damn, your body is incredible,” he said, molding them in his palms. “Your breasts are so fucking perfect. They drive me crazy.”

I sank my fingers into his hair, my nails scratching his scalp when he flicked his tongue over one of them, and I totally lost it. I threw my head back, and the act of breathing escaped me.

He licked, lightly at first, and then fastened his mouth over the hard point, sucking, making a circular motion with his tongue. I growled with more need. I didn’t realize that he’d rolled my dress down completely until it puddled around my ankles on the floor.

He wrapped his strong arms around me, cocooning me within his warm, perfect muscles. A sob escaped me when he sat back, his mouth leaving my body, but he drew me closer, drawing me onto his lap until I straddled him. His erection, hard and insistent, pressed through the V of my panties, straight into my core.

And he kissed me again. Harder. Deeper. Deeper than I thought possible. The stubble on his jaw was a welcome pain, rubbing my chin raw.

In the darkness, the only sounds that could be heard were that of kissing, wet and insistent, and breathing, hard and fast and tortured. I straddled him, thighs spread wide over him, his hands jammed under my ass, caressing it, thumb lightly rubbing its way up my slit.

“How many times do you want to come tonight?” he growled into my mouth.

I bit his bottom lip as I considered the question. What was a reasonable number? I had no clue. I remembered how my teachers used to respond in school whenever we asked something they didn’t know the answer to. They answered a question with a question. “How many times do you want me to?”

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24 reviews for The Blind Date

  1. Armenia Fox

    Mr. Heidi Ho vs Vegan lady…4.5 stars!

    Fate has a bit of humor in The Blind Date. A sweet story of an opposites-attract romance that will tickle your funny bone. It’s also a case of double mistaken identity, a wrench that is thrown into the mix when Juliana and Zachary meet. Juliana thinks Zachary is her blind date, and Zachary thinks she’s the escort, Jewel, he’s hired for the evening’s gala benefit. The attraction is unmistakable and the chemistry between is irresistible. Juliana and Zachary spend a wonderful evening and an unforgettable night together. But they temporarily lose contact when Zachary loses her number.

    Juliana is surprised when she meets Zackary again at a forum where her presentation is advocating nutritional change to combat childhood obesity. And as a nutritionist, her first line of defense is awareness about what kids eat in school lunches. Problem is, Zachary is heir and CEO of a top junk food conglomerate. She’s an avid exerciser, vegan and has a cat. He hates the gym, loves meat and potatoes, and is allergic to cats. And the list goes on, but these two opposites can’t resist each other. I love how they find ways to make it work. The story includes 3 POVs, including Gavin, Zack’s best friend.

    The Blind Date is a perfect blend of steaminess, romance, and humor. I received and voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  2. Mindy H

    When a blind date doesn’t go as expected, mistaken identity and whirlwind of wining and dining equals one unforgettable blind date. Juliana and Zach couldn’t be more opposite, she a nutritionist and his family sells the #1 snack cakes on the market. Fun story line, well written with great characters.

  3. Theresa Campbell

    This is truly an amazing read. This story starts out with each character mistaking the other for someone else. While this is unbelievable in real life, who cares? This is a book for our enjoyment and I loved reading it! I actually identified with Juliana and her struggles as I was an overweight child that carried into my adult life. I really admire the author for being so knowledgeable about the obesity syndrome and proving that something can be done about it. Zach and Juliana are a great couple and I love how he improves his life and his company from Juliana’s presence. I received an advance copy of this book from the author and this is my honest and voluntary review.

  4. misty g warner

    I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book. I love all of Alice Ward’s books but this one was amazing. It’s a opposites attract book with a HEA ending.
    Juliana’s best friend sets her up on a blind date with her brothers friend. He makes her feel like Cinderella treating her to a new ball gown and taking her to a gala.
    Zachary hates going to black-tie functions alone so his friend suggested he hire an escort. Only when she gets there she’s beautiful and the connection is off the charts between them. So when he books a second date with her only to have a different girl show up. Now he’s on a mission to find his mistery girl.
    I loved this insta love book. It was a quick easy read with lots of passion.

  5. Michele

    Oh my gosh, I could not put this one down! Great job once again Alice. What are the odds that two different couples are meeting for blind dates and they all have the same names?!? Between the mistaken identity and the fact that they don’t see eye to eye on important issues to each other, this is a recipe for disaster! But just like in real life, they start to see things from the other’s perspective and are able to compromise as they fight their attraction.

  6. Moriah

    Alice Ward can do no wrong. She can take a sensitive subject and two people who are complete opposites and make it work. Very well. Juliana is a nutritionist who knows all about being called names and not feeling like she’s good enough. Zach is at the head of his company making sugary goodness that she tries to tell people not to eat. When they meet each other accidentally, it all just gets better from there. Loved this story.

  7. Jo-Ann Forrest

    Zach and Juliana`s story in classic Alice Ward fashion will make you swoon and entertain you from the first to the last page. Juliana is a nutritionist with self-esteem and images issues. Zach is the CEO of a junk food company, he`s a player and goes after everything he wants. The meet accidentally and is you think that opposite attracts, you can`t be more right in this case. The story is fun, sexy and so much fun to read. I voluntarily reviewed an arc.

  8. Nickiann Holt

    Mistaken identity turns into love and affection when Zack and Juliana meet together in a bar. The two think they are both someone else but when sparks fly and passion ignites they actually fall in love. But can the relationship last if their corporate lives clash? With beautifully written characters and a storyline that was heartwarming and enjoyable from the opening pages this book should not be missed. Once again Alice Ward does not disappoint.

  9. Kathi S.

    Clever, Clever Author – Great Twist BEGINS this Amazing Read!!

    Juliana is a nutritionist trying to bring healthy options to kinds in the schools. She struggled with obesity as a child and counsels children with the same issues now. Zach has taken over the family business from his father and decides to “hire” his date for an important event for expedience. It’s a bonus that it will annoy his mother.

    I will not go into too much detail – but be assured I spent the first third of this book snickering at the situation which the author delivers in such a capable manner. Don’t worry, the blind date may be the hottest on record… and the sparks that fly between these two are worth the read on its own.

    Add great characterizations, sizzling heat and the humor and you end up with this stellar read. I highly recommend this story!!

  10. MyOhMy

    This is a great story of mistaken identities and opposites attracting. Jules is waiting for her blind date to show up. When Zach finally appears they hit it off right away. They were truly opposites. She’s a nutritionist/vegan/exercise fiend. He’s the owner of a company that make snack foods/is a meat and potatoes guy/and refuses to exercise. Their path to HEA is sprinkled with fate laughing. Excellent characters and a fun story. (I voluntarily reviewed an ARC).

  11. Carol

    This is a well written fun, sweet romance that revolves around two mistaken identities and a blind date. The characters are well defined and full of witty banter. The steamy scenes are plentiful and VERY steamy! I enjoyed the blossoming romance between Zach and Jule. Despite having opposing attitudes toward health and fitness, I liked that each was open to compromise to move their relationship along. I was surprised though that Jule was so accepting of Zach’s mistaken assumption of what she did for a living. I expected a stronger reaction from her. Despite that, this is a very enjoyable read and without doubt another success for Alice Ward. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  12. Keri Loves Books (Keri Roth)

    Two people dedicated to their jobs, find a connection when they least expect it.

    Juliana is dedicated to her job of helping this country reduce the obesity epidemic. She counsels kids on nutrition and helps them with a plan to get healthy. She has been alone for while. Not really interested in dating. But she is lonely. After a night out with her BFF, she decides to accept the offer to be set up on a blind date.

    Zachary Vaughn is the CEO of a major company that makes tasty snacks. Sinfully good but totally bad for you. Since taking over the company a short while ago, he has been doing nothing but WORK! He wants fun, but no strings. Just a quick hook-up to take the edge off.

    These two end up at the same place at the same time…blind date or something else? But they are on total opposite ends…his livelihood is based on pushing the sales of unhealthy snacks and hers is on stopping their consumption. Can these two find a compromise?

    This story was fresh, fun and filled with sizzling chemistry. It’s hits on very relevant topics and I loved these characters.

  13. Belinda Hayes

    A case of mistaken identity between Juliana and Zach and a night of fun leaves them shocked when they find out who the other really is. Will their night of fun be a one time thing or can there be more to it? This was such a fun and entertaining read. The characters were wonderful and engaging. This is a must read, you will not be disappointed!

    I voluntarily reviewed a ARC

  14. JenB

    This book was a really good read. This one did not top my current favorite book from this author but it did not disappoint either. I love the reference to the ‘Beasts’ baseball team and attire, reading these little comments makes me think about that series and smile. This book is aptly named in that it all revolves around a blind date. However, this is not your typical blind date arrangement in that our two main characters are actually in the same place to meet up with different people. Now this becomes the first of a few twists and turns that Juliana and Zachary encounter in the attempts to try their hand at a relationship with each other. These two great characters could not be further from one another with their professions which provide a few challenges itself. Due to Juliana’s profession this book talks about a very serious and real topic in this day and age called child obesity. Zachary has inherited the family business which is a snack cake company that provides free lunches to schools but not necessarily healthy ones thus contributing to this overall dilemma. Julianna and Zachary provide a very entertaining read on the roads that get them to the HEA.

    I voluntarily read and reviewed this book as an ARC.

  15. Tiffany

    I love the whole opposites attract thing and throw in mistaken identity and you have a winner! Really enjoyed reading this book. I really liked the ideas and thoughts behind this funny and intriguing tale. Sexy and sweet (no pun intended) all rolled into one awesome book.

  16. Tammy Evans

    Juliana is a nutritionist that helps overweight children. She is also involved in trying to get healthy food choices for school lunches. Even though you wouldn’t know it by looking at her Juliana use to have a weight problem of her own. She knows the emotional and physical challenges that overweight children can endure.
    Zach is the CEO of a top junk food manufacturer company. These two meet when Juliana mistakes Zach for her blind date and he mistakes her for the escort who is supposed to accompany him to a black tie gala. These two are total opposites, they each have complex backgrounds and different values. Will they be able to overcome come their differences to give love a chance? One click this book and find out!
    I voluntarily received an advance arc copy for an honest review.

  17. Rita

    The story line is about a real problem in America today. It was well written and handled so right. The story flows very well lots of laughs. Zach and Jule just mesh so perfectly it makes for a great story.

  18. Ruth Crittell

    Though this book again hits on a heavy topic, it was a fun and light read. Talk about coincidence and mistaken identity, this book has it and so much more. Juliana and Zach are at polar opposites yet they are finally able to compromise which leads to a happy ever after

  19. Cheryl Petit

    The Blind Date by Alice Ward is a steamy opposites attract romance story filled with drama, humor, mistaken identity, explosive chemistry, a fantastic storyline, love and a HEA.

  20. zan Tonge

    Closer to 4.5 but still terrific!Hot accidental fairytale. An incredible coincidence of wrong dates with same names or was it really the best mix up ever? Besides the hot and steamy love story, there is an underlying social awareness theme that actually adds to the plotline. I enjoyed this story from start to finish, with chuckles and swoons included.

  21. Kari

    Although looking at her now you wouldn’t know it, but Juliana had first hand knowledge of both the emotional and physical challenges of being overweight which is why she decided to become a nutritionist. She is much happier at home than going out, but she convinced by her best friend to go on a blind date and now all she needs is for him to show up.

    Zach is the playboy CEO of a company that produces junk food. He is at the restaurant to meet Jewel, his escort for a black tie event, when he mistakes Juliana for Jewel and she mistakes him for her date.

    The next time they see each other is at a nutritional forum where they are on opposite sides. Let the battle begin!

    The combination of heat and humor make this an enjoyable story and I liked the way it handled a problem in society with diplomacy and understanding.

  22. Patricia Anthony

    This book is delicious! Alice Ward writes a smart and sexy romance that has well written characters and a story that blends the love interests with the awareness of current social issues. In this case, it is child obesity.

    The main characters, Zach and Juliana, are on opposite sides of the nutrutional spectrum and it causes some bumps in their relationship to find a middle ground. I especially love the beginning and how these two people meet and with the dual POV it enhances the whole experience.

    It is a fun, romcom kind of romance with an important message. This is so well done that I couldn’t put the book down.

  23. Andrea Lordi

    I love a good blind date book especially one that ends up with the guy being from the one company you are trying to have change the entire menu. Mr. Heidi Ho was a great lead character even though he wanted to keep his family legacy as it it was nice to see him change a bit. Julianna was a strong independent women who was making it her mission to get healthy foods over sugary ones. I loved the way that they worked together finally and were able to have a HEA in all accounts love and professional! Great read.

  24. Kristen Lewendon

    A case of mistaken identity brings Juliana and Zach together. What follows is an almost Shakespearean comedy of errors that can’t quite make up it’s mind if it’s trying to keep this pair together or tear them apart. I was giggling with every new, unlikely, scenario that Juliana and Zach landed in. This isn’t the usual drama and angst-filled story that I’ve come to expect from Alice Ward. Like the devil snack cakes of the story, it’s so fun and sweet that it’s completely irresistible, and highly addictive.
    I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book.

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