The Cabin

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Isolation is all I want. Until the goddess arrives.

Of all the mountains in the world, her sexy ass has to show up on mine.

Now, she can’t escape. Not from the blizzard. My cabin. Or the attraction neither of us can fight.

This mountain is mine alone, my escape from the wonderful life that imploded two years ago. But she’s here now, and the defenses I’ve erected are falling at her feet. She needs my protection. I need my hands on her perfect skin.

The goddess has become my obsession, but if she ever finds out what I’ve done, I’ll lose her. I’ll lose myself.

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“Do you trust me?”

The answer was immediate. “Yes.”

Gray’s mouth closed over mine in a deep, almost bruising kiss that set my heart to pounding. One hand in my hair, the other rested at the base of my throat, his palm curving over the vein where my pulse raced.

He made a harsh groaning sound against my lips that was so erotically charged that it caused my nipples to draw into buds so tight, they hurt where they pressed against his chest. Inching my fingers around his waist, I pulled him closer in an effort to ease the ache.

I was glad that my brain wasn’t needed to provide vital functions when we kissed this way because I knew I wouldn’t remember how to breathe. The kiss was deep. Taunting. Tormenting. His tongue taking its time exploring my mouth.

Outside, the sun began to rise, the light casting an orange glow in the cabin, surrounding us with a light that seemed to be filled with blessings. He turned my head so that he could nuzzle my neck, raking his teeth down my throat. Dropping his hands to the belt surrounding my wrists, he stepped away and pulled. “Follow me, woman.”

I’d follow him anywhere.

“What do you plan to do with me?”

He grinned, the little gap making a reappearance. “I have no plan, Zoe. And I have no limits.”

It could have been a punishment or a promise. Both…

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17 reviews for The Cabin

  1. Armenia Fox

    Absolutely wonderful and romantic…5++stars!!

    Living on the side of a mountain, Gray Maddox never expected to rescue the beautiful goddess from the next cabin. During a blizzard, he spies her through security cameras while her jeep goes over the edge of the road into a tree. It’s no time he’s pulling her from the wreck at the last moment before the car goes down the ravine. Zoe Meadows is a bit of a mystery as he’s watched her for weeks, and this beauty is hiding something painful. Gray is also running away from a painful tragedy. As Gray tends to Zoe’s injuries, the realization that each holds the answer to much needed healing and solace in their lives. The Cabin is passionate, intensely emotional, and heartfelt. But when the snow clears will Gray and Zoe be able to move forward and find a chance for love? A remarkable read that will tug at your heartstrings, beautiful characterization and deeply emotional. With this extended version of the story, Alice Ward has really outdone herself. A definite favorite, heartfelt romantic story that is worthy of reading over and over. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

  2. Theresa Campbell

    This book was originally a novella in the collection “Hot & Sinful Nights.” Alice has expanded on this story and made a novel in my opinion. This story shows Alice’s growth as an author and I feel privileged to have read this in advance of the release. There’s much more to the story here and I loved it! It has romance, suspense, some comedy, and a HEA. The incident with the kitten is hilarious! I won’t give anything away as you really need to read this story to see for yourself. I received an advance copy of this story by the author and this is my honest and voluntary review.

  3. Belinda Hayes

    When Zoe gets in a accident, Grey is there to rescue her. The two are stuck together for some time in Greys cabin and while there they realize how much of a connection they have. Both are experiencing heartache and have gone through terrible experiences but find comfort in each other. When Zoe gets called away Grey quickly realizes how much he needs Zoe but isn’t sure if she can forgive him for what he did. Can he get Zoe to forgive him and give him another chance or is the damage done?

    This was such an amazing story of two people who have experienced heartache and how they overcome it. Beautiful story that I loved!

    I voluntarily reviewed a ARC

  4. Moriah

    Absolutely loved Alice Ward’s The Cabin. Zoe and Gray are both up in the mountains of Montana when a blizzard hits and Gray saves Zoe’s life. They both come from past heartache and together they are able to overcome it all. So many emotions in this story. So good, I had to go back and read it again. Definitely a must read story.

  5. Kathi S.

    Emotional and Sensual read – Better than Ever!!

    Zoe rents a cabin in the mountains to get away from the world for a bit after a trauma, not realizing a serious blizzard is coming. Gray lost his wife and unborn child 2 years ago, and has sequestered himself away; working his computer magic remotely.

    When squirrels move Gray’s security cameras, he is able to watch his neighbor and sees her car go over a cliff. Able to pull her out before the tree the car is leaning on gives way, they return to his cabin and get snowed in.

    One of the most emotional, sweet, heart-wrenching, humorous stories I have read in a long time. Includes the best game of Truth or Dare ever, a feisty kitten, and two people who are able to heal each other with a “take my hand”.

  6. MyOhMy

    I read the Cabin as part of a limited time box set.

    Full disclosure — I was going to skip this boxed set. I’ve got a TBR list that’s way too long for me to finish in my lifetime. I recently read Alice Ward’s story The Gamble and once again truly enjoyed a book so when I saw she was listed (and there were other authors that I like too) I went ahead and “splurged” if you will (hardly a real splurge–.99 – HA! more like a steal). There are a ton of great stories here. I read The Cabin first just to be sure I wasn’t wasting my time and then skimmed through several others. I’m going to sit down tonight and “try” to finish it. I’m pretty sure I won’t finish tonight this thing is HUGE but so far, nothing bad, nothing boring and nothing I want to skip over. I’m loving the book and I’m sure I’m going to find new authors. You don’t want to miss this book. Even if you only find two stories you like, this is a bargain and I’ll bet there are way more than two stories you’ll like. Also, it seems that boxed sets don’t stay long enough for you to make a decision so just grab this now. You don’t want it to disappear and for 99 pennies it’s a steal.

  7. Nickiann Holt

    This story had it all. In the middle of a blizzard Zoe finds herself rescued by a mdountain man in the middle of a blizzard. One thing she never thought would happen is that sparks would fly with Gray and they would enjoy days of passion until the roads are cleared. But once they are not locked away will their pasts interfere with moving forward? Between the Porn Queen mom and the death of his wife and child, the reader is taken on a journey of two tortured souls who just need a HEA. This was an awesome read that should not be missed

  8. Carol

    I read this book in one sitting – well into the wee hours of the night and have no regrets whatsoever over the loss of sleep! This was another well executed book by Alice Ward – a rollercoaster ride filled with suspense, grief, passion, betrayal, heartache and love. I loved everything about it! I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  9. Keri Loves Books (Keri Roth)

    Such a poignant, beautiful story of love.

    Zoe is a writer who needs an escape from her life. After a life altering assault and a sex addicted, porn star for a mother who was pressuring her to cross a line, Zoe flees to a remote cabin in Montana. She is there to get through what happened to her, finish writing her book and find solace.
    An unpredictable snow storm changes her life. While trying to get back to her cabin after a supply run, she nearly loses her life. Enter Gray, her rescuer. His security system pick up car crashing. He goes to help her and makes it just in time.
    Injured and stranded, Gray brings Zoe to his house to treat her wounds and keep her safe during the storm.
    They are both lost souls just existing. Gray has his own scars that run deep and haunt him. Each carried so much hurt. But they recognize those broken parts in one another. Their attraction is like gravity. You can’t help but feel how much they need and desire eachother.

    Its a story of healing, letting go and finding your Home with the person you were meant to love.

  10. Tiffany

    This is a gut-wrenching and heart-warming story about 2 people that have to overcome tragedies in their life. This story will pull you in and make you cry. This is a great love story that takes you on quite the emotional journey. This is the updated version from the Sinful Nights Collection with more scenes. So even if you read it from there, this newer version is definitely worth picking up!

  11. Tammy Evans

    What can I say this was an amazing reading experience. Zoe is a beautiful 22 year old woman who escapes to the mountains in Montana after going through an horrific life altering experience.
    Gray is hiding out in his cabin to hide from the tremendous pain of losing his wife in unborn child. When a blizzard hits Zoe ends up in an accident and Gray has to rescue her. He calls her the Goddess because she is curvy and beautiful. This is an engaging emotional story about two people who come together to heal and in doing so they find happiness and love. I voluntarily received an advance arc copy for an honest review.

  12. Rita

    Grey and Zoe are troubled with an emotional past. During a very bad snow storm Grey was able to save Zoe and nurse her back to health. During that time they helped each other mend while they fell in love. Heart warming story.

  13. Cheryl Petit

    I read and reviewed the original book, The Cabin from the Hot and Sinful Nights Collection and enjoyed it very much. This expanded version with additional scenes is just as if not more so steamier than the original. It’s captivating and very emotional with a great mix of angst, tragedy, secrets, grief, heartache, fiery chemistry, some hilarious moments, passion, hot scenes and love. This is a definite must read!

  14. Kari

    Both Gray and Zoe have retreated to the mountains to escape the trauma that has become their lives and they end up neighbors. He ends up rescuing Zoe when she has an accident due to the road conditions and they wait out the snowstorm together. Their connection and chemistry is deep and hot but what happens when they are no longer snowbound together?

    I loved both these characters and they have endured so much and when they are finally able to open us and trust each other they help each other heal.

  15. Kristen L

    There is so much emotion packed into this story. This expanded version packs an even stronger punch than the original novella did. Zoe and Gray have both survived tragedies that have left them reluctant to trust the people around them. A terrible winter storm and a bad accident strand them together to wait out the blizzard. The close quarters encourage the pair to trust one another with their darkest secrets. Zoe’s secrets are hers to tell, and she does at about the halfway point, so I won’t go all spoiler-y with the details. But those secrets are very dark and could be triggering for some, so be aware that there is some difficult reading ahead. While Zoe and Gray are getting deeply emotional, the sweetest rescue dog and the world’s most manic stray kitten provide comic relief to keep the story from getting too heavy. That cat made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe. I’m also really hoping that there is a follow-up story to this one featuring Zoe’s best friend, who deserves her own happily-ever-after.

  16. Patricia Anthony

    Absolutely Terrific! Alice Ward’s writing is intelligent, sexy and intoxicating. This story is no different than her other work and is definitely worth your time to read.

    Zoe and Gray are complex characters that need to heal, forgive and move forward, and they do it together. They find comfort and safety in each others arms that is so tender and sweet as well as hot and steamy. It is the bright side to the blizzard of the century. Add Maggie and Go to the mix and it is an interesting few days trapped in a Montana cabin.

    So good!

  17. Andrea L

    Grays rugged and protective sides come to surface when Zoe ends up on his cabins door. It’s nice to see try to have a softer side when he is taking care of Zoe. I really do love them together it’s like they were made for each other. It was well written and very enjoyable book!

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