The Candidate

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Lust drove us together. Our differences are driving us apart.

As the Republican Party’s front-runner for the White House in 2024, I’m the man the media praises for having a silver tongue. By day, I’m a very conservative, buttoned-up professional. By night, my wild side comes out to prowl, searching for something. I end up in The Black Room… and find her.

Sweet little Cassandra is too good for The Black Room, too innocent. That won’t stop me from showing her everything my silver tongue can do. I can already hear her crying out in ecstasy when I sink into her. Feel her soft skin under me as she follows my every direction.

And she does… except in the most important way. She won’t reveal her true name.

The mystery addicts me to her but I can’t fall for her. Can’t veer away from the carefully crafted dream I thought I wanted.

But now I want something else. Her.

Even if it costs me my political career.

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“Which toy would you like me to use on you, Apollo?” I asked him in my sexiest purr.

“You may choose, Prophetess.”

I nodded, looking over the selection. I chose a long white feather, ripped the package, and slipped it out.

When we’d made it to the sofa, I reached out, grabbed the buckle on his pants, and pulled. I loosened his belt and then unbuttoned his pants, feeling the heavy, expensive weight of the fabric, which must have been fine wool. He stood there silently, his eyes on me the whole time. When I unzipped the fly and started to lower his pants, he said, “Stop.”

I did as I was told, waiting for my next direction.

He looked me over carefully, then motioned his chin in my direction. “Take it all off.”

I nodded, lifting the straps of my camisole and sliding it off my body so that my breasts sprang free. Then I slowly wiggled my skirt to the ground. When I looked up, he was watching me curiously.

“No heels?”

He said it the way he’d made the pearls comment, like it was something to be ashamed of. I shook my head as I kicked off the skirt, leaving myself bare to him, except for the shoes and my thong. “Sorry.”

“Take everything off, then.”

There could be no other answer except to do what he asked. Of course, he liked to have all the power, whether or not it corrupted him absolutely. I stepped out of the shoes, then lifted the strings on either hip bone and let the last barrier between me and complete nakedness fall to the floor. He gazed at me without a word, but before I could wonder if he liked what he saw, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the flask. He lifted his mask to take a long gulp. Once capped, it took three tries before he was able to successfully slide it into his pocket, his eyes were so intent on me. It was then I felt the power shift into my court.

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19 reviews for The Candidate

  1. Armenia Fox

    A wonderful romantic book that is sexy and unforgettable…5+stars!

    Wearing three identities is not a usual thing for Brooke Ellis, but Owen Blakely dangles a carrot with a promise of a recommendation to the FBI if she digs up dirt on his opponent for Senate seat, Cameron Brice. In disguise as a mousy clerk, she’s Violet Wilkes in Cameron’s campaign office. It’s when she follows him to a sex club called The Black Room, does Cameron show a different side of himself, one that is seductive and alluring and Brook finds him fascinating. She decides to play along as Cassandra, the sexual temptress. Things get edgy, and oh, so sexy. As they spend time together, Brooke realizes there is more to Cameron and she is reluctant to expose this vulnerable side of him to the public.

    Cameron Brice is the Republican hopeful and heir to the Brice dynasty. But mostly he feels the pressure of being groomed under his father’s machinations which includes playing a part of a politician and marrying his want-to-be girlfriend who is deceitful. Cameron soon develops feelings for Cassandra not knowing the truth about her. The plot unfurls beautifully and just leads you down the winding twists and turns, you won’t want to put this gem of a story down until the end.

    Just when I thought these two would never get their chance because of an impossible situation. BOOM! Ms. Ward throws out a doozy. I loved the debate scene, I shook with laughter, it was so good. A perfect solution to all that “can of problems.” The Candidate has it all, great blend of story, edgy, sexy goodness, and all the feels. It is definitely one of my favorite books by this author. Wonderful job, Ms. Ward. I received and voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  2. Theresa Campbell

    I really liked this book. I loved the twist at the ending! It was a surprise and I wish more political people could be as honest as Cameron. I also liked that Brooke stood her ground on her political beliefs which kept the book interesting with the banter between these two. I received an advance copy of this book from the author and this is my honest and voluntary review.

  3. misty g warner

    I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book. I just love all of Alice Ward’s books. I haven’t read one yet that I didn’t love.
    Brooke has wanted to be in the FBI since she was a kid. All she has to do is go undercover and dig up some dirt on the Senate candidate and she can have her dream.
    Cameron is so tired of being told what to do with his life and how to act. Now his dad has gone too far, he’s telling him who to marry.
    This book was very good and had a HEA ending. Definitely a favorite of all of Alice Ward’s books.

  4. Moriah

    Loved this story. Brooke is hired to gather dirt on Cameron who is running for Senator. The more she gets to know him, the more she falls for him. What will happen when when he finds out who she really is?

  5. Kathi S.

    Completely Compelling and Scintillating read!!!

    Brooke has wanted to join the FBI since she was a young girl. Her path to achieve that is to work for her best friend’s dad and find the dirt of the conservative candidate for President for 2024. Currently he is running for state senate as he is only 30. As a buttoned-up, rich snob surely Brooke can find some dirt in no time at all.

    Cameron was raised in a high-profile family, though his father was caught in a scandal and is now “living the dream” through his son. Told what to think, who to speak to and who to marry Cameron is looking to let off some steam.

    When Brooke follows Cameron into a club, she appears as a lamb to the wolves – as she has unknowingly entered an underground club. When she follows Cameron in the hopes he will remove his mask – she ends up introducing herself as “Cassandra” and having an encounter with him.

    Then working as “Violet” she poses as a worker on his campaign dressed in frumpy clothes and sporting a wig. Only problem is; Cameron sees her even as a frumpy worker. He asks her opinion and seems to care about the issues. Perhaps he is not the enemy as her liberal friends assume.

    A story of two completely diverse, yet likeable characters that cross paths in the most tantalizing manner. One who has to remember the role she is playing each moment – and each who are fighting against the pressures of family and society. Can these two possibly have more than a moment in this impossible situation?

    Engaging, sexy, humorous and captivating!!

  6. Nickiann Holt

    There is one thing hanging between getting the coveted job at the FBI that Brooke will need to do…..get dirt on Senate candidate Cameron Brice. Tailing him at night, she finds herself entering asexual club and has one night of passion will Cameron as they are both using fake names. But can she rat out the sexual exploits of the man she ha# fallen in love with? Or will someone else reveal his dirty campaign and blame it all on Brooke? With great characters and a storyline that keeps the reader on the edge of the seat this is another fabulous read that I highly recommend.

  7. Belinda Hayes

    Wonderful read! The story has you hooked from the beginning. Cameron and Brooke have good chemistry and the story if full of surprises!

    I voluntarily reviewed a ARC

  8. Keri Loves Books (Keri Roth)

    He’s running for office. She’s trying to help destroy his campaign in hopes of furthering her own dream. A story of chasing your dream but sometimes that dream changes when you meet your game changer.

    Brooke’s been hired to dig up dirt on the republican senate candidate, Cameron Brice. Things aren’t always what they seem.

    Cameron Brice has been bred for the White House. His father was a past VP and his family wants him to be president. He’s handsome, wealthy, successful and his whole life has been planned for him. Including the perfect stepford wife.

    Brooke goes incognito to get close to Cameron but in doing so her heart gets involved and it gets very messy. Secrets, lies, blackmail, opposing political beliefs may be too many obstacles for them to overcome. Something’s aren’t for sale and can’t be bought.

    These two, an likely match, find a feeling of being complete and happy when they are together. Get out your fan on this one, because these two are combustible. I loved their story.

  9. JenB

    Alice Ward has done it again. She takes an everyday situation, adds in her magical story spin and whisks you away into a story that leaves you smiling at your reading device like a fool. I love it! As always the main characters both challenge and compliment each other. We get to see how smart a man Cameron really is by how he grows throughout the story. We also get to see the many faces of Brooke in the roles she plays as Brooke, Cassandra and Violet. Our main characters first meet in a sex club…..which plainly states all the kinds of hotness included in between these book covers. She has become so focused on her goal to get into the FBI that she starts rationalizing doing things that she realizes are against her self as a person. This isn’t a smooth ride for either of our main characters but that is what makes this author’s stories so complete. We always get our HEA and it is worth the turn of every single page.

  10. Tiffany

    This is a great romantic suspenseful read. Brooke and Cameron are great leads. Brooke ends up hiding her true identity after being hired to dig up dirt on Cameron and drama ensues. They are complete opposites, but you know what they say about opposites attracting.

  11. Tammy Evans

    Cameron is wealthy, handsome and a very successful man, he is also running for Senator. He is being controlled and groomed by his family especially his father (a past VP) who wants him to be president. They have even picked out the perfect stepford wife for him Bernadette. Brooke wants to join the FBI, that’s almost impossible without recommendations. She is promised by the opposing party that if she finds information to bring Cameron down they will provide the recommendations she needs. This was a fantastic story filled with drama, lies, and passionate erotic sex scenes. Loved Cameron and Brooke together they had amazing chemistry. Extremely well written and all the characters were well developed. This is definitely a must read. I voluntarily received an advance arc copy for an honest review.

  12. Rita

    I’m at loss for words. It’s well written and the characters seem so real with full personalities. The chemistry between Cameron and Brooke is sizzling. The story is easy to read and hard to put down.

  13. Cheryl Petit

    A well-written story with a storyline that will keep you turning the pages, great characters, mystery, secrets, lies, blackmail, plot twists you don’t expect, obstacles, sizzling chemistry… it’s edgy and will have you hanging on the edge of your seat.

  14. Ruth

    Again in this book, Alice Ward, takes a tough subject and tears it down. Ms. Ward has decided to dabble in politics. She throws in the republic and democratic views, adds in the dirty laundry of politics and then makes you believe it doesn’t have to be that way. . After all of that she is able to make this book extremely hot and juicy. The characters are nasty and underhanded in some cases, while in others they are hot and sincere in others. I want Cameron to run for president, we might actually have a winner and with Brooke by his side there would be no stopping them.

  15. Carol

    I’m always blown away by Alice Ward’s stories. This story was no exception. The characters in this book were (as always) very well defined. Some, like Cameron’s father and Bernadette – the woman they were grooming for him – were a bit clichéd, but I didn’t mind. The story was compelling – I was curious to follow Brooke’s subterfuge as Cassandra and Violet as she interacted with Cameron while spying on him. Their chemistry was sizzling! This was another great read with some plot twists I hadn’t expected! I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  16. zan Tonge

    Cameron Brice, aka Apollo, meets Brooke Ellis, aka Cassandra and aka Violet Wilkes; wow, what a tangle web. Cameron, rising politician has a mole in his party headquarters, any guesses? Blowing off steam, Apollo meets Cassandra in a sex club, is intensely interested in her, in fact, can’t get enough of her, even to the detriment of his career. Daddy, who is living vicariously through his son, is not amused. A touching difficult journey balancing expectations and desires, taking a stand for what is right and taking a stand for what you want.

  17. Patricia Anthony

    This is a tough one for me. Please allow me to explain. I am a fan of Alice Ward. I have read several of her books and she never disappoints with a very well written story with fully developed characters that stir up your emotions. This book is no different. The plot is intriguing and the characters make you love them and hate them. On that note, I give this book five stars. My issue is with the political storyline. I feel overwhelmed with our political climate in real life and I struggled to read about it. The cutthroat characters, the lack of morals and the manipulation saddens me greatly. The compensating factor is the connection and intimacy between Cameron and Cassandra/Brooke but, that is even overshadowed with secrets. It got to the point where I could not read fast enough to get to the HEA. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand all of the five star ratings – this is just a personal opinion for personal reasons.

  18. Andrea L

    I love a book that has a good story line with some twists and turns and this one is defiantly one. An honest politician book is also a good one because you know they will have to prove them selfs all the time and this hold trues. Mixing in a reporter digging around it makes for an excellent read. I love so far all of AW books this one is a good one as well!

  19. Kristen Lewendon

    This book highlights many of the reasons why I have become anti-political. There’s just so many ways for the unscrupulous to circumvent the system for their own benefit. Cameron and Brooke (AKA Cassandra/Violet) are at opposite ends of the political spectrum. To make matters worse, the key to her dream job could ruin his political career. Many of the secondary characters that Cameron and Brooke deal with on a regular basis made my blood boil, but I adored the pair of them. They’re both passionate and caring, and the dishonesty they’re living for the roles they’re playing goes against who they are at their cores. And the chemistry between them almost melted my reader. I really appreciated that this book comes out quite balanced between left or right political leanings. That one of the key themes is the search for common ground; finding the compromise to allow both sides to come out ahead.
    I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book.

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