The Christmas Bet

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Saint by day. Sinner by night. Only a Christmas bet can save me.

I’m captivated.

From the moment she crashes into me, spills my drink, and tries to wipe my crotch clean, I know I want her.

But there are rules. By day, I’m Owen Driscoll, culinary investor and one of New Orleans’ elite. At night, however, I’m part of a secret society whose members are united under the shared lifestyles of wealth and dark fetishes: The Blackjack Club. My romantic escapades are limited to those bound by the confidentiality of The Club because outsiders are a financial, reputational, and emotional risk.

Tabby Rickard is most definitely an outsider. Her curvy figure, sharp wit, and quirky creativity don’t fit into my world—and that makes her dangerous to me. To us all.

The beast inside me doesn’t care. I must have her, must claim her as my own, to dominate her stubborn will and take her to the brink of insanity.

A hand of cards will seal our fate.

Will our Christmas bet be naughty or nice? Or will it bankrupt us all?

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“Fuck. You’re wet for me.”

Tabby moaned as I fondled her opening just enough to stimulate another moan before I circled back up to the hooded bead of nerves at the top of her folds. Experimentally, I tapped. Her moan grew higher, more urgent as I repeated the action. Flicking the hood out of the way, I tapped again. She exhaled harshly, and nails clawed into my arms. Mild pain erupted up to my elbows, cracking my determined restraint to ease into the seduction, and I snarled as I dropped low to scoop her up. I had her flat on her back atop the standard hotel bed before she could emit her shriek of surprise.

“Lift,” I commanded, hooking my fingers into the sides of her panties and jerking them downward. She obeyed and raised her hips, and I wrenched the underwear past her knees to her ankles. She started to unhook a foot through a leg hole, but I shook my head and grabbed her ankle. “Oh, no. No, no, no. You don’t move unless I tell you.”

“But how are we supposed to… ohhh…”

I circled her clit before pinching it between my fingers, eliciting an airy, high-pitched moan from her.

“The only thing I want to hear from you,” I said, making sure she understood just how serious I was, “is that moan.”

She looked up at me through wide eyes, giving her the expression of innocence that sent my cock into spasms. After a long, slow swallow, she nodded.

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19 reviews for The Christmas Bet

  1. Armenia Fox

    Intrigue, mystery, humor…lovely Christmas story

    Not my favorite Alice Ward book, but still a delightful Christmas romance that is quite interesting and intriguing. The story grabbed me from the beginning with the chemistry between Tabby Richard and Owen Driscoll. Smart, sassy Tabby is unimpressed with Owen and all the wealth and luxury surrounding him. He’s intrigued and wants more of her, but Owen has a rule about women outside of his secret club. The Blackjack Club is Owen Driscoll’s means of safeguarding his lifestyle by only dating women vetted through the club, with each woman signing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). It’s the biggest secret most of the wealthy men and women of New Orleans keep to hide what really goes behind closed doors to their club.

    For me, I thought the middle part of the story dragged on. There was way too much buildup around the mystery surrounding Owen’s fetish which he hides from Tabby until she is part of the Blackjack Club. And even after visiting the club, it took too long to reveal that part of himself. Although, when Owen does open up to reveal his sexual proclivity, it was pretty hot, still, I thought there would be more to it.

    The ending picked up the pace when a jealous ex-lover exacts revenge on Owen, Tabby, and members of the club. I loved the resolution to that dilemma, but no closure to the scandal she creates. All in all, a very nice story. Intrigue, mystery, great banter, jealousy, betrayal, and hot smoking sexy goodness. I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book.

  2. Theresa Campbell

    This is another awesome book by Alice Ward! I loved the two main characters, Tabby and Owen. She kept me cracked up with her wit and kept Owen in his place as well. I wasn’t too fond of the club as I expected it be a lot more than just an “auction” house. His “fetish” wasn’t that dark in my opinion. I actually expected something much darker. There’s a bit of suspense, lots of sex, and a HEA of course! I received an advance copy of this book from the author and this is my honest and voluntary review.

  3. misty g warner

    I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book. I have read several books from this author and they are all great! I loved this book. I wish we could all have us an Owen. I looked his surprise visit to Tabby. It was my favorite. Thanks for another amazing read.

  4. Moriah

    Absolutely loved this story. Loved Tabby and Owen. Owen is a little darker and doesn’t do relationships. He’s a member of the Blackjack Club where he only sees girls that have NDAs and a single night behind them. Until he meets Tabby. Loved thier first meeting! She’s different than other girls and he’s intrigued. He takes her to the club and they really begin from there. Tabby brings the light to his life that he never knew he needed. Love the banter between the two of them! A really great story.

  5. MyOhMy

    I wasn’t sure what to expect going in but found this to be fun, enjoyable read. Tabby is in NOLA for her cousin’s wedding where she feels overwhelmed and out of place. In trying to escape the wedding party she runs into Owen, literally. They are drawn to each other instantly and place a series of bets. Then he takes her to the Blackjack Club. I have to say I was worried that this was going to lead down a darker path than I usually like to read but I was pleasantly surprised. The two characters were perfect for each other and the banter between them was perfect. Another winner by Alice Ward. (I voluntarily reviewed an ARC).

  6. Kathi S.

    Sexy and Humorous – Will never look at betting the same way again!!

    Photographer Tabby has become a part of her annoying and spoiled cousin’s wedding when another girl cancelled. Rather than go to dinner with the gaggle of pretentious friends Tabby slips off to pursue some solitary gambling. On the way she slips, spills a drink in the lap of a smooth voiced male. Embarrassing herself by not thinking and trying to wipe up the spill, she scurries away.

    Owen is an investor and one of New Orleans elite. He would normally not pursue anyone outside The Blackjack Club, but he finds himself intrigued by the clumsy, yet attractive young lady who just spilled a drink in his lap. He challenges her to a bet; if he wins she comes with him to his club, if she wins she gets to photograph his newest investment restaurant.

    As these two play their games, we are treated to further bets and a growing attraction. Will Tabby accept the happenings at the club and Owens reasons for attending? When Tabby returns home is that the end?

    Clever dialogue, great characters, complex story line and sizzling romance all combine to create a tantalizing story!!

  7. Nickiann Holt

    While at her cousins wedding, Tabby literally bumps into Owen at the casino. The unlikely pair have an instant attraction, but it’s Owens dark side that he does not want her to see. After making a bet the loser is definitely a winner when they both become closer. But will the long distance make the relationship too hard to keep going? Or will Tabby be frightened away once Owens dark desires are revealed? With great characters and a storyline that made the pages fly by this is another book from Alice Ward that is a must read.

  8. Keri Loves Books (Keri Roth)

    Another fantastically, hot read! Owen knows how to be naughty and bring you the pleasure you never knew was possible.

    Tabby is in New Orleans at her bridezilla, cousin’s wedding. She literally runs into Owen in the most awkward of ways. She’s so embarrassed she takes off.

    Owen is intrigued by the woman who spilled a drink on him and proceeded to clean it off his crotch right on the casino floor!

    He can’t forget her, so he seeks her out. He makes her a bet with the purpose of getting to know her better. And the bets keep on coming. The only thing is, Owen is breaking his own rules. He doesn’t date anyone outside The Blackjack Club for his own protection. So maybe its time for Tabby to visit The Club.

    Tabby’s a strong-willed, witty woman who knows her own mind. Owen’s a sexy, business man who likes a little kink that will bring you ultimate pleasure. Such a fun holiday read with lots of smokin’ hot sex and a great storyline that I loved.

  9. JenB

    I received an ARC for an honest review. I loved this book! This book had me reading with a smile on my face, laughing at the banter between Tabby and Owen and crossing my legs a little tighter at the hot, steamy bits. The story line of this book is strong and flows smoothly. Tabby and Owen could not be more different from each other but fit together perfectly. They meet in a casino and their relationship all starts with a… got it….a bet. Their HEA is not a smooth road due to the long distance between the characters (Tabby – Chicago and Owen – New Orleans) but the things we learn about each character along the way make a great realistic story. With the challenges that these two face we get to see how they embrace both themselves as individuals and and each other to make things work. I have read a few of this author’s books now and once again she has left me with a new favorite.

  10. Tiffany

    I really enjoy reading Alice Ward’s books. This one is no different. I really enjoy her characters and how she makes them come to life. I love the playfulness of Owen and Tabby and their chemistry is off the charts!

  11. Tammy Evans

    Tabby is in New Orleans to be a bridesmaid at her snobby cousins wedding. While there she decides to take a break from her cousins bridezilla ways and goes to the casino to try her luck at the cards and slots.Tabby meets Owen when she is celebrating a win and spills a drink on him and tries to dry off his crotch! Being embarrassed Tabby moves to the far side of the casino away from Owen. But he is already intrigued with her and soon he’s enticing Tabby with a series of bets. Wow this was a great read. There was an instant connection between Tabby and Owen and they had amazing chemistry. A fun entertaining story with weddings, bets and private clubs. I voluntarily received an advance arc copy for an honest review.

  12. Rita

    WOW! This is one of her best. Owen and Tabby have strong personalities and chemistry between them is steamy. I really like the build up of the story. I had a hard time doing anything other then read this book! A must read

  13. Cheryl Petit

    The Christmas Bet by Alice Ward is a well written, sexy and very enjoyable read with a great storyline, interesting characters, instant attraction, sizzling chemistry, humor, and hot sex with some kink.

  14. Carol

    Another smashing read by Alice Ward! I loved the witty banter and sexy escapades between Tabby and Owen. This book had everything you didn’t know you were looking for! I highly recommend it. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  15. zan Tonge

    Love, Love, Love this book! ‘Curiosity killed the cat’ Tabby wants satisfaction! Lots of lighthearted, flirtatious banter between Owen and Tabby. Owen displays an intriguing ,deliciously devious and decadent nature. The Blackjack Club is a fascinating locale that I cannot wait to see more of. Each book of Alice Ward’s is getting better and better.

  16. Patricia Anthony

    This is a sexy romance with incredible characters. Tabby is such a fun and true to herself young woman who turns the wealthy investor, Owen’s organized routine world upside down. They are drawn to each other immediately and that is scary but, too tempting to resist.

    The storyline is intriguing and keeps you engaged not only in Tabby and Owen’s relationship but for the the mystery that is the Blackjack Club. My only disappointment is the ending does not disclose what happens to certain pivotal characters and events.

  17. Andrea L

    Great job on this book!!! Owen and Tabby defiantly had a rolllar coaster ride of a story. Drama, sex, steam, love, revenge, secrecy you name it this book has it!!! Fantastic story loved the twists and waiting to see who is behind the drama was defiantly a good suspense. Must read!!!!

  18. Kristen Lewendon

    There’s a lot of emotion bouncing back and forth between Tabby and Owen. She’s so independent and sassy. And just so completely herself, that even when she’s fighting back the urge to tell her snobby, bridezilla cousin to take a long walk off a short pier, Tabby’s doing it in her own inimitable style. I found Owen to be a very different kettle of fish. He’s alpha, but there’s a sweetness in the way he interacts with Tabby that brings the usual dominant, arrogant, male alpha-hole persona we expect to see down several notches. The two of them together are surprisingly playful, and I loved how they made me laugh. I think I understand the function of the Club in the story, but it and Owen’s particular ‘preference’ came off a little flat for me. I especially didn’t understand why he was so concerned about letting Tabby know what made him tick. I loved all of the emotion, drama, and tension that fill this book, and I can’t wait to see what the author has for us next.
    I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book.

  19. Jasmine Moran

    Tabby is in New Orleans to attend her cousin’s wedding. While her cousin is very demanding, Tabby manages to escape for a bit, but when she does, she runs into Owen on the casino floor. She immediately feels a connection to him, but has no time to think about it. But Owen has different plans, he wants to get to know her and keep seeing her as much as possible. He wants to take her to the Blackjack Club, can he win the bet so she will go with him?

    Owen is immediately drawn to Tabby and lays on his charm to try and win some bets with her so she will eventually go to the Blackjack Club. But when she decides she wants to go, Owen’s former lover, Pippa, gets jealous and things turn ugly and quick. Can Owen and Tabby solve this together? Or will Owen give up?

    This is an interesting story and shows that sometimes a bet can be an excellent idea to get to know the other person. This story is funny, but has elements of drama, scandal, love, lust, romance and a HEA. I received an ARC of this book from the author.

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