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She needed to escape. I needed to be saved.

Like an angel, Madalyn Durand swoops into my life, rescuing my little girl while I fight for my son. And how is she thanked for her bravery? By having every damn thing she owns taken from her.

Even in her most desperate hour, she’s perfect. Majestic. Me? I’m nothing like her. I’ve failed. At my marriage, at being a dad. I made the Hottest Billionaire Bachelors list, but I can’t protect my kids.

Then I get a second chance.

When my children need me the most, I become a full-time dad, and Madalyn, like some miracle, is by my side. What I didn’t count on was how she would feel in my arms. Under me. Next to me. Maybe forever.

But someone else wants her forever too. Someone she tried to escape, but who won’t set her free.

Can I save her from this evil? Can I save my kids? Myself?

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“Do you want me?” I asked. I needed to be sure. I needed her to be sure. There was to be no miscommunication in this.

Instead of answering, she pressed her lips to mine again, but I needed more than that.

Holding her face a few inches away, I asked again, more urgently this time. “Do you want me, Madalyn? Do you want me to take you to my bed? Do you want me to fuck you? Do you want to fuck me?”

Her eyes startled open at my blunt language. She searched my face then ran a thumb over my bottom lip. “Yes, I want it all.”

She cried out when I pushed up from the chair, taking her with me. Her legs and arms wrapped around me as I stood. Her fingers sank into my hair as I walked us down the hall.

In my bedroom, I locked the door and turned on the light. I wanted to see her. I wanted to watch each inch of her skin as it was exposed. I wanted to see if she glowed with that inward light everywhere.

She clung to me as I lowered us both to the mattress, and she took my weight as our mouths met again. With teeth and tongue, she kissed me back, nearly as ravenous as me. I shifted until my thigh came up between her legs, giving her rocking hips something to move against.

She did, her body nearly exploding with movement as she ground into me, her hands tugging at my hair. She gasped, her eyes flying open when my hand moved up the shirt and I found her breast.

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18 reviews for The Escape

  1. Armenia Fox

    Beautiful, sweet and sexy royal romance…5+++stars!

    One peek into the first chapter had me dropping my current book. The Escape hooked me from the beginning until I finished late into the night. I enjoyed how the author inserts current events into the story plot making it all the more believable. And I love the instant I recognized the infamous Central Park chase scene that happened in The Choice, where Journey and Nash chase after the purse snatcher, and Jazzy explains this to Maddie.

    Maddie is really Princess Madeleina whose first day in America brings her to New York City. It’s on a bench in Central Park she ponders what her future holds for her. Just 24 hours before she was the 5th daughter of Phillipe and Jacqueline Brigitta of Aldcliff. Her father’s insistence she marry the evil Prince Vitalievich is the impetus for her escape. She discovers first hand his sadistic behavior would only lead to an unhappy and miserable existence.

    So at the bench, Maddie witnesses a commotion of a man with his two kids. While protecting his son from paparazzi, his little girl is right in the midst of being lured away by a man with a puppy. Maddie’s quick instincts tell her she needs to save the girl from being kidnapped, but the press is too quick and manages to get her on video. Even in disguise, Maddie knows this bit of exposure could threaten discovery and lead the Prince to her location.

    Xander Armstrong, billionaire CEO of Armstrong International, is grateful to Maddie in thwarting a kidnapping. He offers Maddie protection and shelter since her possessions are stolen during the commotion. There is something vulnerable and sad about Maddie and Xander can’t resist the young woman. As they spend time together, Xander learns that there is more to Maddie. He soon realizes she is the woman he wants and what his young family needs. Xander’s young son, Kylian, recently exposed the abuse of his stepfather and through Maddie’s own experiences helps guide him to healing. Xander and Maddie are great together. She’s beautiful and smart, and Xander is honorable and swoon-worthy. It’s so funny cute when Kenzie, Xander’s 4-year-old daughter, tries to use French. But there is a calm before the storm. Can Maddie hide the real truth of her past from Xander? Did she bring a threat to his doorstep? Will Xander’s ex-wife destroy his newfound happiness?

    The Escape is equal parts sexy, humor, romance, and suspense. It has everything I look for in a romance and Alice Ward delivers it in spades. Another winner that will melt your heart and make you swoon. I highly recommend it to all fans of romance. I received and voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  2. Theresa Campbell

    Alice Ward has written a good book with some strong subjects that can be “triggering” for some people. She did a great job with these subjects and the story line progresses well without dwelling too much. This story is about Madelyn who is a Princess and is being forced into marriage by her family to a prince that is a bad man. The main male character, Xander, is a wealthy CEO, divorced with two children that are living with their mother and stepfather across the country and in a bad situation. These two meet almost like it’s fated to happen and the story just keeps getting better and better. There are heart string pulling moments along with romance and suspense throughout the book. I enjoyed this book and I highly recommend reading it. I received an advance copy of this book and this is my honest and voluntary review.

  3. Moriah

    Loved this story! So much emotion was put into this one between what’s going on with Maddie and Xander’s kids. You can’t help but get caught up in it and hope everyone the best. Another well written book from Alice Ward.

  4. MyOhMy

    Another great book from Alice Ward. Highly recommended. Both the hero and heroine need to escape their situations. Xander has just rescued his two children after they were neglected by his ex wife. Maddie was being forced to marry an evil man. They fall instantly in love but have to find their way to a happy ending through many obstacles. Together they build a new family. Loved the chemistry between them and the way they grew together. You can always count on a decent heroine in an Alice Ward book. No “stupid” moments that make we want to throw my reader against a wall. I sat down and read this straight through. Great story. (I voluntarily reviewed an ARC).

  5. Kathi S.

    Phenomenal, Emotional story – Once you Start You Cannot Put it Down!!!

    A princess who has no control over her future – who has been raised to be the ideal wife in exchange for something beneficial to her country. When the prince she is engaged to is cruel and dangerous, it looks like she is trapped with her life on the line.

    A billionaire, Xander, who lives in NY. His ex-wife remarries and takes his two kids to CA to live with her new husband. Xander keeps a home in CA to be able to visit. On his last visit he finds out why his son is “acting out” and the stepfather is sent to jail. Given custody of his children and riddled with guilt for not realizing sooner what is going on, this trio is chilling in Central Park.

    Our princess, now Maddie, has been given a reprieve but must leave everything she has ever known and escape to anonymous NY. Pulled by the only “green space” on the map she is also in Central Park. She is wearing her first ever pair of jeans and has tasted her first ever coke. She watches the family unit as she decides her next step. She ends up saving Xander’s daughter and in the process her bag is stolen leaving her without the resources to survive.

    An incredibly moving story of family, loyalty, survival and attraction. Bits of humor as our billionaire and princess try to figure out the basics of everyday life such as a washing machine and how to cook. A glimpse of a scene from a prior book, an amazing method to reduce the hurt of words and a brilliant story to warm your heart.

    Am I gushing? Perhaps a bit, as this story hit every aspect that makes it emotional and memorable.

  6. Nickiann Holt

    Alice Ward has done it again. A beautifully written story about second chances and finding true love. While running from her past, Maddie finds herself immersed in the lives of the Armstrong family. But will it end in a HEA or a tragedy. With a super storyline and characters that you cannot help but fall in love with, this is a must read. I was sorry to see it end.

  7. Keri Loves Books (Keri Roth)

    A heart-breaking story of a life pre-determined. A young woman given a chance to be free and find her own way in the world.

    Madeleina was a princess. A royal life was all she ever knew. Just before her twenty first birthday, it has been arranged for her to marry a prince from another country. She pleads with her father but he refuses. He tells her that it is her obligation.

    But the prince is evil and Madeleina knows, but she has no idea how to change her fate. With help, she escapes her country and flees to NYC to begin a new life and find her happiness. She leaves with nothing of her past. The princess that she was had to die, in order for Madalyn to live. She has few clothes and enough money to get started and jewels to sell for a future.

    But Maddie has no idea how to do anything on her own. She ends up in Central Park. She watches a family and ends up intercepting the kid-knapping of a little girl. And so her life changes again forever.

    With no where to go, no job, no money since her bag was stolen when she stopped the kidnapping, she accepts an offer to go home with the family of the little girl that she saved.

    She’s running from her past and trying to find her future. Xander and his kids are trying to get through a recent trauma and move forward stronger as a family. Maddie is everything that they need. And Xander, Kylian and Kenzie are everything she will ever want. This is their story of facing the past and building a future.

  8. JenB

    Alice Ward has done it again, what an amazing read. If you are not an avid reader of this author, you are seriously missing out. This author is so creative and real in her stories that it is impossible not to fall in love with the them all. The characters that she creates are so well thought out and described it is so easy to visualize and become part of the story. With the way the world works at the moment, the creation of two fictional countries for this book to start in, is genius. This book starts off with an introduction to our heroine, we get to experience her life, background/culture and the events that lead to her ‘death’. Madalyn Durand (Princess Madeleina Birgitta) travels to New York city to start life again. As Madalyn travels, studies her new identity and ponders on her new life we get to meet our hero, Xander Armstrong. Xander is a multi-billionaire and he comes with all the traits of this persona. But he also comes with some history, due to his work, he is now divorced and his two children are with their Mom in California. He does not get to see them very often and feels like he is not a good father. We meet him when he is off to California to spend some time with the kids as the school year is coming to an end. We get to see the kind of man and father that Xander is capable of being with the series of events that happen in California which results in Xander taking the children back to New York with him. The events that unfold in this book are spellbinding and hit the darker topics of life (some domestic violence and child abuse). I guarantee you pick this book up, you will not want to put it down until it is complete. Everything in this book sucks you in, you spin and twist through everything the characters do and are left at the end with a huge smile on your face. Every book that Alice Ward writes is a treasure, I love how this author continues to write in this genre but is constantly moving the bar a little higher and coming up with ways for our hero and heroine to reach their HEA. Alice, I love how you have included bits of other books in this one, the yoga instructor/jogger/thief in Central Park and the New York Beasts t-shirt.
    I voluntarily read and reviewed this book as an ARC.

  9. Tiffany

    This is a heartwarming story of two people, both coming from horrible pasts, finding love and comfort with each other. The book starts off kinda dark and could be triggers to some, but it does eventually turn sweet. It’s an all around well written and enjoyable book to read.

  10. Tammy Evans

    Madalyn is a princess. When she discovers that her father has arranged for her to marry an abusive prince she decides to fake her own death. She ends up in New York city. Xander is the newly divorced father of two children Kylian and Kenzie. When he discovers that his son is being sexually abused by his stepfather he takes custody of them from their mother. Madalyn and Xander meet when someone tries to kidnap his daughter and Madalyn is able to prevent the kidnapping. Xander and Madalyn had an instant attraction and amazing chemistry. A great romantic read with lots of drama and suspense. I voluntarily received an advance reader’s copy for an honest review.

  11. Rita

    another amazing emotional book from Alice. Maddie’s future looks like it’s going to end up dark sad and scary. Then with help it takes a total turn around. She finds a family that needs her as much as she needs them.

  12. Cheryl Petit

    An outstanding romance story of drama, suspense, trauma, fate, secrets, instant attraction, second chances, love, and a HEA. This heartfelt and emotional read with an intriguing storyline and well-developed characters that you can’t help but love, will grab you at the beginning and keep you captivated until the end.

  13. Ruth Crittell

    Again another book that will make your heart hurt. Even though this is just a story the circumstances with Xander’s son could really happen and it is such a sad deep subject. Though there is darkness Ms Ward will make you laugh with the actions of the youngest child. You will be furious with the mothers actions and you will fall in love with the princess right along side of Xander. This book contains glimpses of past stories so if you have read the rest of Ms. Ward’s books you will be reminded of other great reads. However if you have never read any of her books, you will not feel like you are missing something. This is a stand alone book with a happy ending.

  14. Carol

    Alice Ward has delivered yet another well written and fabulous story! Despite its somewhat dark and disturbing beginning, this story became an emotional journey full of love, hope and happiness. I loved how Madalyn, through her unique upbringing and life experiences was able to help Xander’s children cope with the dramatic changes in their lives. There was just the right blend of suspense, intrigue and laughter to keep this story flowing smoothly from the beginning the end. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  15. zan Tonge

    An incredible rollercoaster adventure of a read. Maddie needs to escape her twisted fantasy fairtytale life, Xander needs to step up and become a more hands on father. In a bizarre and coincidental event, they meet and join forces to help each other. With the chemistry rampant and the stakes so high, the twists that Alice Ward is so famous for begin. Tissues will be needed, and a willingness to read about a great love and a great evil.

  16. Patricia

    Alice Ward is a provocative writer. Not to catch you off guard but, some of her plot lines can be upsetting and catch you off guard if you think you are sitting down to a more typical romance book. Ms. Ward handles the subject matter with care and respect but, at times, espcially in this story, it was a bit of a surprise for me. She expertly weaves the events and characters in the story into a beautiful romance where justice is served, love is found and everyone that is supposed to have a happily ever after gets it.

    With that said, Xander and Maddie are a great match considering their unconventional start. Their strengths and weaknesses are in perfect balance as they build their relationship with each other and Xander’s children, Kylian and Kenzie. And, oh my, those children are priceless! Kenzie’s 4 year old innocence is such the break that is needed when things get a bit tense – d’accord!

  17. Andrea L

    Wow Maddie and Xavier is a true single dad romance at its finest!!! I am all hearts for single dad books and this one is even more special because Maddie’s life kind of hit a low point where you think damn i wish good would happen to her. She seems to be at the right place at the right time and it’s like Bam the story changes for her. It was still a struggle to beak down Xavier’s walls but like a trooper she succeed. It was such a great love story. Defiantly I will recommend this one.

  18. Kristen Lewendon

    The beginning of this book goes to some extremely dark places in order to set up the story that is to come. The worst of the darkness doesn’t last long, but it does cling to characters for the rest of the book, so be aware that there are some intensely triggering situations in here. I loved the chemistry and connection between Maddie and Xander. And I absolutely adored Kylian and especially Kenzie. The precocious four-year-old stole my heart as my favorite character in the book. Oftentimes when the emotional load was getting really heavy in the story, Kenzie would do or say something to perfectly break the tension and keep us from going too dark.
    I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book.

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