The Fight

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Cherry = Ripe and Delicious. Too tempting.

Even though I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I built my own successful R&D company from scratch. I’m always looking for talent. That’s how I meet Cherry Bomb — underground MMA fighting princess. After watching one match, I’m hooked and sign her on as my newest investment.

Sweet, tart, and fresh, I want to do more than spar with her. I want her. And that’s a problem.

We have different priorities. Hers, to take care of her family, while I need to find mine.

But I’m quickly becoming addicted to her. It’s an addiction I need to kick. If she doesn’t KO me first.

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Hot water bubbled all around me, smelling of chlorine, but I didn’t mind. The heat felt great on my sore muscles, and I sank down into the bliss of the hot tub.

“I was waiting for you. You should have told me you were already getting in.”

My eyes flew open, heart leaping into my throat. Standing just at the side of the tub, dressed in only a pair of swim trunks, was Caleb. He was just as carved as I thought he would be, every muscle in his body ripped to absolute perfection. His skin was shiny, as if he had been oiled up.

“I didn’t know you were waiting for me.” The bubbles floating on the top of the water hid my skin from his view, but my body still responded just because I knew only that thin layer of bubbles and my suit stood between my skin and his gaze.

“Of course I was.” He took a step over the side and slid into the water with me, and the bubble swirled around his broad shoulders. Already, every cell in my body was standing on end. It felt like I was being electrified by his mere presence…

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25 reviews for The Fight

  1. Mindy H

    Cherry is a strong female, I mean strong as in MMA fighting in illegally at first until Caleb see her fight and decides to sponsor her to go pro. Cherry can’t believe her luck, her new paycheck will help out her family struggles. Caleb struggles with his attraction to Cherry, after all she is a business investment. Caleb does show he has a soft heart when he finds out about a family living in the tunnels under his building. Good read! Enjoyed the story.

  2. Theresa Campbell

    I liked the book but I have to admit that I don’t usually read MMA romances. Cherry Bomb is strong, courageous and goes after what she wants. Caleb is cold, closed off, dominant and doesn’t let anyone get too close until he meets Cherry. While these two have a lot of obstacles along the way, things do eventually work out to an HEA. I received an advance copy from the author and this is my honest and voluntary review.

  3. misty g warner

    I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book. I love Alice Ward books and have read several. I went into this book totally blind and was blown away. It was not at all what I was suspected. I don’t want to spoil it for others so all I’m going to say is this is one of my favorite books by this author. Definitely recommend it.

  4. misty g warner

    I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book. This is absolutely my favorite Alice Ward book. It had me from the beginning until the last page.
    Journey has cared for her downs sister Jaz all of her life. With her sister going to camp for 3 weeks she’s ready to let her hair down and finally be a single woman.
    Grant has never let a woman get close. He is very closed off to emotions. But with one little fire it has him considering letting a woman in.
    Every character in this book has it’s own heartbreaking story and will leave you in tears when you learn them. It will also have you laughing at all of Jaz’s jokes and funny comebacks. The epilogue was probably favorite. Thanks for giving everyone their HEA ending.

  5. Belinda Hayes

    Cherry is a underground fighter, doing what she can to take care of her mom and siblings. She has hope that one day, she’ll get a break and make it big time. Caleb is with a buddy, at a underground fight when he spots Cherry. He can’t believe what he is seeing with his own eyes. Someone like Cherry, fighting men bigger than herself and he knows in that moment he has to sponsor Cherry even though he wants to do so much more. Will this be the break Cherry needs? This was a good read. I would recommend it

    I voluntarily reviewed a ARC

  6. Michele

    Alice Ward has done it again. The Fight has all of angst, social issues and happily-ever-after was hat all of her books deliver. Cherry and Caleb are both proud and stubborn individuals but are able to finally realize that they won’t ever be truly happy unless they are with the person who completes them.

    I voluntarily read an ARC of this book and highly recommend it.

  7. MyOhMy

    This was a different book for me. In this one Cherry is an underground fighter and wants to make it to the big time. Caleb is the money behind her until he realizes he wants her instead of a winning investment. While generally “fight” books aren’t something I live, this story is more about the people than the fighting. I liked the characters but thought both went overboard in their efforts to help and I thought Caleb was a bit too undecided for too long. As always I love an Alice Ward book for the character growth and the love story where two people who shouldn’t have even met find their way to HEA. A bit slow getting started but well worth the read. (I voluntarily reviewed an ARC).

  8. Jo-Ann Forrest

    Cherry is a successful underground MMA fighter, she fights for everything in her life. Caleb is well off and when he sees her in the ring, he offers to sponsor her to become a pro fighter. Their attraction is intense and instantaneous. She is tough and did not count on falling in love. Alice Ward will pull you into this captivating story and will make it a page turner. I voluntarily reviewed an arc.

  9. Nickiann Holt

    Another great read from Alice Ward filled with a surprisingly charismatic leading man and a frightfully strong female character. Not only is Cherry Bomb an upcoming MMA fighter but she has inner strength to overcome her personal issues. Caleb on the other hand is the money man who is looking for the next big idea, but when he comes across Cherry fighting he finally finds the one thing money cannot buy. But can the two who come from different sides of the tracks come together and make great things happen? With a fast paced storyline, Alice Ward has created another wonderful read.

  10. Carol

    This is a sweet romance that brings a lot of steam and packs an emotional punch. The story is well written with likeable but intense main characters and a good supporting cast that helps bring the laughter. I enjoyed Cherry and Caleb’s journey of self-discovery as they fought their attraction, their stubbornness and their confusion over their blossoming feelings. I loved Cherry’s confidence and determination to succeed and to provide for her family. Caleb was at times a bit flaky for me though as he retreated to his cold persona rather than deal with emotional things head-on. I liked that the story also shed light on the struggles of women MMA fighters to be taken seriously in a heavily male-dominated sport. I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book from the author and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  11. Kathi S.

    Brilliant, Gritty and Sensual Journey of a Female Fighter!!

    Cherry is a scrapper struggling to care for her mom and 4 siblings after her father died. Underground fights were a way to make extra money in additional to her “day job”.

    Caleb comes from money. Not caring much for his family or their methods he has made his millions on his own – or rather with his partner and COO Hunter. When Hunter surprises Caleb with a trip to watch an illegal cage match, he calls the first matches easily as he fought in college – but misses the mark when the match includes; “this little girl up against a literal giant” .

    Caleb sees the raw talent Cherry exhibits, and is also drawn to her beauty. He wonders what professional backing could do for her and offers her his sponsorship. Most people fall at his feet, but Cherry is suspicious and snarky which attracts Caleb all the more.

    “This whole process will go much more smoothly if you stop questioning the expediency in which I do things.” I blinked. He was straightforward, I’d give him that. “I’ll try. But certainly you understand, it’s not every day a fighter is signed to a sponsor, coach, and is evaluated in less than twenty-four hours.”

    The characters are fully developed here, drawing the reader into the struggles of each, with a feeling that you are alongside the character as they live this story. “Cherry really was a sleek, sexy dynamo, punishing the sack with the furor of a storm. I wondered idly what her childhood was like to have created such a woman, one with walls so high that they were practically impenetrable, and a penchant for throwing mean right hooks.”

    One of my most enjoyable reads of the year – entertaining, sensual, realistic and inspired!!

  12. Keri Loves Books (Keri Roth)

    She’s been fighting for everything in her life. It’s time she has someone to fight by her side.

    Cherry is an underground MMA fighter. She fights to support her mother and siblings. She’s beautiful, determined and tough. Cherry has no problem getting in the ring with the big boys in this male dominated sport.

    Caleb own his own company. He comes from money, but he’s successful in his own right. He likes to find side projects to invest in. And once he sees Cherry in the ring, she becomes his next project.

    He offers her the opportunity to turn pro with him as her sponsor. It’s everything she’s always dreamed of, she just never thought falling in love would be part of that dream.

    There was so much more to this story. Cherry had a great family and they were wonderful supporting characters. Along with Caleb’s best friend. They all helped to explain where Cherry and Caleb came from.

    Cherry and Caleb shared an instant attraction with sparks flying. She tried to resist and he tried to walk away, but in the end, you can’t deny love.

  13. JenB

    I love this author’s books, some end with a “Hot Damn” and some end with a “Huh?”, this one falls in between for me. Don’t get me wrong this is a great story that has everything you need in it, it just seemed to end quickly which was a contrast to the beginning of the story in getting to know both Cherry and Caleb and how they learned out about one another as well as themselves. Cherry is an amazing woman who is trying to provide for her family. Her Dad passed away, roughly four years ago and she has four siblings. She has dropped out of college to fight MMA (yep, she is a fighter!!) in the underground circuit to make extra monies. This is where Caleb sees her and decides she is worth the investment to sponsor and attempt to get her pro. Caleb owns a R and D firm with his long term buddy, Hunter. And this is where the story really begins. As always each of these characters come with a detailed backstory that gives you the insight and depth of each of these characters. For example, why does Caleb never speed when driving himself……he was in an accident when he was younger that damn near killed his twin sister. The story is like an onion…….everything is layered, until you reach the last page and hit the golden center. I loved the journey that Cherry and Caleb embark to find their HEA, it was exciting, it was interesting and of course it was sexy and hot.
    PS…..can Hunter get his own story???
    I voluntarily read and reviewed this book as an ARC. But as always, it was good enough to purchase.

  14. Tiffany

    I’m not really into books that has a main character as a professional fighter, but I gave this one a fair chance and turns out this one was really good. This is a little different than what Alice typically writes, but a great read!

  15. Rita

    Cherry has dreams of being a professional MMA fighter. She’s fighting underground when she meets Caleb. He makes all her dreams come true,even the ones she had not dreamed of. Nice love story.

  16. Christine Reese

    I received this book as an ARC for my hones review. This is an amazing read with strong characters. The story line is fantastic, heartwarming, caring and love, hard to control the sparks between the characters. A tough woman in a mans sport, she thrives. A wonderful written book that you won’t want to put down.

  17. Tammy Evans

    Cherry is an underground MMA fighter, this allows her to support her mother and siblings. Caleb comes from money and owns his own company. When he sees Cherry in the ring he decides to become her sponsor and help her turn pro. This was a fantastic read. Caleb and Cherry had an undeniable pull toward one another and their chemistry was off the charts. The story was beautifully written and had great characters. The book also had an entertaining storyline and plot. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.
    I voluntarily received an advanced arc copy for an honest review.

  18. Ruth Crittell

    This book is a lot less dramatic than many of Alice Wards books. It does contain a message if you look for it. It does not matter who you are or where you come from, you can get what you want with a little work. It has some sad parts as well as parts that are funny. It also shows that money is not always a good thing, or at least it may come at a price. It is a feel good book. Is great for light entertainment.

  19. Cheryl Petit

    I really love Alice Ward’s writing. She always writes stories that are fast-paced, have a captivating storyline, and wonderful characters. The Fight is heartwarming, exciting, intriguing, and thought-provoking.

  20. zan Tonge

    Not my favourite genre, but written so well, even I could really get into the story and empathize with the characters. Strong emotions and drive, to rise from nothing, even if on the wrong side of the law, for the betterment of her family guide Cherry to aim high.
    There is always someone waiting to exploit talent, for Cherry to avoid the pitfalls yet achieve her dream is a well deserved miracle assisted by a twist of fate as a sponsor comes along to help her channel her hard work into success. Caleb wrestles with his own demons, baggage from his past affects every aspect of his present and looks to ravage his future too. I was rooting for his conflicts to become resolved so he also could achieve his HEA. A compelling tale where multiple subplots segue beautifully to provide a highly entertaining, romantic and admittedly steamy read.

  21. Patricia Anthony

    I really loved this book! It has amazing characters, an incredible storyline, and a fabulous happy ending.

    The story is a different angle on the world of professional fighting. A woman competing in a male dominated world captures the attention of a businessman looking for his next investment. This is not only a romance between these two strong and independent characters. It is about a woman breaking barriers in society and the understanding and compassion towards people struggling to make their dreams come true. It is an inspiring story that makes you feel good and want to pay it forward.

    Cherry is an incredible young woman who is devoted to her family – her mom and four younger siblings. (You’ll really enjoy their family dynamic and their interactions.) Cherry’s pure heart, determination and pride to help support her family lead her into the world of underground fighting with hopes to turn pro. Caleb has a cold and calculating facade but, as you get deeper in to the story you can tell why he has built walls to protect his heart. His family life is nothing like Cherry’s. Caleb’s company was started with the determination and drive to be independent of his father. Caleb’s relationship begins as a business proposition and becomes more involved as they gain mutal respect, understanding and love.

    I totally enjoyed and highly recommend this book.

  22. Andrea L

    Hot hot hot!!!! Cherry Bomb is an amazing strong willed MMA female fighter who has to work double time to be accepted in the field but manages to conquer it and ends up being a bad ass fighter! Caleb i just loved him and him with Cherry was like the perfect match. They seem to balance each other to make the story amazing!!! Defiantly a must read!!!!

  23. Marcellina T Reno

    Alice Ward created another wonderful story with a twist. I never would have expected the roles to be reversed and it be about a female MMA fighter. She does a wonderful job of portraying Cherry as an independent woman fighter that becomes vulnerable to an extent when she meets Caleb. She also did a great job of portraying Caleb as a strong alpha that has to learn how to deal with his instincts to protect Cherry while in the ring. Both have hard thing in their past that they need to overcome in order to allow themselves to fall in love and let the other in. Their happy ending was funny but sweet.

  24. Kristen Lewendon

    I so completely and totally adored the fact that book tips several of the expected gender stereotypes on their collective heads. I’m a little more conflicted by my feeling about Caleb and Cherry. I loved seeing how dedicated they both were at taking care of others. I didn’t love that they both also did it often at the expense of their own wellbeing. I loved the way it all turned out in the end, I just would have liked a little bit more explanation about why and how we got to that point. I wanted to know more about why Caleb got cold and withdrew into himself. I think the resolution happened a bit too quickly for my taste and I would have liked to see the changes take place that made that outcome possible. And I really hope we get to read Hunter’s story at some point in the future.
    I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book.

  25. Maria L.

    I read an ARC and I leave my voluntary and honest review.

    Ms. Ward flexes her creative muscle writing about a female MMA fighter who has no fear fighting men in the ring. The fighter is Cherry Bomb who fights to support her mom and siblings and what a great family they are! Cherry is strong, beautiful woman who is fearless in the ring.

    Then we have Caleb. Born rich but isn’t an idle playboy. He built his own R&D company. He sees Cherry fight a man twice his size and decides she’s his next project. He gets her to agree to let him sponsor her so she can win the ultimate prize. Caleb is a closet philanthropist. There’s a lot more to him than meets the eye.

    Chemistry burns and sizzles between Caleb and Cherry. Cherry never expected to fall in love with him. Quite an interesting story with their push/pull relationship, super steamy scenes, and a dramatic conclusion.

    Another well written, layered and complex romance from a gifted author!

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