The Gamble

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I need a wife. She needs money. It’s a gamble, but one month will solve both our problems.

Unimpressed with my billionaire playboy ways, my father has given me an ultimatum — settle down and get married before the investors’ meeting of Gaston Pharmaceuticals, or I’m out the door. Yeah… he’s a dick but he holds my future in his hands, so I need to play nice, for a while.

One problem is that the meeting is only a month from now. The second problem is that I’ve never dated a girl I liked well enough to spend an entire night with, let alone a month. So my best friend and I process my dilemma the best way we know how — by getting mind-blowingly drunk.
And just like that, I wake up in Vegas with an epic hangover… and a wife.

A beautiful wife. A fun wife. A caring and creative wife.

Now, all I have to do is convince her to stay married to me. I make her a promise. In four short weeks, we’ll quietly annul this farce and go our separate ways. I’ll get my life back. She’ll get hers plus some cash.

There’s just one little complication. I think I’m falling for her. As luck would have it, she hates my guts.

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“God, you’re so wet for me.”

I stared into his blue eyes, losing myself completely. When his fingers sank into me, I sighed and pressed myself harder against him.

“I want you,” I whispered and his nostrils flared.

“God, I want you too.”

Nothing existed beyond this room, beyond us as he kissed and stroked me to release.

“You’re so fucking beautiful.” Talen dipped his head and took one of my nipples deep into his mouth. Then he moved lower, and lower still. He kissed my hipbones and thighs before hooking my legs over his shoulders and diving into my heat.

I cried out and clutched at the blankets, arching into his mouth as his tongue swirled over my clit. I looked down my body and met his eyes as he licked and probed, stimulating nerve endings I didn’t know I had.

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17 reviews for The Gamble

  1. Armenia Fox

    What happens in Vegas….

    The Gamble is another enjoyable read. The accidental Vegas marriage plot has been done before where two people meet in Vegas and the next morning, wake up in the same bed, confused wearing matching wedding bands. Yup, they’re married by Elvis.

    But not all is lost, Talen is thinking it’s a solution to his problem—the ultimatum his father gave him to find a suitable wife and be married in time for the next company board meeting where Talen appears as the responsible, mature and stable heir to Gaston Pharmaceuticals. He makes Dani an offer she can’t resist, staying together long enough until the meeting is over.

    For Dani’s incredibly tough existence as a struggling artist, it could mean the needed funds help her ill mother and for her art. Add to this a boyfriend who has never supported her art, and then tells her he has found someone, just devastates Dani. While Talen and Dani are together, feelings start to develop, but there is a constant push and pull type of conflict, a type of angst that I found irritating. Eventually, what starts out as a marriage of convenience becomes more for Dani and Talen. The writing is stellar and the characterization well developed, but for me, I was wishing for more of a connection to these two characters but didn’t.

    I received a copy and voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

  2. misty g warner

    I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book. I have read several of Alice Ward books. They all are wonderful. In this book Talen is bad boy billionaire with the partying life style catches up with him. After a night of partying he wakes up married to a girl he just met at a strip club. Talen brides Dani with money to stay married to him for a month. But is Dani just the money hungry girl like all the rest or is there more to her than he thinks.
    Great story. Definitely recommend this book.

  3. Moriah

    Absolutely loved this story. Loved both Dani and Talen. They both have troubles, Dani with her sick mom and Talen with his jerk of a dad, when they go out for a night in Vegas with friends and wake up the next day without much of a memory and wedding rings on their fingers. Talen uses this to make his dad happy and Dani can use the money he offers to help her mom. What turns into a business agreement might just turn into a lot more than they bargained for.

  4. Kathi S.

    Love this “Arranged Marriage” Story

    A delightful story – Both our main characters are being pressured by their families to marry. Rather than have their parents decide for them, when they meet they decide they would rather marry a recent acquaintance to whom they are attracted than be forced to marry someone they don’t know (sort of, there is more to it – but you must read to find out)

    No spoilers, but they do end up married. Though they find out that there was more behind the arrangement than their parents let on, so just getting married isn’t enough, they were supposed to marry a certain person to bring benefit to the parents.

    Original take on what may seem to be a trope. A fun, sexy, entertaining glimpse into the world of these two which will totally entertain.

  5. MyOhMy

    Another great read. The characters didn’t do stupid things and there were no misunderstandings that would have been cleared up by a simple conversation. I like how the characters start at very different points and find some common ground. No insta love here. They fall in love and you take the ride with them. She’s down so she tags along with a friend to a strip joint to drown out her sorrows. He’s just been told by his father that if he doesn’t get married in a month, his father will find a wife for him. He’s drowning out his sorrows and ends up at a strip joint. The next morning they wake up married. They don’t remember a thing about the evening. They decide they’ll stay married to solve his problem and he’ll give her the money to take care of her mother. This is their story. (I voluntarily reviewed an ARC).

  6. Nickiann Holt

    Talen and Dani wake up after a night of drinking in Vegas to wedding bands on their fingers and vows neither one can remember. But the marriage is necessary, Talen needs a wife to take over the company and Dani needs money to help her ailing mother. But will the relationship be just a marriage of convenience or will the two find true love? This was another awesome story from Alice Ward. The depth of characters and a storyline that makes the pages fly by makes this a book I would highly recommend.

  7. Keri Loves Books (Keri Roth)

    Vegas the city of sin and regrets and sometimes you find your HEA!
    This story was sweet but kept it real with everyday baggage that weighs us down and gets in the way of truly living.
    Talen is cold. He’s a party boy and the king of one and done. He works at his father’s business, under his thumb. And talk about a first class jerk! Talen is constantly berated and insulted. But all he has ever really wanted is his father’s approval.
    Dani is a starving artist! She works multiple jobs to support her ill mother. She’s beautiful and talented but stuck in a rut.
    Both have a rough go and head to Vegas to blow off some steam! A chance meeting at a strip club, shots of tequila and an Elvis costume…what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there..
    Their is a definite push and pull between Dani and Talen. They have both been hurt, so neither wants to let the other in. At times I wanted to shake them both! But when they get together, it is incredibly HOT! Each teaches the other how to live and to love❤️. Sometimes taking a Gamble on the right person, helps us find who we were always meant to be.

  8. Tammy Evans

    Talon has a problem , his dad has given him a month to straighten up find a wife and settle down or be cut out of the family business. Talon and Dani wake up married after a wild night in Las Vegas. To Talon’s best friend this is a perfect solution to his problem. This was a great read with angst and drama. The chemistry between the H and h was good. The story had good pacing and it was well written. Another great read from Ms. Ward. I received an advance arc copy for an honest review.

  9. Tiffany

    I always enjoy reading books by Alice Ward. I love her writing style. I’m not really into the whole wake up married thing, though I do like the fake marriage scenario. Dani’s mother has dementia and though I realize dementia affects each person differently and along with their families, I felt since this was a somewhat bigger part of this book, I wish there had been even more detail and feelings involved in this area. Since I have had a grandmother who passed away from this awful disease I felt an even more emotional attachment to this in particular and hoped it would have had more impact in order to get the right emotion. That is all in my own opinion though. And someone else could have a completely different reaction to it all. Having said all that I do enjoy the characters that Alice creates and the emotions the main characters have with each other.

  10. Rita

    This is such a wonderful story. It pulls at the heart in so many ways. I cried a few times ready this book. The story hit close to home for me. It was beautifully done. I also enjoyed seeing how much Talon was able to change his life.

  11. Cheryl Petit

    Alice Ward has a unique talent of giving her readers exactly what they want… drama, well-developed characters, hot chemistry, many emotions, a plot that is intriguing and interesting, and so much more.

  12. zan Tonge

    I really do love Alice Ward’s writing style. I enjoyed the fantasy aspect of Talen and Dani getting blackout drunk, functioning enough to get married and still manage to pick a good lifemate partner. The fallout chemistry is explosive and the way they have to mesh their lives to appease an exceptionally overbearing and manipulative figurehead is challenging. The minor characters attributes are over accentuated and would bear their own stories to round them out. The courtship and personal growth between the two is a lot of fun to read about.

  13. Kari

    Talen has been given a month to clean up his womanizing and partying in the next month or he will no longer be the heir to the family company Gaston Pharmaceuticals. So he does what he does best and decides to party in Vegas and wakes up married!

    Dani is the complete opposite of Talen as she is an artist who struggles financially to care for her and her mother. Having too much to drink and waking up married is not part of her plans for the future.

    Talen convinces Dani to stay married for the next month so that he can inherit and she will receive enough financial compensation to ensure that her mother is looked after. Sometimes the best laid plans do not go as agreed especially when feelings become involved and it is no longer strictly business. Dani sees the real Talen who has been hurt by those who should protect him and Talen is very attracted to the caring person that she is especially with the needs of her mother but what happens when the 30 days end?

    This author does a great job of creating storylines that are realistic and allow you to empathize with the characters.

  14. Patricia Anthony

    Love it! Alice Ward hits another one out of the park! I was hooked within the first few pages. Talen and Dani are perfect together. They have spark, passion and they find something in each other they didn’t know was missing in their lives. Their story of two strangers learning to become friends and lovers to a happily ever after is exciting, emotional and hopeful. A new favorite book!

  15. Andrea L

    What happens in Vegas defiantly isn’t staying in Vegas in this book!! Dani can’t stand Talen then to find out she’s married to him she sees red! I love this kind of hate turning into love relationship. Angry sex makes for juicy story!!! This was well written with fun banter I loved the entire story!!!

  16. Kristen Lewendon

    I’m really torn by this one. I loved the book, but I didn’t always love the characters. Parts of their lives are tragic and heartbreaking, instantly evoking my sympathy for them. But I alternated thinking Talen was a manipulative jerk and Dani was a heartless witch. A lot of times I couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted to hug them or throttle them. The chemistry is explosive and they are passionate together. Unfortunately that passion isn’t always expressed in a ‘good’ way. I loved watching the growth they go through in this story, especially Talen’s, because they both have a long way to go in order to get to a place where they can have a healthy relationship. Their fears, their past histories, all of these things conspire to sabotage what has the potential to be something incredible. Talen and Dani’s emotional growth is very welcome in the midst of the push-me/pull-you drama. I’d also really like to learn more about the best friends; they deserve their happily-ever-afters as well.
    I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book.

  17. Jasmine Moran

    After his father’s commands, Talen needs a night out and his friend Brandon is just the guy to help him out. They end up at a strip club where Talen realizes he only has eyes for Dani and will do anything to meet her. After a few drinks, they wake up the next morning and can’t remember a thing, except Brandon is in an Elvis costume and Dani and Talen now have wedding rings on their fingers. Talen’s father told him he had to be married within the month for the investor’s meeting, problem solved? Could he convince Dani to stay with him?

    Dani has been struggling with her mother’s illness and when Madison shows up to take her out, they end up at the strip club where she works. Dani just got out of a relationship so she wasn’t looking for anything at all, but when she sees Talen, all bets are off. But can she really be herself around him? Will he accept her for who she is? Will she agree to stay married for the business? Will she ever get her HEA?

    Talen brings out Dani’s art like no other person ever has, but Dani brings out the best in Talen as a person. Can love be enough to break through all of the pressures each face or break down the walls they have built?

    This book has family and financial issues, romance, lust and love, with a HEA. It is emotional to go through the story with each of the characters, but it is worth the read/gamble to drive right in. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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