The Heat

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She hates me on sight. I want her on sight. We don’t just argue, we explode.

As the newly minted CEO of Watts Enterprises, the billion-dollar company with the world’s worst “green” reputation, it’s my job to produce the products consumers clamor for. But Atlee Young, an environmental attorney with more passion and will than I’ve ever seen, thinks differently.

We meet in the sultry jungles of Malaysia, and when I set out to show her how wrong she is about me, things get wild, fast.

Then they get dangerous.

Now, we’re not just fighting each other. We’re fighting for our lives.

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He reached into the back of the truck and pulled out a blanket. His voice was ragged and gruff with need. “Come with me.”

I didn’t remember him opening the door. I didn’t remember stepping to the ground or Wyatt taking me by the wrist. I remembered him kissing me again before placing his hand on the small of my back, leading me deeper into the jungle. The truck was still in view when he looked around, and apparently satisfied that we were alone — and there weren’t any creepy crawlies in the vicinity — laid the blanket on the earth.

“Tell me you want this, Atlee,” he said against my lips.

There were so many reasons to say that I didn’t, to run back to my dingy little hotel, and then back to America where I’d move on with my life. And there was one reason to stay.


The man I loathed.

The man I wanted to crush with my viral words.

The man I’d only met twenty-four hours ago.

The man… I wanted with everything in my soul.

At least just this once.

“I want this,” I told him, lifting my hands to his shoulders. “I want you.”

He took my face in his hands, his incredible eyes searching my expression. “What are you doing to me, Atlee?”

I had no answer for that. Had no time to search for one because his mouth was on mine again…

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19 reviews for The Heat

  1. Theresa Campbell

    I loved this! Not just a romance, this has some suspense as well! I like when a heroine gives as good as she gets and this one is feisty. I actually chuckled at the banter between these two and just could not stop reading until I finished. I received an advance copy from the author and this is my honest and voluntary review.

  2. Michele

    Whoever said opposites attract hit the nail in store he head with Atlee and Wyatt. The thought of an environmental lawyer and the CEO of a company currently destroying rainforests getting together would make most people laugh out loud. But through tragedy and the most desperate situations they are able to see the real person underneath and make it work. They changed for each other and discovered what true love is all about. Highly recommend this book, Alice has done it again!

  3. MyOhMy

    Another great Alice Ward book. I wasn’t sure on this one when I started it because Atlee, while sincere, seemed to jump before she looked and several times it made me want to slap her. However in Alice Wards capable hands, Atlee and Wyatt are a force for good. He is practical while she is impulsive but when they encounter real danger they work well together. Good character development and an excellent story that deals with flawed characters in a horror pulled right from the headlines. Keep reading through the first chapter (Atlee grows on you). (I voluntarily reviewed an ARC).

  4. Jo-Ann Forrest

    This is one hot book! Atlee & Wyatt’s story is fun, steamy and so entertaining. Atlee is a lawyer, a realist who thinks she will be saving the world on her own right now! Wyatt inherits his father’s company and needs to bring it up to speed environmentally. Their first meeting is explosive and they both need to meet half way. She has to tone down her issues and he has to put his up front. This book is a fine balance of give or take, but the end game is so worth it! I loved their banter and heated exchanges, it was a fun book to read.

  5. Nickiann Holt

    Disgruntled with her lack of advance in her job, Atlee quits and decides to work more on her save the planet type blog. Wyatt is trying to change the way his company is abusing the natural resources. Both come together in a wild, adventurous, scary and sometimes passion filled trip. But will they ever see eye to eye about what really matters? Or will this trip cause more harm than good? With great characters and a storyline that had more twists and turns than a rollercoaster, Alice Ward once again writes a wonderful story.

  6. Kathi S.

    Many Types of Heat in this Thriller!!

    Atlee is an environmental lawyer, and has a blog on YouTube espousing her save-the-planet and vegan beliefs. Wyatt just took over the family company from his father. After a month as CEO he knows the company needs to update or die, including the perceptions of the company in their palm oil extractions in Malaysia.

    Atlee has worked her tail off at her current company and is ready for the next step in her career, when told she is too emotional and needed in research, she quits. Her efforts to grow her blog send her to Malaysia to confront Wyatt at a conference. Wyatt has already made plans to make many changes Atlee demands, but he cannot resist yanking her chain and embarrassing her with advances.

    When he finally lets her know his plans things heat up between them resulting in a kiss:
    She let out a soft moan that nearly unraveled me, pushing me forever past the point of no return.
    And she gave as good as she got. Little Miss Atlee Young, defender of the planet, was a heck of a kisser.

    A trip to the plantations to check out conditions (after getting a superficial planned tour) results in their being stranded and worse. The inconvenience of heat, thirst, rain and leeches quickly escalates into life-threatening danger.

    Full of danger, intrigue, humor and sexy romance all while saving the planet, then having to save themselves.

  7. Belinda Hayes

    Atlee is passionate about the environment and doing everything possible to make a positive impact on it. When she looses her job, she decides she has to take action and bring awareness about the effects Watts Enterprises is having on the animals and environment over in Malaysia. When she faces the CEO of WE, she doesn’t plan for things to go the way they do. What was suppose to be a simple day trip turns into quit a dangerous journey for both of them.

    This was a suspenseful and fun read. The story was entertaining and I really enjoyed the interaction between Atlee and Wyatt. I voluntarily reviewed a ARC

  8. Keri Loves Books (Keri Roth)

    This story took me on a ride I never saw coming.

    She was a tree hugger, he was the guy ruining the Earth. Well that’s how Atlee Young saw things.

    Atlee is an environmental lawyer. She’s passionate and trying to educate the public and save the Earth with her vlogs.

    Given the opportunity, she heads to Malaysia to confront the CEO of WE at an environmental summit to discuss better business practices. WE is a company who makes goods without considering the consequences or environmental impact.

    Atlee finds Wyatt Watts and attempts an interview. Atlee is passionate in her convictions and has a hard time holding back. But these two are like the big bang!! Instant attraction and chemistry that can’t be contained.

    When Wyatt offers to take Atlee on a tour of the palm plantation and discuss his plans for improvement, it all goes to hell.

    This story pulled at my heart strings. These two were forced to protect one another and do whatever needed to be done. Atlee showed resilience and a will to survive. Wyatt showed us that love is about sacrifice. This was a great story. The story took a turn I didn’t see coming and I couldn’t read fast enough.

  9. Tiffany

    Another great read from Alice! The book was well written and I really enjoyed the characters Atlee is a little head strong, but she grows on you. Wyatt is amazing and the chemistry between the two was definitely there.

  10. Tammy Evans

    Atlee is an environmental lawyer, she also has a blog on YouTube. Wyatt is the new CEO of an international corporation that he inherited after his father’s heart attack. Wyatt goes to Malaysia to inspect one of his manufacturing plantation and is confronted by Atlee outside his hotel and the sparks fly. Unbeknownst to her Wyatt has already begun to make changes to his company, but he just can’t help getting Atlee all fired up. This was a well written fast paced read with an engaging storyline. Atlee and Wyatt were a great couple and their chemistry was off the charts hot. The story is full of danger, suspense, intrigue, humor, passion, romance and love. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.
    I voluntarily received an advanced arc copy for an honest review.

  11. Rita

    wow. I was glued to the pages! So much adventure I was constantly wondering what was gonna happen next! The heat and drama between Wyatt and Atlee is smoldering. The story took you to places you never would expect. Good story

  12. Ruth Crittell

    This book is typical Alice Ward. It is definitely full of heat but it also brings a strong message with it. Not only a message but also takes you through the gamut of emotions. Atlee will make you laugh because she is kind of quirky, she will make you cry because she will make you aware of the evils in this world and she will show you some of the good in our world. Wyatt is a man who is constantly being misjudged. He is able to see the wrong in the company that he has inherited but change is sometimes difficult. This book will definitely make you think.

  13. Christine Reese

    I had received this book as an ARC for my honest review. OMG another amazing book by Alice Ward. Amazing story line and characters with hot chemistry. This is a wild adventure that is full of suspense that will have you on edge around every turn. This book had me from the beginning until the very end and wanting more. A must read and you will not be disappointed. Thanks Alice for another amazing book.

  14. Cheryl Petit

    An amazing story that is well-written and action-packed with a great storyline and wonderful characters. There’s instant attraction, danger, mystery, humor, witty banter, heartache, sizzling chemistry, love and a happily ever after that will keep you glued to the pages.

  15. Carol

    This is a terrific, well written story full of adventure, action, suspense and peril along with some great banter and steam. As an environmental attorney, Atlee is over the top in her passion and enthusiasm to save the planet. As an online blogger, she exposes big corporations who are ravaging rain forests and destroying wildlife habitats. Wyatt is a new CEO with a social conscience who wants to improve the bad reputation of his family’s business. Sparks fly when these two meet. It’s mostly anger and disgust fueling the fire from Atlee’s perspective however – along with a strong undercurrent of desire. The stronger her desire for Wyatt, the stronger her anger and hatred is towards him and his company. Too bad she’s also impulsive. Her rash decisions and emotional reactions to Wyatt’s attempt to appease her land them both in a dangerous situation that may cost them their freedom – and quite possibly their lives. I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book from the author, and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  16. zan Tonge

    What an awesome read – you will be thoroughly involved and gripped until the end.

    We think we are getting a love story, Alice Ward gives us a mystery. Never what you expect, but always well worth reading. Of course we do get our love interests and they get their HEA too.

    Atlee Young, an environmental Lawyer, quits her dead end job and forays into the world solo to confront CEO Wyatt Watts. Mix one over planner with one impulsive personality and watch the explosive situations and dialogues ensue. This story has a serious kick to it! Nothing is impossible.

  17. Patricia Anthony

    Engaging, suspenseful and addictive – this story grabs you at the beginning and it’s grip gets tighter and tighter as it progresses. At first I wasn’t too keen about either Atlee or Wyatt. Their personalities are harsh, abrasive and cruel at times as their opposing positions on the environment allow them to justify an instant dislike for each other. However, this made Wyatt and Atlee’s unsolicited attraction to each other more intense and uncontrollable. It isn’t until their expedition into the jungles of Malaysia do they find respect, admiration and an unrelenting desire.

    Alice Ward manages to craft an amazing story that I almost didn’t see where a happily ever after was even possible. The storyline goes surprisingly well beyond the environment, rain forests and endangered species to places I didn’t even know existed. So, for me, the anticipation and need for the HEA was extreme and I found myself holding my breath and trying to read faster and faster to get there. This is a romantic suspense well worth the read.

  18. Andrea L

    I definitely love to read a good billionaire book and this one certainly does not disappoint. I really enjoy the love and hate this sweet and sassy this sexy and steamy and the rawness of this book. I would definitely recommend this book .

  19. Kristen Lewendon

    Well, one thing’s for sure, I know that when I read and Alice Ward book I’m going to be sucked into the story and taken on an emotional roller coaster ride. Wyatt’s a newly minted CEO taking over the family company from his father and trying desperately to change the way they’ve been doing business. Atlee’s an environmental lawyer and a bit of a crusader. She sees Wyatt and his company as an example of everything that’s wrong and exploitive about big business. When the two come face to face, it sets off a chain of events I didn’t see coming. In spite of the sexy CEO thing Wyatt’s got going, I think he’s just adorable. I loved Atlee’s passion but her complete and utter lack of common sense made me mental. It took me just about the whole book for me to warm up to her. By the end, I can see why Wyatt loves her so desperately.
    I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book.

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