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We love the chase, thrive on the hunt, but hate the entanglement. So we created The List.

The List – a top secret database of New York’s hottest women. As one of four entrepreneur billionaires who devised it, I live by its rules.

The formula is simple. If any of us sleeps with a girl, we are obligated to add her name, address, and kinks to The List. When another one of us has an urge for a certain type of woman, we simply pull up the list, make a selection, and find our prey.

It sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Well, for years it has been.

But now something’s different.

Riley Carson is different. The soft brunette has woken a part of me I didn’t know existed, a part of me that could be dangerous.

I don’t do girlfriends, but for the first time in my life, I’ve met a woman I don’t want to put on The List. A woman I want to keep to myself.

I have new desires. New cravings. New problems, like betrayal, or even worse, exposure.

Our wealth and reputations are on the line. A scandal would ruin us all.

Riley Carson may very well be our downfall… mine, most of all.

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Ann-Marie huffed. “Aren’t you wondering why I’m here?”

Before I could answer, she held up a folded piece of paper. It was thick, off-white material with a ripped, red wax seal at the end. It looked like a wedding invitation and an acceptance letter to Hogwarts had a baby.

“What’s that?”

Ann-Marie grinned in an almost wicked way. “Ever heard of Enigma?”

Heard of it? I think I’d had wet dreams about it. “Yeah.”

“This, my dear, is an invitation to it.”

“No,” I breathed, unable to believe it.

She nodded. “It’s for two, and it’s only good for tonight...”

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9 reviews for The List

  1. Armenia Fox

    I loved it!

    The List is sexy, unique and compelling. Ms. Ward’s writing style grabbed me and didn’t let go until the last page. I loved the plot and the characters and I couldn’t read fast enough to find out how everything would turn out, it was that absorbing.

    Xavier Fields and three other partners are co-owners of the exclusive Enigma nightclub. The friends are all independent, wealthy and successful businessmen in their fields. The agreement to compile a “List” of women with their information for sexual access is secret and those women are shared between the four men.

    It is on the night Riley Carson comes into the club that Xavier is instantly drawn to her. Riley is shy and so awkward she finds it difficult to even make decisions for herself. There’s something about her vulnerability that attracts Xavier, but he needs to be careful about developing deep feelings for her. Once any partner has sex with a woman she’s put on the list, and Xavier wants to keep Riley a little bit longer. With Xavier coaxing her desires, Riley learns to stand up for herself. I love that Riley becomes a strong, assertive heroine towards the end of the story.

    But things go awry as Xavier realizes his emotional turmoil over Riley. Things are getting hot and heavy, and he abruptly becomes distant and elusive. This only achieves to confuse and frustrate Riley. But she soon finds out she is on the list and she is outraged. She’s got an agenda to straighten out Xavier and do something about the list.

    The List is a great read. It’s emotional, has a stubborn alpha male who redeems himself, and I enjoyed the secondary characters that helped move the story along. Very nicely done, Ms. Ward.

    I received and voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

  2. Theresa Campbell

    This is the second book that I have read by Alice Ward. It is really good. There is a bit of angst with this story and I’m pretty tenderhearted, so what can I say, without giving too much away. If you like to read romance with some heat, a little angst, and a HEA, then this book is for you. I received an advance copy from the author and this is my voluntary honest review.

  3. Belinda Hayes

    I really enjoyed this book and the characters. It is a quick read full of drama and suspense. Alice Ward is amazing and I love her books.

    I voluntarily reviewed a ARC in exchange for a honest review.

  4. Nickiann Holt

    Alice Ward has done it again. Xavier and Riley were such amazing characters. Their attraction and chemistry was so real that the story sucked me in from the opening pages and I could not put it down. Love can make wonderful things happen that money can not always achieve. I highly recommend this book.

  5. Tiffany

    I really enjoyed this book. The characters are strong and this type of scenario really keeps my interest. Definitely in my top picks of Alice’s books!

  6. Cheryl Petit

    Remarkably well written billionaire romance story with great characters, secrets, mystery, explosive chemistry, betrayal, scorching sex, twists, and a story line that keeps you reading until you reach the end.

  7. Kristen L

    It took a lot for me to like Xavier. I have personal experience that says arrogant jerks don’t make good romantic heroes. I really loved that we got to see him making the changes necessary, that Riley made him work for his happy ending. I’m a little frustrated that it wasn’t until the very end our hero had his epiphany and goes from prime jackass to Prime Charming. He’s so used to doing what he pleases and getting everything he desires, it’s a lot of fun to watch him get told “no” for a change. I really appreciate that both main characters have their flaws. I loved seeing them work to overcome their hang-ups, especially seeing Riley stand up for herself and assert her opinion. I really enjoyed the chemistry with the secondary characters and adored the epilogue that let’s us know what happens in their lives too.

  8. Patricia Anthony

    What a story! The concept of men having a list of the women they slept with in order to share with their friends is so offensive that I wasn’t certain I was going to make it through to the end. Curiousity about how the story unfolds got to me and I’m so glad it did. I was sucked in within the first few chapters. It is a very emotional story between Xavier and Riley. The alternating POV is especially significant in telling the story. You get in their heads and learn what they think and feel. I felt their hope, their pain, and their love. It is the best kind of romance when that happens.

  9. Andrea L

    This was a sick read!!!! I was thinking to myself as i was reading holy cow if i ever found out that people were making a list and playing with people like this I would kill someone! 😡😡 with that being said it was unbelievably written and such a great story line line! Riley was defiantly Xavier’s game changer in many ways. I loved the way it ended. I would rate it more then 5 if i could!!!

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