The Mask

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A secret club. A mystery woman. A craving I can’t restrain.

As a billionaire e-commerce entrepreneur, I’m expected to take my clients to Jewel, an elite men’s club offering female gems of salacious delight. A place where any fantasy is fulfilled… for a price.

I never allow myself fantasies, so the last thing I expect to find inside Jewel is a woman I immediately crave. The Butterfly. A woman I want desperately. A woman I can’t stop thinking about.

But there’s a problem… the beauty who hides behind a mask and sings like a celestial being isn’t for sale.

Not to be thwarted, I pay her for something else instead — to answer five of my questions. She’s intriguing. A mystery. And her answers compel me to know more.

But I’m not the only one interested. Not the only one who wants to know her… the real her. The woman behind the mask. The one the whole world knows. Below the sensual surface of Jewel, lurks a dark and dangerous predator. A man I must save her from.

As it turns out, the Butterfly isn’t the only one who wears a mask. I do too. Who will save her from me?

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Her fingers curled around the base of my shaft and tugged it closer to her body. Then with gentle beckoning strokes that made it grow harder and more ready for her, she pressed me deeper into her folds, building more friction as she moved her hips over me.

“Please,” I begged, the blood forcing my cock upright, my need blinding. A shiver coursed down my spine and it took everything in me not to throw her onto the bed and take her like I was some kind of animal. My body was glistening with sweat as I fought for a rationale I no longer possessed.

She leaned into me, her near naked body against my chest as she softly pressed her lips to mine. Her taut nipples grazed over my shirt, her mouth giving me just a taste of her frosted cherry lip gloss.

I wanted her to linger there so I could relish her mouth, but she moved downward to my neck, first kissing then biting. Streaks of electric fire shot to my cock.

All that existed was tension and heat.

I bit my lip and willed my cock not to explode in her hand. I had to have her.

She trailed kisses down my chest to my nipples, teasing them with her tongue. At the same time, one hand gently floated across my body, tracing the contours and ripples formed by my labor in the gym. The other hand smoothed fingers over the dew beading on the tip of my cock and glazed it across the head. Holding it firmly, she gently stroked, and I quivered under her — the sensations of her hand playing my cock had me no longer able to resist my urges.

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15 reviews for The Mask

  1. Theresa Campbell

    I loved this! I like my romances to have suspense, drama, and angst and you will have this with this book. Adara finds her courage and strength and Roman finds his humanity by falling in love. I highly recommend reading this book and please read the others by Alice Ward. You will enjoy those as well! I received an advance copy of this book from the author and this is my honest and voluntary review.

  2. Michele

    Loved this book! So happy when Alphas find that they are able to open their hearts and women find men who are able to help them come out of their exile. As with all of Alice Ward’s books you will love it.

  3. misty g warner

    I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book. I have read so many of Alice Ward book and they never disappoint.
    Adara was in a horrific accident and is now hiding out at a brothel.
    Roman brings his clients to the Jewel but he has never participated in any of the back room activities. When he first sees the beautiful Butterfly he can’t help but want more time with her.
    This is a very good book with a HEA ending. Thank you for another amazing read.

  4. Kathi S.

    Incredible, Sensitive and Emotional Romance!!

    We meet Adara, stage named Mona, working at a club to make ends meet after her world completely changed. All the other girls in the club are “for sale” except for her. She is the warm-up act, and due to the event which changed her life she hides beneath a mask. When patron Roman brings a customer to the club, he breaks his rule of not bidding by bidding on a conversation with Mona.

    A connection is created and Roman has to figure out how to pursue a woman who does not want to be pursued. The revelation of each character’s past history and the growing relationship make this an edge-of-your-seat read which will have you laugh, sigh and wonder just how Ms. Ward does it. A Fabulous read – I highly recommend it!!

  5. Nickiann Holt

    This was at times a heart wrenching storyline that had me locked it from the opening pages. The emotional journey that told a true story about not only finding love but also finding inner strength and the willingness to accept the circumstances you are dealt with and to change and grow accordingly. Adara and Roman’s story was one I will not forget. Loved every moment of this book. Alice Ward does not disappoint.

  6. Keri Loves Books (Keri Roth)

    This author never disappoints. This story takes you on a journey of loss and healing and true love. It’s a beautiful reminder that beauty is only skin deep and true love sees beyond the surface. It’s amazing the healing that can occur through unconditional love and acceptance.

    Adara had the world at her fingertips and in 1 moment it was all stripped from her. A loss so deep and so cruel, that she lost herself. She hid from the world behind a mask to hide her scars and worked as musical entertainment in an exclusive brothel, Jewel.

    It’s there that she meets Roman Wellington, the dot com billionaire. He’s not one to purchase women, but brings his business associates to the establishment to sweeten the pot when negotiating contracts.

    Their attraction is instant. And Roman cannot get her out of his head, Even with her mask, he can’t not see her in his constant thoughts. He wants to spend time with her, get to know her. They have a meet up at Jewel but she is guarded and has so many secrets, including her name and true identity.

    Jewel is full of dirty secrets and when Adara realizes how ugly it really is, she flees into the night and reaches out to Roman. Roman is her white knight. She leaves one prision and hopes that she has not entered into another.

    Their love is real, but complicated. The owner of Jewel does not want to let Adara go and causes big problems for Roman and his business. The time for them to be together is just not right. Adara needs to find herself again and Roman needs to protect his business and ensure that his employees are being treated properly. Roman wants Adara to find her way back to her own life, stand on her own and then be with him.

    Love heals. And finding the love of the right man is what finally heals Adara and makes Roman the man he was meant to be. Sometimes you need to fly first before you find your place to land.

  7. Tammy Evans

    This was an emotionally intense heart wrenching and finally heartwarming story. Adara and Roman were complex wounded characters both hiding behind masks to hide and protect themselves. I felt for Adara all that she endured and had to overcome there was sadness and pain in her life. Roman had trust issues believing that all anyone cared about was his money and what they could get from him. The journey these two take is one of pain,despair,survival,triumph and love. This was an amazing read and one I urge you not to pass up. I voluntarily received an advance arc copy for an honest review.

  8. Tiffany

    This book has a bit more of a darker element to it than a typical Alice Ward book. Having said that, this book is well written as is all of her books. This book takes you on a journey from grief and hurt to finding hope and love.

  9. Moriah

    Absolutely loved this story. Alice Ward is a great author and her stories just seem to be getting better and better. Adara is in hiding after an accident that turns her life upside down, but when she meets Roman, she believes that maybe there is hope. Loved both of these characters!

  10. Cheryl Petit

    Alice Ward has written an intense, intriguing, dark, mysterious, and suspenseful story about loss, pain, healing, acceptance, finding ones’ self, justice, passion, and love.

  11. Carol

    This is a well written, emotionally charged story with intriguing characters and some pretty steamy scenes! The story deals with the heroine’s struggle to overcome a painful tragedy that has left her hiding behind emotional and physical scars. The Hero embarks on his own journey of self-discovery as a result of their meeting. Can these two overcome their individual challenges to find a happily-ever-after together? I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  12. zan Tonge

    I am sooo impressed. I loved this incredible book. Adara Wilde, successful Grammy winning rock star hits rock bottom after a stage accident. Becoming destitute, she hides out at Jewel, an extremely exclusive Gentleman’s Club as Mona Arc. Roman Wellington, a cold, multi faceted billionaire, sees Adara/Mona performing and is instantly attracted. There is hot chemistry between these two. This Alice Ward provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of Jewel and an extremely engrossing read as the suspense and intrigue/corruption builds.

  13. Patricia Anthony

    This is definitely a timely story considering today’s headine news about men in power sexually assaulting and raping women. Typically not a story I would read for entertainment but, I do enjoy Alice Ward’s books and knew there had to be justice, healing and a happily ever after. I wasn’t wrong. The story is engaging and delivers an important message that makes you stop and really think about what goes on in the world.

    The main characters, Adara and Roman are
    complex, emotional – even when they don’t show the emotions and strong. Their chemistry is instant but, they’re cautious and build a bit of a friendship before they get sexy. It is really sweet how Roman gently helps Adara take down her walls but, not so good when he pushes her away. It takes their new found strength to be together.

    I particularly recommend this book to readers who appreciate characters that find their way towards happiness after being hurt and broken.

  14. Andrea L

    I enjoy a good chase in a book. This one defiantly has Roman chasing his butterfly. I like to think it’s like a little child that can’t have that piece of candy so that’s all they want. The book has some twists and turns that keeps it exciting so there’s more to the chase. I enjoyed reading this and would defiantly recommend.

  15. Kristen Lewendon

    Light of heaven! This is not an easy story to read. Along with the physical and emotional trauma our heroine is dealing with, there’s a powerful social commentary that colors everything that takes place in the book. Alice Ward is another author I read who has the ability to tell a story that is emotionally complex, with a detailed and vivid plot, and has enough chemistry to level a city. That chemistry singes the pages every time Roman and Adara are together. Even when they’re not, the connection is trying to pull them closer. My heart broke for Adara and all of the circumstances she was working to overcome. I fell in love with Roman when I first saw him interacting with his family: the cold, hard businessman hid his passionate heart. This book is filled with drama, action, and intrigue, along with some lust and a whole lot of love. Be prepared to face several important emotional truths while reading this, but know that the experience is completely worth it.
    I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book.

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