The Matchup

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A dark pleasure competition. An enemy for an opponent. A woman who may be my match.

My absurd tycoon of an uncle is retiring. Finally, my dream of being CEO over his publishing empire, including his coveted BDSM website, is nearing reality. But Uncle Harvey won’t hand over the reins so easily. He’s pitted me against my enemy… my cousin.

Best man wins it all, according to ol’ Harv. Fine. Because the best man is going to be me.

But we can’t do it alone. For fun, Unc matched us with a woman.

He chose Ava for me. She’s sweet, courageous, sexy… and vanilla to her very core. Since I’m a Dominant, that’s a problem. I don’t compromise, but she has me twisting my commands into requests, and thinking of her desires before my own. As the competition advances, we’re both pushed beyond our limits.

Worse, my cousin has plans of his own. Has desires of his own. And he always desires what is mine.

He wants Ava, and when I see him touching her, the contest explodes into violence, with consequences I couldn’t have imagined.

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“I want you.” Her words were so soft I barely heard them.

I looked more closely at her and saw there was a fine sweat on her upper lip. When my gaze landed on her parted lips, her hips rocked upward.


At her simple plead, everything I’d so carefully planned fell by the wayside, as the need to be inside her washed away everything else. I could feel myself shaking, for fuck’s sake, just from the sensation of my balls resting on her abs. Plan B.

“We may need to… fast forward a bit. What do you say?” Moving back until her pussy was just under my pulsing cock, I slowly ground into her mound as I watched her eyes roll upward. I could feel her moist pussy beneath my rock-hard erection through her thin silk panties. She wanted me as badly as I wanted her.

She undulated in response as I brought the tassel up her sternum, feathering it across her collarbone, up her neck, and to her lips. There, I stopped, pressed it to the soft skin of her lips so she could feel its smoothness. She puffed out a breath, sucked one in, drawing my attention back to her breasts.

“Fast forward,” she breathed and pulled on the restraints around her wrists.

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18 reviews for The Matchup

  1. Michele

    Loved this book. Uncle Harvey sure knew what he was doing when he came up with the contest to determine who was going to run his company. When a sweet girl next door can make a dominant make requests rather than give orders? **swoon**. Highly recommend this book to everyone who loves Alice Ward’s stories.

  2. Kathi S.

    Highly Emotional and Entertaining Story!!!

    Uncle Harvey owns a publishing enterprise, fashion magazines and a naughty website and is looking to find his replacement. Lucas is a work-a-holic, runs his own business and thinks he is a shoo-in. Cousin Mason is a ne’re-do-well and stole an early girlfriend from Lucas. These two are pit against each other in an unusual contest. Each must complete a set of tasks with a female partner selected by Uncle Harvey. Each must give up their current life for 30 days while the competition

    Ava is a designer and looking for her first design opportunity. She is in a nightmare rental situation which results in her designs being ruined right before an important interview. About to be evicted, she is entered into the contest to be one of the women in the contest by her well-meaning roommate. The prize money could set her up in her own business.

    The challenges include physical, teamwork and personal interactions. Ava is teamed with Lucas who has a darker side. Many challenges are quite a surprise: “This funky little fashion designer from Arkansas w stealing my heart. She’d pushed me to new and uncomfortable place more easily than the board of directors at my company ever had.”

    Scintillating, humorous and touching growth of these characters is revealed as each one fights for their future, but then takes their partner into higher consideration than their own. Captivating read which I highly recommend!!

  3. Nickiann Holt

    Lucas wants control of his Uncle Harvey’s empire, but Uncle Harvey has a competition up his sleeve that will forever change Lucas’ life. The competition is between Lucas and his cousin Mason and who ever wins will take over the entire company……a competition of sexual exploits, BDSM and all around fun with a woman they have never met before. Ava, needing cash to start up her own fashion company, gets paired with Lucas. But there is a very big problem – Lucas is a Dominant and Ava has no idea about the lifestyle. But can two opposites really make it work? Will Lucas realize that there is more to life than control? Can two people stuck together find their HEA? With fabulous characters and storyline once again Alice Ward does not disappoint.

  4. Keri Loves Books (Keri Roth)

    Ava is an aspiring fashion designer who takes care of her younger sister. With no apartment and no real money to get her career started, her roommate signs her up for a competition on where you get $100K for competing. Not your average contest, because this one is gonna get kinky. And its going to push Ava way out of her comfort zone and test her boundaries.

    Ava meets Lucas. She’s been partnered with him to compete. Lucas has high stakes too. He’s competing against his cousin for control of his Uncle’s business. He’s successful in his own right, but is driven and wants more.

    This competition is sexy and HOT. These two have to form a bond that includes trust. But Lucas has his own issues with being in control and Ava refuses to be degraded and submit completely. These two need to work to find a middle ground. They are against his cousin and his match. But the challenges they have to compete in range from fun to downright naughty.

    Their connection is HOT. They each test their partner’s boundaries. These two may not seem like the perfect match, but they are each other’s perfect complement. They make one another better. It’s a different story and I enjoyed the originality.

  5. JenB

    Wow…. this book is just amazing. This is a classic twist on sibling rivalry, the twist being between two cousin’s as they are both the only child. Lukas and Mason are both wanting the CEO position of their Uncle’s company as he is is considering retirement. I will not disclose the nature of this company (You know already don’t you? Lol) but it does play it’s part in the story. This story has many moving parts to it and the author does a fantastic job of tying this story up in perfect bow at the end of it all. The focus becomes the relationship between Lukas and Ava, we get to experience the challenges, the successes and the growing pains of a new relationship as well as the realization of a wide open view of yourself as a person and how you appear to others. I found this book was an easy page turner for me, it only took me two days to read but it was a hard decision to turn the device off and not finish in a single day. I always rationalized just one more page….one more chapter…you get where I am going with this. Amazing story with great characters and of course those steamy loving moments, all in here. You won’t regret one-clicking this one.

  6. JenB

    This book was an inspiring read, it was all about a woman getting her shot and making her mark in a male dominated sport. Of course there is a cost to getting your shot and challenges to making your mark but this story is a beautiful weave of how it all goes down.
    Emma is a woman who dreams of driving a race car and winning a cup. She has been living and breathing this lifestyle all her life. Her older brother, Brody is the race car driver of the family and Emma is one of his pit crew members. Emma is beautiful, smart and has the talented to be a driver but she is a girl and that is a strong force against her. We get to experience just how fast and dangerous the world of NASCAR is by having the privilege of living life along side Emma for awhile.
    Locke Cage is at a point in his life that he believes he has it all. He has created and built his own fitness dynasty with his sister by his side. The ad campaigns that he has chosen to use for promoting his company is strong women in various sports. His next ad will be ‘Drive Like A Girl’s which of course will draw attention to and make Emma’s race car driver dream come true. Locke deals with these amazing women that are the best in their field all the time and not a single one tempts him to cross the professional line……until Emma.
    This is a fantastic read on how these two multi-layered characters (always love the details that Alice’s characters contain) move to get what they want professionally as well as what they both can’t let pass between them personally. This book contains everything that a reader wants tragedy and heartbreak, personal struggles, a shot at true love and of course hot steamy chemistry between two great people and the world in which they exist.

    I voluntarily read and reviewed this book as an ARC.

  7. Tammy Evans

    Lukas and his cousin Mason are competing for the CEO position of their Uncle Harvey’s adult publishing empire. Uncle Harvey has come up with a unique way to pick his predecessor. A contest has been setup between Lukas and Mason, Uncle Harvey matches each of them up with a woman. Lukas is matched up with Ava. Lukas is a Dom and likes his sex dark and dirty Ava is just the opposite. He is attracted to Ava but is concerned that she doesn’t seem to be the submissive he believes he needs. This was a really good read with drama, secrets, great chemistry and lots of steamy intense sexual scenes. I voluntarily received an advance arc copy for an honest review.

  8. Tiffany

    This is a different spin on a typical Alice Ward book. This book contains BDSM which I am not a fan of. I really enjoy her writing style and her books are always well written. So that is why my rating is still higher even though I do not enjoy BDSM or darker elements in the books I read. But, again, if you’re into it, I think you will love it.

  9. Moriah

    Loved this story! This one had everything. Suspense, drama, some fighting, and love. When Lucus’s uncle decides to make a competition between him and his cousin over who becomes the new CEO of the company, things get a little crazy. Ava is brought in to be Lucus’s partner for challenges that are mostly sexual. Will he be able to convince Ava to become a submissive so that they can win it all?

  10. Rita

    Oh my goodness! An Uncle,two cousins and a business to inherit. Let the games begin! Lots of stuff going on. Strong Sexy Book.

  11. Rita

    Although this story has a dark theme to it, it keeps you reading. Roman is intrigued by Adria and ends up saving her from the web she is caught up in. They each over come their loneliness and learn to trust and love.

  12. Cheryl Petit

    Great writing, a unique storyline, well-developed characters, secrets, desires, consequences, humor, explosive chemistry, lots of surprises, loads of steamy scenes, which all eventually lead to a HEA.

  13. Carol

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book! The storyline was very imaginative – a competition between two feuding cousins to determine the new CEO of their uncle’s publishing empire. Introduce two women and some super sexy challenges to create one fantastic contest! I loved the interactions between Lucas and Ava. She was strong and independent and not subservient to Lucas’ dominant ways. Lucas struggled with giving in to Ava while still remaining in charge. While this was a competition between the two cousins, little detail was given as to how Mason and Isabelle dealt with the challenges. I was curious for that other side of the storyline. Despite that, this was truly a fun read! I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  14. zan Tonge

    Lucas is pitted against his playboy cousin Mason, in a competition for the prize of becoming CEO of a publishing empire. Each cousin is paired with a partner to help them achieve their goals, but there is more at stake than the company…. Is this the only prize? Let the games begin……

    Another incredibly well written book by Alice Ward, with humour, apprehension, heat and just plain entertainment for hours. When I read the blurb, I was eager to dive into this story, and it was every bit as good as I expected.

  15. Kari

    Lucas believed that he would be the heir to his uncle’s publishing empire however now his uncle has launched a contest where he will compete against his cousin and the winner gets the company. In order to win the contest his uncle will match both him and his cousin with a woman and they must complete tasks for the next 30 days.

    Ava is a designer whose housing woes could leave her homeless. When she is chosen to be matched with Lucas for the contest she accepts as the money could change her life.

    These two couldn’t be different as Lucas is dark and enjoys BDSM while Ava is vanilla and doesn’t understand how pain could be pleasurable. Their journey leads them on adventure filled with humor, self-awareness and red hot chemistry.

  16. Patricia Anthony

    Love this story! It has an interesting story line with amazing and interesting characters.

    Lucas and Ava compliment each other and are a perfect “matchup” on paper but, personalities and emotions always seem to create bumps in the road. Their chemistry and their interactions are off the charts intelligent and realistic. Ava is such a strong and independent character that she challenges Lucas and his control at every turn. I love the alternating POV to get into their heads.

    This is a highly recommended read especially if you like a touch of the BDSM lifestyle.

  17. Andrea L

    When i first started reading this i thought uncle Harvey is nuts!! But reading thought the book my end thinking of him was wow he actually knew what he was doing.
    This was a very entertaining book. I loved the contest theme for this book. Winner takes all so to say. I love the final message that Uncle Harvey was going for and succeeded. I enjoyed watching these cousins battle each other and in the process finding the love they were missing. There was so much great banter and hate going on.
    Such a terrific read!

  18. Kristen Lewendon

    This completely blew me away. These characters are so real and complex. Lucas is dark and alpha, yet hurt and vulnerable. Ava’s strong and independent but she’s so empathetic and willing to try new experiences that scare her silly. The two of them challenge each other in so many amazing ways. Uncle Harvey’s a manipulative old coot that gets most of the best one-liners in the book, and cousin Mason was not at all what I was expecting. The story’s dark and hot and emotional with plenty of twists and turns that kept me wrapped in the story. I hope to hear more about Mason and Isabella in the future.
    I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book.

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