The Playboy

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Hot tropical nights. One hot girl next door. What could go wrong?

Blowing in like an ocean breeze, she takes my breath away with just a look. Something inside me stirs, not just my legendary member.

Thing is… she appears to be immune to my charms. Sloane Anderson is mysterious. Different. And she’s hiding something. I’m not sure what, but I sure as hell intend to find out.

The more I discover about her, the more intrigued I become. In only a few days, we are inseparable.

Then our perfect world is shattered when I discover her lies. How deep are they? And is she even who she says she is? Before I can find out, she leaves without even saying goodbye.

But I love her and vow to find her.

The problem is… how can you find someone you don’t even know?

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Her chest was heaving, her breasts pressed to my chest. I let go of her wrists and took her face in my hands, our breath heating the air between us.

I kissed her. At first, she tried to twist her head away, then she was kissing me back, nearly attacking me with her mouth. I squeezed her breast, one hand running down to cup her ass, pulling her against my rock-hard cock.

She moaned. Or maybe I did. I wasn’t sure. I didn’t care.

She fumbled with the buttons of my shirt, gave up, and ripped it apart. Buttons flew as she shoved it from my shoulders then her hands were on me, her nails raking down my chest.

Her skin was smooth, hot and damp from exertion, and she was kissing me so hard, I thought our lips might split. When she reached for my pants, I spun her around until she faced the wall.

She started to struggle again, but I captured her wrist and held it behind her back.

“Tell me you want me,” I growled as I pushed the robe off her shoulders, letting her go just long enough for it to hit the floor. Her panties were wet, and I wrapped the fabric around my hand and tore them away. She snapped her head back, catching me on the jaw. I saw stars, but it didn’t stop me. I pushed my entire body against hers, pressing her to the wall, my lips on the side of her face. “Tell me that you need me.”

She was panting. “Need. Want. You.”

It was enough.

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15 reviews for The Playboy

  1. Theresa Campbell

    I liked this book. It’s more of a romantic suspense than a normal romance. The main male character Zane is rich, good looking, and a playboy but we see his character grow by the end of the book. The main female character Sloane is a kickass heroine and a FBI agent undercover. I’m glad these two get their HEA. I received an advance copy of this book from the author and this is my honest and voluntary review.

  2. MyOhMy

    Another great Alice Ward book. I continue to be impressed with Alice’s ability to write a book that has two people that are unlikely to end up together and come from different backgrounds (both with some damage) and manage to get them together with both compromising. The characters overcome both their personalities and prejudices and find a common ground that makes them both better people. Can’t wait for the next on. (I voluntarily reviewed an ARC).

  3. Kathi S.

    This Playboy has hidden talents – Awesome Read!!

    Zane is heir to a candy company fortune. Having no real interest in the business he “vacationing” but is also losing interest in the vapid, giggling women he attracts. Sloan is an FBI agent on a stake out for a mafia moneyman. Originally not interested in Zane having seen his bevy of beauties; Sloan realizes that being part of a couple is the best cover she could have.

    Spending time together Zane realizes was has been missing in his life. Sloan feels electricity she has never felt before. Can a relationship survive when one party has lied about who she is and what she does? Our “Playboy” has depths that the title does not divulge and we are treated to a refreshing, sensual journey of danger and personal growth.

    Once again Ms. Ward excels in presenting a captivating, sensual and entertaining story!!

  4. Nickiann Holt

    This book had it all….action, adventure, lies, deceit, guns, the mob and most of all true love. Sloan is the undercover FBI agent on a remote island to watch over a mob money man. Zane is the playboy who is staying at the villa next door. Their chance meeting turns into instant chemistry and their passion has them joined at the hip. But is Sloan just using him as her cover to get closer to her suspect? Or are the feelings real and only making it harder for Sloan to do her job? With great characters and a storyline that had the pages turning quickly thus is a book not to be missed. Once again, Alice Ward does not disappoint.

  5. Keri Loves Books (Keri Roth)

    A story of lies, deceit, and finding unstoppable attraction and ultimately love at the worst possible time.

    Sloane is undercover. She’s an FBI agent, sent to the island of Maldives, to get evidence to put away an earner in the mafia.
    Zane is the cocky, rich playboy living next door to her bungalow. No job, just traveling to exotic locales and partying it up. But he’s tired of the emptiness. He wants more.

    Zane and Sloane meet upon her arrival. He’s a complication for her; she’s the more he didn’t know he wanted.
    This story has twists and turns. Sloane creates a web of lies, throw in a hit on your life and a gun fight and you’ve got a page turner.

    This story kept me up late into the night. The chemistry is incredible and the unexpected keeps you turning those pages. Zane is an alpha with a protective side he can’t contain. He also knows all the right words…swoon! Their ending will have you simultaneously wiping your tears and laughing out loud.

    Another great read by the author. I loved it!

  6. Tammy Evans

    This book was fantastic! Sloane and Zanes attraction was off the charts hot! I loved the way their story developed. Sloane is an FBI agent who is undercover to get evidence against the mafia. Zane is a rich playboy living next to Sloane’s bungalow. This was an engaging read with well developed characters and hot sex scenes. Ms. Ward I applaud you! Your books just keep getting better and better. I voluntarily received an advance arc copy for an honest review.

  7. Tiffany

    This book is full of lies, deceit, mystery and love. I’ve recently gotten into the whole FBI/mob scene and this book fits that bill. Really good! Kept my interest!

  8. Moriah

    Another great story from Alice Ward. Absolutely loved Zane. He starts out to seem like a player, but he’s so much more and Sloane brings that out in him. She’s an under cover agent and uses him to help with her cover story until being with him is a struggle for her. What will she choose her job or Zane?

  9. Cheryl Petit

    The Playboy by Alice Ward is a fantastic, well written, intriguing, and compelling story with strong, well-developed characters, the mafia, secrets, lies, mystery, suspense, action, drama, humor, lots of twists, and plenty of hotness.

  10. Carol

    Take one tropical island … add one super-hot alpha millionaire playboy and one beautiful badass undercover female FBI rookie … stir in one Mafia dude for some intrigue. Result: the recipe for an uber-sexy, steamy island romp with great characters and a fabulous storyline! I loved everything about this book and definitely recommend it. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  11. zan Tonge

    Alice Ward does it again. A wonderful story of intrigue, mystery, suspense and romance. Zane, a bored playboy and Sloane, undercover agent have an instant connection but there are twists and turns along the way. No cliffhanger but plenty to think about. Advance copy, voluntarily reviewed. Alice’s books just keep getting better and better.

  12. Patricia Anthony

    Oh my – Zane says the sweetest most romantic things and his only drawback is his excessive overprotectiveness but, that is easily forgiven in the end. He is just too good and genuine with Sloane to maintain his playboy status. Sloane, the badass undercover FBI agent is swept up in Zane’s orbit and has difficulty separating her feelings and her work obligations. She gets a bit annoying here and there with her rookie mistakes but, that makes you wonder if she really has what it takes to be a field agent. Zane and Sloane have great chemistry and intense attraction even with the lies and deceit that seem to get bigger and bigger as their relationship grows.

    This book is an andrenline rush of suspense, intrigue, passion and emotion that creates an incrediblely romantic story. I highly recommend this read especially if you like the element of danger along with everlasting and forgiving love.

  13. Andrea L

    I liked to read Sloane and Zane’s story unfold in this book. I loved the beach setting it always makes me feel calm reading about stories taking place at the beach even if they are filled with some drama. This book was well written with just the right amount of lust, love, sex and the bit of drama in it. I enjoyed reading why Sloane was placed right next door to Zane and defiantly enjoyed reading their love story. Great book!

  14. Kristen Lewendon

    I don’t know where to start with this book. There was just so much I loved about it: action, adventure, intrigue, lust, love. It has everything. Zane, I loved Zane pretty much right off the bat for being so self aware. He quickly recognizes when he’s being a jerk. And while he can’t often stop himself from acting that way, he’s always looking for a way to correct the stupid mistake he’s just made. He’s so open and warm that Zane’s become my new favorite book boyfriend. Sloane’s a lot more prickly and guarded. Most of that will be because of her career. But as bad ass as she is at all the physical pursuits of law enforcement, she’s really horrible at the emotional parts of being human. I loved watching this pair together: Zane helping her to connect with her emotions, Sloane showing him that he could have a purpose in his life. I have yet to make it to the end of one of Ward’s titles without needing to reach for the tissues at some point in the story. This one did not break that streak, although I had hope up until the very end when i was cut off a the knees by their reunion scene.
    I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book.

  15. Jasmine Moran

    Zane is a billionaire playboy who doesn’t work and hasn’t found anything that will keep his attention long enough, so he travels a lot and is currently in the Maldives. He is having a good time, but is losing interest in all of the giggling island girls that have nothing more to offer than their bodies. But when he sees his new neighbor, he is instantly attracted to her and wants to know all about her.

    Sloane is a rookie FBI agent who is tasked to get info on the rabbit who is staying next door to her on the resort. But she never expected to meet Zane and have him stay on the other side of her. But will she lie to him to save herself and her cover? Will they ever have an honest relationship? Will they get their HEA?

    This is an exciting story, with scandal, drama, suspense, secrets, lies, mafia ties, spy aspects, love, lust, romance, hot steamy sex scenes and a HEA. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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