The Race

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I like it fast. She likes it faster. Who will win this race?

As founder and CEO of UnCaged Fitness, I sponsor some of the hottest fitness properties around. Top female athletes and models beg for my attention. I’m rich. I’m ruthless. And when it comes to my business, I don’t play around.

Until Emma James and her beautiful curves comes to Daytona.

With dreams of winning the NASCAR Cup, Emma has one speed — fast. She’s hot, deadly behind the wheel, and she doesn’t take crap from anyone.

Especially me.

Which only makes me more determined to have her. If she doesn’t take me down first.

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I could’ve pulled away, told him to stop, but I didn’t want to. I felt heavy, like gravity was pressing me down harder than before. Pressing me toward him. “Yes,” I managed to breathe out, wiggling into his touch.

His fingers skirted my waist, and he gave it a little tweak. I burst out laughing, grabbed for his hand, but he was too quick. He took that wrist first, then the other, rendering me immobile. He dragged me up to standing, and as I stood there, with barely an inch between us, I felt the heat rushing off his body.

He stared down at me, his eyes dark with desire, hands holding me firm.

Then he lowered his mouth onto mine. There was no tentativeness. I got the feeling he never hesitated when he claimed what was his. No, he kissed me savagely from the first. I gasped against his mouth in surprise, but that didn’t stop him.

“You drive me crazy,” he said against my mouth as he walked me backward until a bench hit the back of my legs. “Crazy. Hard as I try, I can’t think of anything but you.”

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22 reviews for The Race

  1. Mindy H

    ** spoiler alert ** Very sweet story. I enjoyed Emma being the driver rather than a fan falling in love with the drive even if the circumstances of her being in the car was a little over the top. Emma and her brother grew up racing from go-karts to dirt tracks both were not only racing the field but each other. Emma was a littler jealous as her family’s focus went to her brother rather than her but she supported the decision, when an accident took Brody out of the car and Emma in now the spotlight was focused on Emma. Because of being overweight while growing up Locke started a company for fitness and when they began their girls campaign Emma seemed to be a good fit. Great chemistry between Emma and Locke, fun story and Emma’s spunk! wow!!

    As a NASCAR fan there were places in the story where poetic license was taken to fit the story line, i.e.: Emma quickly ascending into cup racing and her doing so well with a rookie crew but it makes the story outcome sweet, but a little out of reality but I could overlook these because the story was very entertaining and who wouldn’t want to “Drive like a girl”?

  2. Armenia Fox

    Absolutely delightful, sexy and sweet

    I loved Emma James as the heroine. She is smart and beautiful, sassy and ambitious. The banter between her and Locke is witty and I loved all their interactions. I can’t say enough about Locke and how charismatic he is and so understanding of Emma.

    Race is a wonderful romance and another winner for Alice Ward. I love the characters, plot, and the writing is stellar. Definitely a romantic story that will stay with you long after finishing it. I received and voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  3. Theresa Campbell

    Alice Ward has a wonderful story in this book. I’m impressed with the racing knowledge and I can tell there was a lot of research done to create this. It’s romance with a feisty woman that can hold her own and a man that make her dreams come true! I received an advance copy of this book from the author and this is my honest and voluntary review.

  4. Stephanie Stauffer

    I loved this story. It was charming and original. It put a new light on a serious topic while still being steamy and funny at times. The couple are instantly attracted even though neither realize their error. Sparks fly, twists and turns, ups & downs, but of course a HEA. Getting there was the fun part. I would recommend this book highly. I was instantly drawn in and wanted to know “What next?” Alice Ward always delivers a warm, real story with interesting characters, new ideas and directions for each story to take. I will keep reading this author for sure!

  5. misty g warner

    I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book. I have read several books by this author and everyone is awesome. This book is centered around NASCAR with a HEA ending.
    Emma has always been in the shadows behind her brother. But after a tragic accident she is thrust into the spot light. She is faced with several challenges being a woman in a man’s sport and also feeling guilty she has what her brother wants so bad.
    Locke has centered his life around fitness and right now that focus is on women in all sports. So when he gets a glimpse at the up and coming NASCAR driver who happens to be a beautiful woman, he decides he definitely needs her for his ad campaign. Fully expecting her fiery attitude he never expects to catch a glimpse at her vulnerable side. Now he wants to see more of what she hiding.
    This was my first NASCAR based book and I loved that it was based on a female driver. It was a beautiful book with some good steamy.

  6. Michele

    Love it when a woman kicks butt in male dominated arenas! I like how deep you get into Locke and Emma’s insecurities and how they help each other overcome them. Haven’t read a bad book from Alice yet!

  7. MyOhMy

    Another total win by Alice Ward. I’ve come to expect well rounded characters that come from different points of view and together find something better by being together. Emma and Locke both have their own backgrounds and baggage but they bring out the best in each other and grow into a couple. Instant attraction? Yes. Instant love? No. The characters feel like real people and I actually like both of them. There aren’t any “stupids” where a simple conversation would fix things. I loved Emma she was strong, determined and ambitious. Locke had his own problems but found what he needed in Emma.

    I’ll have to admit NASCAR doesn’t really float my boat. But although it’s the setting for the story you don’t need to know much about the sport. Everything is well described and explained and the fact that I personally don’t love NASCAR doesn’t take anything away from the story. In fact it adds another dimension by showing Emma as she struggles in a male dominated field.

    Alice Ward is a remarkable author. Her books are always well written. Some I’ve loved more than others but none of them has ever caused me to want to throw my kindle against the wall. I feel like I’m stepping into the lives of two people and living with them through the story.

    The Race was excellent and highly recommended. (I voluntarily reviewed an ARC).

  8. Kathi S.

    Start Your Engines – Fabulous Read!!!

    Emotional beginning: Emma wants to race cars – but big brother Brody gets the nod as parents can only afford to support one. The event which allows Emma to race leaves Emma with much guilt and the need to truly prove herself.

    Uncaged Fitness has a great ad campaign; hit like a girl, run like a girl, and Emma is tagged for their drive like a girl campaign. CEO Locke is irresistible. He also does not realize the true athleticism required to “just drive”. The sizzling attraction and competitiveness that develops between these two makes for compelling reading.

    Given the tools, trainers and track time that would have never happened otherwise can this young woman prove to herself and the world that she has what it takes? Like Locke I’ve never been into NASCAR, but it comes alive in this thrilling story of racing and romance.

    Absolutely stunning read!!

  9. Nickiann Holt

    Mistaken identity turns into love and affection when Zack and Juliana meet together in a bar. The two think they are both someone else but when sparks fly and passion ignites they actually fall in love. But can the relationship last if their corporate lives clash? With beautifully written characters and a storyline that was heartwarming and enjoyable from the opening pages this book should not be missed. Once again Alice Ward does not disappoint.

  10. Tianna McPherson

    Another hit on your jands. This one was a mixture of adrenaline and lust that kept us hooked for beginning to end. I love how you brought to life what female athletes have to try to contend with on a everyday thing. I this book we learn what it’s like for a woman to drive a race car. Having to live up to the males expectations. It’s dominated by males but with the few we have now it’s becoming a male/ female sport. I’m so glad that you wrote this and I can’t wait to see what you bring us next.  I give this 5 stars. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book as an Advanced Reader’s Copy.

  11. Keri Loves Books (Keri Roth)

    More Than Racing
    4.5 ⭐️
    She’s beautiful yet feisty. A sister living in her brother’s shadow; a member of his pit crew while he pursues his racing dreams. It’s his dream, but it’s hers too.

    Emma James gets her chance, after a tragic accident during a race takes her brother off the track. Now it’s up to her to race and win. No pressure, just every cent of her parents savings.

    Emma needs a sponsor to continue to race towards the dream of competing at Daytona. Perfect timing for UnCaged Fitness who is running a campaign that promotes women athletes and their fitness bracelet.

    Enter Locke Cage, COO of the company, hot and totally ripped. He is a mico-managing, workaholic who built this company from scratch. Him and his sister run a billion dollar operation.

    These two meet an it’s like fire and ice! Get ready for the steam!

    Emma is tough, driven and hard working, but she’s a woman in a male dominated sport and they sure let her know. Locke is complicated. He has hang ups and baggage, but he’s just what Emma needs.

    These two have to navigate through lots of obstacles to pursue Emma’s dream. But together…they become unstoppable. This story is about so much more than a race car driver and a billionaire.

  12. Tammy Evans

    Emma has a dream of becoming a NASCAR driver. She is a strong, feisty woman who doesn’t allow anyone to run shotgun over her. Locke is the owner of UnCaged Fitness. When tragedy strikes and Emma is given the opportunity to join the racing circuit Locke steps in and offers her a sponsorship. Emma and Locke had amazing chemistry and sexy scenes were hot. This was a fantastic well written story, fast paced with a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Kept my interest from beginning to end. I voluntarily received an advance arc copy for an honest review.

  13. Moriah

    This book was fantastic!! Loved Locke and Emma. Emma is a kick a$$ girl living the life most people believe belong to men only. Locke is her racing sponsor. They both fight to keep it professional, but you just can’t help who you love. I didn’t want this story to end!!

  14. Tiffany

    This book kind of reminds me of a movie I seen when I was younger where a female has to take over for her brother in a sports related competition. I’m not much into NASCAR or much of any sport really, but this book was able to keep my attention. Emma dreams of being in NASCAR and has the passion for it, but being a female in a male dominant sport is hard. Then, Locke comes in with the sponsorship she has been looking for. But with the attraction brewing between them, are they going to mix business with pleasure?

  15. Rita

    What an exciting book. The action is intense couldn’t hardly sit still. The brother and sister relationships between the characters was so real. the love and respect between Emma and Locke was wonderful. I loved the racing! If you were ever a fan of cha-cha Muldowney then this book is definitely for you!

  16. Ruth Crittell

    This book is not as gut wrenching as many of Alice Ward’s books are, however, it is still full of strong personalities. Emma and Broddy’s story has its ups and downs. Emma is a girl who wants to be in a traditionally male profession and is only allowed to do so because of a horrible accident. Brody as an adult seems to have it all but he has issues of his own. The two are the perfect match but it is a struggle for both of them. This book has a lighter tone than some of Ms. Ward’s books however it is a great read

  17. Cheryl Petit

    Alice Ward has done it again! She has written a beautiful romance story with a great storyline and characters, steamy scenes, action, intense chemistry, passion, and a happily ever after.

  18. Carol

    This was a well written, sweet, yet steamy romance set in the world of NASCAR racing. Alice Ward did a great job of giving us a front row seat into this high-octane way of life. The chemistry between Emma and Locke was instant and intense. I appreciated the changes Locke had made to improve his life and the struggles Emma faced in this heavily male-dominated sport. While I felt that some parts of Emma’s story were somewhat clichéd, they didn’t lessen my overall enjoyment of the book. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  19. zan Tonge

    I was totally entranced with the research and realism that went into this book. I just didn’t want to put it down, I really enjoyed the insiders view of the racing world. Out of tragedy, a Star is Born. Emma James dreams big, and gets her chance to live the dream after being considered for a sponsorship. But, her dream changes and evolves – will she complete her Bucket List and achieve her new dream?

  20. Patricia Anthony

    This story is as exciting and intense as racing cars at Daytona Beach. Emma and Locke’s romance is sweet, sexy and meant to be – even if others think differently. I’m not a NASCAR fan so, I had some concerns about liking the story. I was certainly surprised. I really liked it especially, Emma as the talent and Locke the sponsor, a nice change of pace. These two characters are spirited, big hearted and loyal to their families. You’ll want to cheer them on from the start all the way to their checkered flag.

    I was a little disappointed with Emma’s brother, Brody and her parents. I found Brody to be too cruel and hurtful towards Emma, well beyond what should be considered normal considering his circumstance. Also, I thought Emma’s relationship with her parents lacked the supportive, unconditional love dynamic that I think she deserves. These are minor issues that just don’t sit well with me and needed to put it out there.

    I highly recommend this book!

  21. Andrea L

    I really loved Emma and Locke’s story. I love how AW made Emma such a strong lead in this book. It’s not often you see women in NASCAR so it made this one so much better. I enjoyed reading Emma show Locke she isn’t just a pretty girl to be gawked at. The love/hate and banter and bickering was fantastic through the entire book. I don’t have a favorite part of the book because i just loved the entire book!!

  22. Kristen Lewendon

    Oddly enough, I’m not a big sports fan but I love reading sport-related fiction. I know it’s mostly not the right type of racing, but what I was picturing was Danica Patrick as the rookie hero of “Driven”. It’s kind of a lousy movie reference, but the image worked for me. Emma is an amazing character: a strong woman fighting to make a name for herself in field that really doesn’t let the girls come out to play. Locke was pretty awesome too. He’s overcome so much to be where he is now, but he’s still carrying the baggage, the wounds, from those struggles. The chemistry connecting Locke and Emma leaps off the page and produces some extremely angsty and steamy scenes between the pair. I love the messages in this book of anti-bullying and striving to be your best no matter what obstacles are in your way – even gender.
    I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book.

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