Grace Wells’ life is one long party until her world is turned upside down. When her family’s business goes under, she’s left with nothing. Goodbye mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Goodbye weekends spent sipping cocktails while fishing for the latest hotties. Goodbye shopping. Goodbye expensive cars. Worst of all… goodbye Los Angeles.

Now Grace is headed to Crystal Brook, North Carolina where she’s left to practically fend for herself. With her inheritance down the drain, Grace is left having to start a new life—a task which seems nearly impossible. Until she catches sight of the gorgeous Luke Anderson who, cha-ching, is from a billionaire banking family.

Suddenly, Grace’s luck seems to have turned around. Once she snags Luke and makes him her husband, she can return to her old pampered life. Unfortunately, Luke sees right through her. After all, he’s spent his entire life trying to escape her kind.

But Grace is on a mission and what Grace wants, Grace gets. And this time, she gets more than she bargained for.

* This is a Full-Length Standalone Novel with an HEA and No Cliffhangers – Click “Buy Now” below to read this book on ALL PLATFORMS (including Kindle) *



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