Burned (Lords of the City – Book Three)

Welcome to the third sexy STANDALONE novel in Bestselling Author Alice Ward’s bad boy billionaire romance series, Lords of the City.

When two Type-A personalities come together, one of them is going to get burned.

My life is exactly the way I want it to be — with me in total and complete control. I love my business. I love my home. I love my dog and my friends. And yes, I love men too… as long as they do exactly what they’re told.

What I don’t love is secrets, but Seth Allman is full of them. He’s full of cockiness too. He knows how to play my body and my mind. I crave him. I’d do anything for him. Including risking it all. And I do. Love… what an out of control emotional rush.

NOTE: The Lords of the City series follows the sexy exploits of the billionaires who rule the city, and the women they love. These billionaires are definitely not boys – they are men, grown up, alpha to the core, and bad in a bad boy way. So, settle in for a deliciously bumpy ride.

Each book can be read as a standalone, has an HEA and NO Cliffhanger. This one will leave you breathless!


I opened “Burned” on my Kindle and immediately got pulled in. No way could I put it down! This book isn’t just another steamy romance. It is a story of love that conquers all.

ER loves to read

WOW Alice Ward has done it again, The Lords of the City series is amazing and this book I feel is the best so far. This book is full of angst. Steam. and suspense. You will not want to put it down once you start reading it.

Christy W.


I tilted my head to the side and studied the long swaths of gold and red. The canvas, illuminated by soft lighting above and beneath it, stood a good six inches taller than me. Upon first inspection, the painting seemed full of violent, aggressive tones, but the more I studied it the more the anger in the piece softened. Now it felt like I was looking at a river of lava, strong and secretly aggressive, but also peaceful and deceptively gentle.

“What do you think?” a male voice asked.

I peeped at the newcomer out of the corner of my eye. Tall, blond, wearing a gray suit and holding a beer in one hand. He reminded me a little of the actor who played Thor. All in all, the guy was decent looking enough. If I was the kind of girl who used a rating system, I’d put him at somewhere around six point five or seven. The kind of guy whose attractiveness might increase if his personality proved to be at least semi-compelling. I’d never seen him around before.

That last one was the bonus. I liked them new, liked my future with them to be uncertain and unbound by any real associations.

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