“Fuck. You’re wet for me.”

Tabby moaned as I fondled her opening just enough to stimulate another moan before I circled back up to the hooded bead of nerves at the top of her folds. Experimentally, I tapped. Her moan grew higher, more urgent as I repeated the action. Flicking the hood out of the way, I tapped again. She exhaled harshly, and nails clawed into my arms. Mild pain erupted up to my elbows, cracking my determined restraint to ease into the seduction, and I snarled as I dropped low to scoop her up. I had her flat on her back atop the standard hotel bed before she could emit her shriek of surprise.

“Lift,” I commanded, hooking my fingers into the sides of her panties and jerking them downward. She obeyed and raised her hips, and I wrenched the underwear past her knees to her ankles. She started to unhook a foot through a leg hole, but I shook my head and grabbed her ankle. “Oh, no. No, no, no. You don’t move unless I tell you.”

“But how are we supposed to… ohhh…”

I circled her clit before pinching it between my fingers, eliciting an airy, high-pitched moan from her.

“The only thing I want to hear from you,” I said, making sure she understood just how serious I was, “is that moan.”

She looked up at me through wide eyes, giving her the expression of innocence that sent my cock into spasms. After a long, slow swallow, she nodded.

Taking her other ankle into my hand, I forced her feet up toward her core. Her knees splayed out to either side, spreading her thighs and revealing the pink, glistening Eden within. Her pussy looked as sweet as her mouth had tasted, and I was hungry. Famished, actually.

Bending low, I planted my lips on her mound and breathed a kiss of breath on the drenched skin. She started to tremble, and her knees snapped closed. I jammed them back into place and pressed the flat of my tongue onto her sensitive skin before venturing north at a painstakingly slow pace. Her knees jerked again, but she was mindful enough to prevent them from clenching my head. She wasn’t mindful enough, however, to hold back the spew of pleas that burst from her like a geyser.

“God, Owen, please! Don’t — just — I need more!” she wailed.

I froze, tongue still flush against her, and raised my eyes to meet hers. Her cheeks were pinkening and her breath was becoming ragged, but her marbled orbs were still clear and sparkling with awareness. She wasn’t nearly desperate enough yet, and as punishment for her oral outburst, I flicked a circle around her button with cruel intent. Her hips squirmed in an attempt to intercept my teasing tongue with her wanting clit, but I wasn’t about to make it so easy. Grabbing her pelvis, I dug my thumbs into the v-shaped crevice lining both sides of her mound. She yelped, either with ticklish sensitivity or heightened arousal, and I took her moment of lost focus to drive her rear deeper into the mattress.

“Do. Not. Move,” I whispered.

Tabby moaned yet again, not because I resumed licking her but because she was starting to realize how little control she had and how much I wielded. The cry was an auditory aphrodisiac, and I had to dive back down to prevent my dick from forcing its way out of my trousers and into her. I lapped at her eagerly, slithered to her mons, traced geometric shapes across her miniature globe. Every movement drove her to writhing, but I didn’t bother stopping her this time. I ate up her reactions as enthusiastically as I ate her. Squealing, meowing cries rose through the room, octave and volume rising with every minuscule variation in movement I made. Then, when I plunged a finger deep inside, stroked her recessed soft spot, and fluttered my tongue across her swollen clit, her hands shot down to clutch my hair and I knew it was time.

In a swift motion, I unlatched my belt buckle and shoved my trousers down without bothering to unbutton or unzip. My cock sprang free with a bounce, and I took a condom from my pocket. I watched her watch me roll it on… watched her watch me find her center, the tip of my cock nudging her open.

The waiting was excruciating. Tormenting. Necessary for us both.


I thrust, and Tabby’s spine seemed to splinter at the center as her torso peaked toward me while her hips and shoulders remained planted on the bed. She was so tight, so wet, so welcoming I gritted my teeth. Good. So damn good.

I thrust deeper and deeper until my entire length was consumed by her. Her moan became a feral roar, and the same nails that had driven me to animalism drilled divots into my shoulders. I pinned my mouth to hers to drink in her euphoria as I barreled forward again and again with sweat sheening on my skin and thigh muscles threatening to burn.

She tightened around my girth, and again I knew it was time. If I kept going, she was going to explode, but I wanted to keep her at bay for a moment longer.

“Don’t,” I hissed against her teeth. “Not yet.”

“I have to!” she protested in a haggard gasp.

Pausing in place, I repeated sternly, “Not yet.”

Tabby groaned in frustration and raised her hips, encouraging me to continue, but I wasn’t about to bend to her whim. I wanted her to come, but it was going to be on my terms. To deliver that message, I wove a hand between our bodies and pushed the heel of my palm against her clit. Her breath hitched. I smirked, rubbed a tempting circle, and mirrored the gesture with my hips. She yowled and lifted her ass again, and I shoved her back down onto the blankets.

“Ask me,” I ordered after she opened her eyes.

“What?” she wheezed. The sparkle I’d seen in her eyes when we’d started had faded, replaced by the hazy cloudiness of teetering climax. She was ready, so ready, and the gift of bliss was mine to dole out.

“Ask me,” I said once more. My voice was low, nearly a whisper, but I kept my gaze locked to hers to ensure she heard every single word. “Ask me to let you come.”

She choked on desperation, then pled almost inaudibly, “Will you please let me come?”

I swirled the circle over her clit a second time with added pressure and cocked a challenging brow.

Please!” she wheedled.


Please, Owen, can I come?”

I smiled, leaned down to kiss her, then whispered against her lips. “Not yet.”

She opened her mouth to scream or curse me, but I didn’t let her shout the obscenities she was certain to start spewing. Instead, I lunged deep inside her again, clashing our bodies together with a brutality we both seemed to need. She moaned a song of sugary sin, and then she arched back, her body a tight bow. “I can’t — I can’t — god, Owen, please, I have to—”

“Now.” I could barely get the word out through my gritted teeth, but I couldn’t let go until she did, and I was about to tip. “Come.”

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