Her fingers curled around the base of my shaft and tugged it closer to her body. Then with gentle beckoning strokes that made it grow harder and more ready for her, she pressed me deeper into her folds, building more friction as she moved her hips over me.

“Please,” I begged, the blood forcing my cock upright, my need blinding. A shiver coursed down my spine and it took everything in me not to throw her onto the bed and take her like I was some kind of animal. My body was glistening with sweat as I fought for a rationale I no longer possessed.

She leaned into me, her near naked body against my chest as she softly pressed her lips to mine. Her taut nipples grazed over my shirt, her mouth giving me just a taste of her frosted cherry lip gloss.

I wanted her to linger there so I could relish her mouth, but she moved downward to my neck, first kissing then biting. Streaks of electric fire shot to my cock.

All that existed was tension and heat.

I bit my lip and willed my cock not to explode in her hand. I had to have her.

She trailed kisses down my chest to my nipples, teasing them with her tongue. At the same time, one hand gently floated across my body, tracing the contours and ripples formed by my labor in the gym. The other hand smoothed fingers over the dew beading on the tip of my cock and glazed it across the head. Holding it firmly, she gently stroked, and I quivered under her — the sensations of her hand playing my cock had me no longer able to resist my urges.

I hooked my hand around the back of her neck and pulled her face to mine until I could look into those gorgeous eyes. I wanted to push the mask away from her face, but I didn’t dare lose her trust in such a way. Instead, I devoured her in a kiss, her fingers tightening on my dick. Her mouth was tender and soft, sweet as my tongue explored it. And she explored mine in return.

I forced one hand to release from her hip and it took its own journey upward, tracing the contours of her body. Into the dip of her waist. Over the ribs that showed just a little too much. Around the beautiful curve of her breast to her breastbone. Then straight down in a firm line that pushed through the center of her soft breasts and down her tight stomach to her hip again, then her long, elegant thighs.

She pumped my cock harder as my finger neared her soft, moist center. I tore my mouth from hers and nibbled down her neck to her firm breast, where I found the pebbled bud of her nipple, drawing it deep into my mouth. A gasp escaped her lips as my finger found the silky folds of her entrance and slid toward her wet and ready center before unceremoniously driving inside her. She was warm and tight, her pussy sucking on my finger as a long cry escaped her throat.

Unable to wait any longer, I shifted her hips, positioning myself next to my finger, poised to plunge into her.

Yet I waited. And held my finger still inside her.

“Please,” My mouth detached from her nipple and found her ear, “let me have you.”

She smiled slyly as her pussy writhed on my finger. “No,” she teased.

“Why not?” The words were torture, even my lungs were burning for her.

“Because.” Her breath hitched as she dislodged herself from my finger and held my dick firmly in her hand. “I’ll have you,” she demanded as she quickly slid my steely erection into her heat.

I gasped as she ground herself down to my balls, resting there a moment so I could feel her tight pussy sheathed over my aching cock.

“Stay still,” she ordered as she carefully rocked back and forth, my cock so hard now that I couldn’t decide if I felt more pleasure or pain.

“Fuck.” I clenched my jaw as I clung to the shreds of my restraint while she maneuvered back and forth, driving deeper into her core. I dug my fingers into her thighs to keep myself from taking control.

“Shhh,” she playfully scolded as she took my mouth with hers again, her rhythm steady as she rocked on me, driving me insane.

With want battering my brain, my hands found her breasts, squeezing the soft flesh while I used every ounce of my endurance to withhold myself from thrusting into her deep and fast. My tongue mirrored the needs of my dick as I drove it into her mouth as if to consume her.

A laugh vibrated against my lips. She knew the effort it was taking to keep from rocketing into her. She ended our kiss with a simple peck then slid over to my ear.

“Good boy,” she purred as she bit it gently and sped up her ride, bouncing and building the friction between us.

“Please, let me take you,” I growled. I couldn’t let her have the control much longer, but couldn’t risk her withdrawing from me.

She lifted herself off of me in response, like I was somehow misbehaving. My cock came out of her with a pop and stood in the cool air, deprived and abandoned.

Her eyes were still commanding me to stay still as her fingers found me, rigid and slick with our combined juices. She rubbed my tortured member across the opening to her warm pussy, letting only the tip dip in for a moment, then slip out again.

I groaned with pleasure, sweat running down my temple to my neck and into my open collar. She rubbed, dipped, over and over again.



My balls clenched so tight, I had to think about Duk fucking a Jewel to keep from coming. I moved my hands down to her ass.

She switched it up by rubbing her thumb over my engorged head, centering then massaging the slit before letting the tip go into her again. The mix of cool air, gentle stroke, and warm pussy had my stomach knotting. I didn’t dare beg her again, and a thin sheen of sweat glossed my body. My resistance was waning.

She kissed me, the tip of her tongue darting into my mouth, and then lodged herself on me again, grinding, pushing me in deep. A long exhale cooled my fire for a moment, until she began rocking back and forth as she had before. I buried my face in her neck, breathing in the scent of her spiced perfume, taking solace in her soft skin.

“Do you want me?” she asked, wrapping her legs around my waist with my cocked plunged so far inside of her I felt the tip hit her cervix.

“Do you need to ask?” I shivered, squeezing her firm buttocks, raw craving and ravaged nerves wracking my body with electricity.

She wiggled, swirling her hips sensuously, dancing on my lap. Her eyes were glazed, the skin on her cheeks that I could see flushed. She also was heated and close to orgasm.

My hand slid down her glistening body to find her engorged clit. Two could play this game. My finger dove gently between her folds and slowly rubbed her swollen bud, until she cried out, “Yes!”

I then pressed my finger harder, rubbing her sweet spot intently, flicking up and down as her ambrosia wet my finger. My cock pulsed inside her and her breath sputtered.

I gritted my teeth to keep from releasing into her, as I wasn’t anywhere near ready to finish.

While I intensified the movement of my finger, so did her pace, until she was bearing down on me hard and fast. Her face flushed a pretty pink, her breathing caught and her high-pitched mewls had me cursing then giving encouragement. Her orgasm was so intense, I gripped her naked body against mine as it shuddered and quaked.

I’d been so focused on her pleasure that I had practically forgotten my own.

Tempered by her release, she kissed my cheek breathlessly and cooed, “Now, you may take me.”

I lifted her off my cock for a moment as I scooped her up into my arms and laid her next to me on the lounger. Hovering over her, I took a moment to marvel at her beautiful form, still elegantly draped in sheer, gauzy cloth.

I angled in for a kiss as my fingers forced her legs apart. I wanted her more than any woman I’d ever met. Positioning myself over her as she spread her legs wide, she opened her beautiful body to me.

I’d been given the freedom to play in heaven, so I thrust myself in deeply. Without hesitating, I pulled out then pumped in again. In and out of her, while she met me, her hips urging me on. I felt my heavy balls slap against her ass repeatedly as she moaned, and our rhythm increased. Her pelvis met my thrusts, and soon, I was laying all my weight on her as my cock buried deeper and deeper. Until I couldn’t hold myself together any longer.

With an intoxicating sensation rocketing my groin, the friction increased as we met an incredible crescendo. She screamed out my name as my body filled with heat. Buried deep inside of her, my balls twitched and released, and I pumped my cum straight into her.

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