“You have some powerful magic inside you,” I whispered against her lips. “Mighty powerful.”

She grinned, relaxing under me again. She lifted her hips, grinding her sex into mine. “Hocus-pocus. Show me your magic wand.”

I laughed, a throw my head back kind of laugh and collapsed down onto her. She was adorable in every possible way. “You aren’t Delilah. You’re Samantha. Bewitching.”

She wiggled her nose, or tried to at least, and I kissed the tip of it, unable to believe I hadn’t fucked her twice already. This was new. Laughing during sex. Taking my time. I liked it, feeling comfortable enough with anyone to not have an agenda, let the feelings take us wherever they went.

Wanting to explore some more, I moved down her body, licking her skin, sucking on her nipples. Trailing my tongue down the soft curve of her stomach, I enjoyed the soft vanilla fragrance that reminded me of cookies baking in the kitchen.

I was careful to avoid the scar as I pulled the jeans down her hips, revealing cotton boy shorts in the softest of blue. Inch by inch, her pale flesh was revealed until all that was left was that sweet bit of material between her legs. Her fingers clutched at the bedsheets as I trailed my fingers up her legs after tossing her jeans to the floor.

“Sorry, nothing sexy there,” she said, indicating the plain underwear, then squealed when I flipped her over and trailed my tongue up the strong line of her hamstring. She couldn’t have been more wrong. They were sexy as hell, clinging to an ass that was as good as the jeans had advertised.

“They’re perfect,” I said as I kissed her ass cheeks before working my tongue up each vertebra, tracing the ladder of each bone one at a time. When I reached her neck, she shivered as I found a sensitive place there, scraping it with my teeth. “You’re perfect. So very beautiful.” I kissed her earlobe, trailing my hands up her arms until our fingers linked. “I’m going to remove your panties now, spread you open. I want to see every part of you.” She shivered again, hips pulsing beneath me. “Then I want to taste you, fuck you with my tongue, my fingers. I want to watch your face as you come.”

She was breathing hard. So was I as I moved off her and flipped her onto her back. Her nipples were like pebbles, her chest heaving as I slipped my fingers under the waistband of the panties. Pulling down, I smiled. My little witch liked it bare. Well, almost. Just a thin strip of auburn curls marred the surface of her perfect skin.

Such a nice surprise.

“Glad I waxed,” she said with a little embarrassed laugh, her cheeks flaming as I pushed her legs farther apart.

I trailed a finger up her slit, felt the wetness there. “I love how smooth and soft you are.” Then I smirked, trailing a thumb over the nearly slick mound. “I’m glad you left a little. I’ve been really curious to know if that red hair is natural.”

The blush trailed down across her chest and she attempted to close her thighs, but I wouldn’t let her, only spread her wider. “As you can see, it is, thank you very much. I just like the clean feel of… ohhh.”

She bucked and I held her hips down as my tongue found her clit, circling the tight bud before I settled more comfortably between her legs and moved lower. She cried out and twisted on the bed, but I held on, keeping her still. The need was back, but not to fuck this time. The need was to devour.

It had been a while since I’d gone down on a woman, especially the kinds I picked up in bars. This woman was different. I didn’t just want to taste her. I needed it. Craved it. And I knew she wasn’t like the others.

Dragging a finger up through her honey-slick folds, I watched the butterfly of her sex open before me. With my thumbs, I spread her swollen flesh, watched it open one layer at a time. She was glistening, her desire for me evident. Ready for me. But not yet.

I inhaled, breathing in her scent as I tasted her unique flavor. Salty. Sweet. The soft mewling that came from her throat made her even sweeter as I plunged my tongue inside her to feast.

“Oh god, please.”

She lifted her hips and her fingers sank into my hair, twisting into the strands as she ground into my face. I looked up at her, over the mound of her sex. She licked her lips, her pupils blown as I blew cool air on her swollen labia. Her eyes closed, but I waited until they opened again to continue. I wanted her to watch me give her what she needed.

In one quick movement, I ran my tongue up her slit before capturing her clit between my teeth. Her eyes rolled back, and she cried out, her fingers pulling my hair even harder as I sucked the tight bundle of nerves into my mouth, pulsing it with my tongue. Letting go, I retraced my path, plunging my tongue deep inside her sweetness. She twisted, trying to break away from the overwhelming sensation. Her hips bucked violently, but I held her down, invading her again, pumping my tongue in and out of her hot flesh, licking inside her deeply.

She wailed when I added a finger, bucked when I added a second. I chased her up the bed as she tried to twist away from the intense pleasure I was intent on giving her.

She came, screaming through the release as her tight body clamped down on my fingers, her thighs closing around my head. I didn’t let up, didn’t let her rest. She was so tight. So hot. It made me crazy, and I added another finger, scissoring them to make her ready for me. She was so small, I worried I might hurt her if I wasn’t careful.

I worked her, twisting my fingers, pulsing them in and out of her with increasing speed. Her breath was ragged, the air ripping out of her lungs as I forced her closer and closer to the edge again.

When she flew, it was beautiful, her eyes locked onto mine, her mouth opened in a scream that didn’t escape her throat. I slowed my movement, licking her softly as her body trembled, waited for her to stop gasping before running my tongue up her stomach, over a nipple, and up to her mouth.

“Taste how sweet you are.”

She was greedy, sucking on my tongue, licking my lips, her movements frenzied. Then she was pushing at my chest, her blue eyes blazing with desire. “I want you,” she panted, pulling at my jeans, her fingers fumbling to push them down over my raging erection.

Rolling from the bed, I made quick work of the jeans and reached into my open duffle bag for a box of condoms, pulling one out before tossing an entire strip onto the sheets. My little witch scooted to the side of the bed, her fingers in the waist of my boxer briefs. She pulled them down, her greedy tongue already licking away the drop of pre-cum at the tip.

There was no tease, no finesse, only pure desire as she sucked on the head. I hissed as her lips took me in, her tongue dipping into the tip, her teeth scraping the shaft as she tried to take me into her throat. I watched her mouth stretch wide, trying to take more of me until her eyes began to water. I wrapped her hair around my hand and began pulsing in and out in short strokes before pulling out, letting her breathe.

“More,” she gasped and licked her lips. Fuck, she was sexy as hell as I fed her, watched her swallow even more that time. Her fingers circled the few inches she couldn’t take, and I gritted my teeth, refusing to come as she began pumping me with her fist.

“Stop. I need you to stop.”

She didn’t listen, just sucked and stroked, driving me wild. I was at the edge, but I didn’t want to be there this way. I wanted to be inside her, feeling those tight walls clamp down around me. I wanted my face only inches from hers when I watched her come.

Using her hair as leverage, I forced her to her feet, then pulled her head back until I took her mouth.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” I growled against her lips and shoved her backwards, watching her eyes open wide in surprise as she bounced on the bed. She quickly recovered, a sexy grin spreading on her face. Oh yeah. She was ready for me.

Making quick work of the condom, I rolled it on before crawling back between her legs, forcing them wider apart with my knees.

“Tell me you still want this,” I said, my face inches from hers.

She didn’t hesitate. “I want this.”

And with one solid stroke, I plunged.

God, it was so good, better than even her mouth. It was the wet, the warmth, the tightness — the trifecta of pleasure.

And I was lost…

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