I turned on the water and nearly panicked when the door opened behind me. “Still want company?” he asked as he stepped into the small room.

I was scared. Terrified. Excited. Desperate.


He pulled his shirt over his head and I gulped as his chiseled chest was revealed. The pants were next, and my stomach clenched as his cock popped out from them.

Holy. Shit.

A smile played on my lips. “I think you’re in the wrong profession.”

He followed my eyes south and laughed. “I thought about porn for a minute but knew the police would still be looking for my body when my parents found out.”

It felt like a dream as he stepped into the shower with me. Here we were smiling, and it felt so natural. So right.
Things changed as the shower curtain closed, and we were secluded into the small space.

“Hi,” he said and pushed my wet hair back from my face.

One of the pieces of my shattered heart reconnected. “Hi.”

Then he kissed me, and the world righted itself.

“Do you have any idea what you do to me?” he murmured against my lips. “How beautiful you are? So sweet?”

“I feel that way with you.”

He smiled and reached for my favorite bar of soap, trying to take it from his hands.

“Can I do that?” I asked.

His eyes fell to my breasts. “I’d rather do it for you,” he said sweetly.

I reached out a hand and touched his chest, his stomach. “I think I’ll feel better if I start.”

He handed the soap to me. “You have all the power tonight.”

I grinned. “I like the sound of that. Turn around.”

He did, and I touched the random freckles on his otherwise smooth skin. They surprised and endeared him to me. For being such a devastatingly handsome man, he had some flaws.

I loved the feel of him though, so rugged and perfect as I washed his shoulders, then down his spine, to his ass. I stopped there. I felt a hardened kind of fear stab at me, and I struggled against it.

He turned to me and took my chin in his hand as the water pelted our bodies. “You okay?”

I nodded, and he dipped his head down to kiss me. Tenderly at first, just little pecks across my skin. I clenched the soap as he sent rocketing bolts of sensation through my body. From just kisses. All he was doing was delivering tiny pecks all over my skin.

His hand found the soap in mine. “May I?”

At my nod, his hands were on my body, massaging the sweet-smelling soap into my skin. He spent a long time on my neck and shoulders, kneading the tight muscles there. I had been holding myself in a vice of pain, sadness, and fear for so long I didn’t even know that my neck and shoulders had turned to stone. His strong arms worked the pain out of my muscles, and I felt myself start to relax.

“Ah, baby, you’re a statue, so tense,” he said as he delivered kisses to the nape of my neck and top of my shoulder blades.

He ran his stubbled chin over my tender flesh, and I felt a rush of wetness course into my sex. Wow, it had been such a long time, I responded to his touch immediately. He lathered my chest and breast, my nipples tightening even further at the attention.

I moaned, and he chuckled. “So sensitive, my little Prince Slayer. Who knew?”

“I’m a mess. I think you just like melting me.”

“Oh, trust me, I’m a mess too, I’m just better at hiding it than you are.”

“Can I breathe yet?” I gasped.

He was making me insane with his swirling hands and his lilting attentions to my sex starved body.

“I strongly recommend it.” He kissed my earlobe and behind my ear.

I moaned, feeling the water turning cold, but I didn’t want to move.

“How about we get out before we turn to ice?” he suggested.

My teeth were chattering. “Y-y-yes.”

He turned off the water, then stepped out to grab the towels. I was shaking as he dried me off, wrapping another towel around my head.

With a gentleness that nearly made me cry, he lay me on the bed and joined me, pulling the covers over us both. He was still hard. He still wanted me, I knew. As much as I wanted him.

“Are you sure?” he asked, even as my hand found him and he moaned.

“Yes. I want you. I want this. Make me forget everything but this.”

As if in slow motion, our mouths met and desire curled down deep in my belly. Our tongues danced, entwined as he pushed his hand through my hair. I kissed him passionately, sharing all that I hadn’t allowed myself to feel for him.

“So fucking sweet,” he murmured against my lips before licking into my mouth. Our kiss softened and then deepened again as he took his time. I understood. I could kiss him for eternity.

Needing more of my skin to touch his, I molded myself to him, draping my leg across his middle. His cock pulsed against my thigh, a reminder of how much he desired me.

He rolled me onto my back and I took his heavy weight. It was glorious, and I clung to him, never wanting to let go. His hand was on my breast, kneading my flesh, and his mouth followed.

I cried out as his lips and teeth sucked and bit, driving me wild. I didn’t know my breasts were a conduit to my clitoris, but I knew it now.


It was a prayer. A plea. I just needed this ache to end and I knew he was the only one to do it. My longing for him increased as his unique mixture of tenderness and strength went into every touch.

“Please,” I begged again. “Need you. Please. Inside of me.”

“Baby, I’m going to touch you, and I want you just to let go,” he said as his hand traveled down my body, exploring each curve in agonizing slowness. Then he was there, his long fingers dipping into my depths.

“So hot, Caitlyn. Everything is so fucking hot with you. So sweet. So perfect.”

I cried out as he cupped my sex, his thumb circling my clitoris. A finger, then two slipped deep inside me as he sucked my nipple into his mouth.

I keened as all the sensations hit me at once, my body tightened as his fingers drove into me, twisting, finding that spot that caused my eyes to roll back in my head.

“Do you know how incredible you are?” he asked as his fingers drove me to the edge. I came, my body crashing and writhing against him as waves of pleasure threatened to drown me in their intensity.

Then he was gone, but only for a moment as he rolled a condom on. When his weight was on me again, his throbbing cock between us, he hesitated. “You’re still sure?”

I lifted my hips, crying out his name, and he was there, buried deep inside me. His mouth was on mine again as our bodies crashed together.

He bit down on my earlobe and I cried out, my body tightening around his. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me, spurred on by his hand on my breast. His other hand sank into my hair, pulling my head back to expose my throat to his lips.

There was nothing but us. No pain. Only this.

I came, my cry transforming into a wail as he continued to thrust into me hard. Then he was coming too, a roar filling the room as he spilled into me.

At the height of my orgasm, I understood the answer to everything. I understood why I was born. Why I’d met the man inside me. With him, I was on the precipice of something wonderful and unique…

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