“I want you.” Her words were so soft I barely heard them.

I looked more closely at her and saw there was a fine sweat on her upper lip. When my gaze landed on her parted lips, her hips rocked upward.


At her simple plead, everything I’d so carefully planned fell by the wayside, as the need to be inside her washed away everything else. I could feel myself shaking, for fuck’s sake, just from the sensation of my balls resting on her abs. Plan B.

“We may need to… fast forward a bit. What do you say?” Moving back until her pussy was just under my pulsing cock, I slowly ground into her mound as I watched her eyes roll upward. I could feel her moist pussy beneath my rock-hard erection through her thin silk panties. She wanted me as badly as I wanted her.

She undulated in response as I brought the tassel up her sternum, feathering it across her collarbone, up her neck, and to her lips. There, I stopped, pressed it to the soft skin of her lips so she could feel its smoothness. She puffed out a breath, sucked one in, drawing my attention back to her breasts.

“Fast forward,” she breathed and pulled on the restraints around her wrists.

Drawing on my usual restraint, I continued the tassel’s upward motion, sliding it across her cheek and up her hairline before lowering it down and between her breasts.

She moaned, and when she did, it slipped from my fingers, which widened almost of their own accord and wrapped around the undersides of her breasts. Squeezing, I gave in to my fantasy, pushing her ample mounds upward, letting my thumbs brush across her nipples.

When she moaned again, I couldn’t stop myself. I reached up, weaved my fingers through her hair, bringing my body closer to hers as I thrust against her pussy, my dick wanting to be inside of her, needing to be a part of her.

Her thighs lifted as far as the ties would let them, pressing on the sides of my hips, showing she was welcome and open to my movements so far, and I ground myself deeper into her center.

Her gorgeous breasts were now heaving in the soft, candle-like light, the sweet pink peaks of her nipples hardened into buds. She was an incredible beauty.

My hands found her hips, and I thrust her up against me, relieving a fraction of the tension.

She let out a nervous laugh, and I placed a tender kiss on her shoulder. I could feel her stress easing some. As I lightly pulsed my thick cock into her warm center, my mouth found hers again. My tongue dipped in and out until our tongues were dancing as our bodies found a rhythm, pumping against one another.

Her soft, fleshy breasts were pressed against my bare chest, and I didn’t think my cock could stand much more titillation. I gently moved my mouth down to her jaw, her neck, licking my way to a bare nipple, where I sucked it into my mouth, drawing it in hard.

I’d been ever so gentle with her — it was time to show her a little more of what I was about.

As I sucked on her nipple, feeling it turn to stone in my mouth, she writhed, pulling back some, trying to extract her nipple from the onslaught. I gave her a warning bite, short but firm, and she yelped, her wetness flooding my crotch.

“What are you doing?” she gasped breathlessly.

I lapped her aroused nipple, soothing it with my soft, warm tongue. “Giving you a taste.” Slowly, I slid my mouth over to the other nipple and paused just above it. “If I do anything you aren’t sure of, say ‘yellow.’ If I do anything you need me to immediately stop, say ‘red.’ Do you understand?”

She bit her bottom lip and nodded. “Yes, I understand.”

I took her nipple between my teeth, biting just enough to have her arching up from the bed.

“More,” she whimpered, making me smile as I took one lick, then another, and blew cold air on it so that it was even more aroused.

“Do you like this?” I paused for a moment and stared into her gorgeous blues. I could tell the sensations of her body were taking over her ability to think. Good. I gave her nipple another slow, torturous lick. “I’ll stop if you don’t like it.” Please don’t make me stop.

“Yes. Oh god, yes, I like it. Want more.”

But she still wasn’t ready. I wanted her to want it hard and rough.

“Hmmm,” I mused as I slid my finger down her stomach, then tucked it into her panties to find her slick and slippery with her need. “I think you’re telling the truth,” I teased as I scooped the other nipple into my mouth and sucked as she bucked and moaned. I sucked a little harder, not as hard as the first time, then bit again, just a nibble. When she yelped, I smoothed my tongue over her hot and ravaged skin.

“You’re doing great,” I encouraged. “Now lift up a little, so I can get all this off of you.” I took the silk between my fingers as my other hand lifted her hips, and yanked, snarling as the sound of ripping material filled the space between us…

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