The Fight by Alice Ward

Hot water bubbled all around me, smelling of chlorine, but I didn’t mind. The heat felt great on my sore muscles, and I sank down into the bliss of the hot tub.

“I was waiting for you. You should have told me you were already getting in.”

My eyes flew open, heart leaping into my throat. Standing just at the side of the tub, dressed in only a pair of swim trunks, was Caleb. He was just as carved as I thought he would be, every muscle in his body ripped to absolute perfection. His skin was shiny, as if he had been oiled up.

“I didn’t know you were waiting for me.” The bubbles floating on the top of the water hid my skin from his view, but my body still responded just because I knew only that thin layer of bubbles and my suit stood between my skin and his gaze.

“Of course I was.” He took a step over the side and slid into the water with me, and the bubble swirled around his broad shoulders. Already, every cell in my body was standing on end. It felt like I was being electrified by his mere presence.

“What are you doing?” I asked, an incredulous tone lacing my voice, even though I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the hands that were moving just below the water, parting the bubbles, as if he were itching to touch me.

“What do you think?” he responded, reaching one of those hands toward me. One strong arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me flush to him.

For a moment, I stiffened, but then I quickly realized that in his arms was exactly where I wanted to be.

“That’s my girl,” he murmured, his voice so low and salacious that my bones practically melted. It should’ve been illegal for a single man to be so alluring, and yet Caleb was unapologetic for how maddeningly attractive he was.

“I’m not your girl,” I answered smarmily, running my finger down his jawline, the bristles of his five o’clock shadow catching my skin deliciously.

“No, but you could be.” His hand went lower, to the dip of my back, smoothing across my hips before stopping when he cupped my bare ass.

“You don’t think that would be a bit inappropriate?”

“And why would it be?”

“Because you’re my boss?” I said with a laugh. It was killing me to be sensible, but I had to be sure he was completely aware of any line we might be crossing.

“No, I’m not. I’ve invested in you, but nothing more.” He smiled crookedly, and my woman parts sang with glee. “I can respect your space though, if you just want to just be colleagues. All you have to do is say the word, and I’ll leave you alone.”

“Hmm.” I stalled, trying to think and buying time by continuing to trace my finger across his collarbone and up over his shoulder. But it was so hard to concentrate when I could feel his breath on me, warming my skin.

“What’s the word?” he asked patiently, his eyes never leaving mine.

“I think we might be good,” I answered slowly, accepting that I was absolutely sure I wanted to be exactly where I was. Here. With his arms wrapped around me, his hand massaging my bare buttocks, making me want them to move lower. “But…”


“It would be better if you kissed me.”

One of his eyebrows raised, and the look he gave me could only be described as pure sex. “I suppose I could manage that.”

I was ready with a retort, when suddenly his lips were crushed against mine, and he was pressing me solidly against his form. I all but collapsed into him, my mind lighting up with a rush of pleasure and surprise at the feel of his skin against mine. My eyes slid closed, and I completely lost myself in the moment.

It was everything I’d thought it would be and more. It was exactly what I’d needed since the moment he walked into my prep room after the fight. What I had been craving since I first laid eyes on Caleb but had been denying every waking moment of the days that followed. Who knew that such denial could result in absolute ecstasy?

His fingers walked up my spine and kneaded, sending waves of relaxation up my vertebrae that were in sharp contrast to the frenzy brewing in my middle. His cock was responding, pressing against the front of his trunks with a desperate sort of urgency. That realization made me burn that much hotter, and I deepened the kiss, wrapping my arms around his shoulders, digging my fingers into his neck.

Caleb broke contact and pulled back. I was surprised when a tiny whine escaped my throat, but then his lips ghosted over the point where my jaw met my neck. Along my chin, down the other side of my neck. He alternated between a gentle press of his lips to sharp nips of his teeth, bringing sounds from me I hadn’t even known I could make.

I wasn’t virginal in any sense of the word. I had a long-term boyfriend through three years in high school that lasted until the summer before we moved to Louisville, and then another boyfriend for a few months after that. But neither of them had elicited the kind of reaction Caleb did.

“Don’t stop,” I gasped, nails digging into his skin as I clung to him.

“I wasn’t planning on it,” he rasped into my neck, making me giggle.

I didn’t giggle. And yet that was the only word to describe the giddy sound that escaped my mouth.

My embarrassment quickly faded, however, as his fingers left my lower back and trailed up until they circled my breasts, squeezing the tender flesh.

I gasped at the sensation and leaned back to allow him better access.

“You’re beautiful,” he breathed.

I ground against the hard shaft beneath his shorts, an uncontainable sort of pressure rising within me. I could feel myself growing slick for him, even in the bubbling water of the hot tub. “I—”

“Cherry…” His head dipped, and my nipple was in his mouth, being suckled and nipped by his teeth.

My hips responded, rubbing his hard length down my middle, and he growled low in his throat as one of his hands plunged deeper into the water. His fingers glided beneath the material of my suit and over my labia. I moaned, throwing my head back. “Yes.”

“You’re so passionate. I want to make you come. Watch you come.” One finger slipped between my folds, finding my clit, circling as he took a breast in his mouth, his tongue making the same motion around my nipple.

I rode him, giving in to every desire that had risen in me since we’d met, his finger dipping inside then slipping back out to tease my swollen bud. I could feel him beneath me, so hard he must’ve been about to burst, but as he increased the pressure on my clit, all reason flew away, and all I could do was answer my body’s demands.

“Caleb…” His name came out as a plea.

“Come for me, Cherry. My Cherry.” He was watching me now, but the tension in my core was so frantic that I didn’t care. “Come for me.”

I burst at his words, heat flooding my pussy as he continued his onslaught until I shuddered in slowing waves of ecstasy. Panting, I collapsed on his chest, his warm, wet skin feeling like a dream.


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