I did know I wanted to taste her, to breathe her in, to take her hard.

Grabbing her by the waist, I threw her back onto the couch and hovered over her. Every pore on her body seemed to ooze that floral aroma I’d already come to crave, and I had to know if she tasted as beautiful as she smelled. I seized her skirt by the waistband and yanked downward. There was a pop of protest as the zipper on the side burst into two, but I barely noticed. Shimmying the fabric down the length of her legs, I was hyper-focused on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and the only thing separating me from it now was a simple pair of black cotton panties.

Sadie squirmed beneath me, helping me wriggle her free from the confines of the skirt, and I noticed tiny little bumps of chill rising on her now-exposed thighs. They called out to me, tempting me, so I dropped my mouth to the place just above her knee and stroked my tongue over the tiny dots. The moan that spilled from her lips was almost inhuman, and it crept between the denim weave of my jeans to caress my cock affectionately. Up, up, up, I lapped at her gam until I reached the only clothed area on her lower half. The heady scent of her erotic want overlapped her perfume.

“Ahhh.” I took in a long, slow, deep breath. She looked down at me through hooded eyes. “I can already smell how much your pussy wants me.”

She crinkled her nose, an adorable gesture. “I hate that word.”

“Pussy?” She nodded. I hooked two fingers into either side of her panties and started worming them down. “Oh, Juliet, you surprise me. ‘What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.’” Her jaw slackened, and I heard a thin stream of air whistle through her teeth. “And you do smell so sweet.”

Another moan rippled from her tongue, and the blood in my cock surged. I’d always admired the power contained in words, but to witness the power my words—and Shakespeare’s—had over her was a euphoric experience unlike any I’d ever had.

With her panties off, her most intimate of areas was bared to me, but I wasn’t finished revealing her yet. “Lift your arms,” I commanded. She did as bidden, and I slipped her blouse off. Her bra, already unhooked, rested limply atop her breasts, and I tore it from her arms without hesitation. “Now, I can see you.”

And see her, I did.

She was beautiful. Perfect, really. Two swells of delicious flesh peaked with pale nipples, the tips of which were already studded in her arousal, and a delicate curvature sweeping into feminine hips begging to be gripped. At the center of it all was the Holy Land, a pink, petaled pussy with lips puffy and glistening with moisture.

I was ravenous.

Bowing low, I swirled my tongue around the creases of her thighs without venturing inward. Sadie mewed like a kitten and lifted her rear to silently plead for more. I pushed her back down with the heel of my hand, shaking my head. “So eager, Miss Capulet. Hath your father failed you to teach the etiquette of patience?”

“My father’s a surgeon from Connecticut. He taught me to handle emergencies with a cool head.”

“Methinks you were a poor student, then.” I flicked the tip of my tongue over her hooded bead, eliciting a whimper from her. “Your level head appears somewhat off-kilter.”

I engulfed her entire pussy in my mouth and suckled, and she groaned. Watching her summited breasts swelling and deflating with every coarse, craving breath was a visual aphrodisiac, and I found myself tracing shapes around her folds and clit just to watch her pant. Something about her was far superior to any partner I’d ever had, though I was unable to pinpoint what it was, because I cared very little about my own pleasure and instead was desperate to witness hers. Each rattling gasp that passed between her lips was a shot of adrenaline. Every shudder down her spine was like a stroke to my cock. Even the hues of crimson passing over her cheeks were visceral praise for my efforts. And, perhaps most rewarding of all, the shine in her eyes and leap in her pulse as I played the part of Romeo hardened me to granite, and I threw myself into the roleplay without reservation.

“I will be punished for indulging in your sweetness, dear Juliet.” My lips barely moved as I spoke against her inner thigh, but the impromptu grind in her hips told me she’d heard me clearly. “We are not fated to be together, yet I cannot stay away, and I willingly drown myself in sin for a taste of your love.”

Her panting hitched, though I detected a hint of amusement on her mouth similar to that which I’d seen when we sat across from each other in the pizzeria. “Romeo never said that.”

“No.” My voice was little more than a snarl. I pinned my eyes to hers, poised myself barely an inch above her loins, and licked my lips. “I’m saying it.”

Then, I swooped down upon her like a hawk on a helpless field mouse. My tongue plunged between her petals to drill into her soaked tunnel as my upper lip massaged her clit, which swelled with stimulation at my ministrations. Her entire body from ass to shoulders curved as gracefully as the St. Louis Arch, and she let out a plaintive moan that filled the room as thoroughly as the oxygen we breathed. Her flavor was, indeed, as sweet as I’d told her. Cherries. Ripe, juicy, delectable black cherries. I stroked my tongue along every ridge, taking special care to lap at the spongey bundle of nerves behind her pubic bone, and swallowed every drop of arousal I extracted.

“God, ungh, please, oh, god!” The stream pouring from Sadie was hardly intelligible and certainly incohesive, but I was more turned on by it than if she’d cried out a coherent request. Her submission to the sensations was submission to me. She was mine to pleasure, mine to tease, mine to torture until her body and mind were both ready to implode.

I slithered my tongue free from her and replaced it with a finger, curling the digit upward to tap against her G-spot. The hood hiding her clit was withdrawn to reveal the hopeful button beneath, and I licked a swirl pattern across its surface. Her hips bucked. I grinned and switched to a zigzag, and, with my free hand, reached up to mirror the motion with my fingernail across her nipple. She moaned again and rolled her hips into the couch almost as if she was pulling away from my penetrating hand, but I refused to let her escape and instead increased the pressure I used on her sweet spot. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and her thighs tensed on either side of me.

“Oh, no,” I chided, slowing my movements down. “It’s not time for your poison yet.”

She hissed, actually hissed like a pissed-off cat, and glowered at me through long-lashed slits. I couldn’t hold back my chuckle.

“She is a vengeful one, this Juliet, yes?” She hissed a second time, and I shook my head to antagonize her. In defiance, she slammed her hips downwards, absorbing my entire finger. I withdrew it completely and shook it at her just as I had my head in an unspoken tsk-tsk. My skin from knuckle to nail was shiny with her delicious lubricant. “You will learn patience, Miss Capulet, if I must spend the rest of my days teaching you.”

“Please!” She implored me with the desperation of a feverish fiend.

I didn’t respond. Instead, I took her by the hips and thrust myself against her. Though my pants were still on, I could feel her wetness through the fabric dampening my hungry cock. I wanted to play with her further, to drive her deeper into the chasms of insanity, but I was beginning to lose my own self-control and succumbed to her wiles. Unbuttoning my jeans, I shoved them down to my knees along with my underwear and watched my dick spring free. The head caught in her folds for a second and slipped up the length of her slit, and she cried out with the delight of long-awaited relief.

Taking myself in my hand, I traced the outer edges of her entrance. She was so turned on that tiny, crystalline beads were sliding from her opening, and I was already forming a glistening bead of my own. My mouth turned to cotton and my muscles tensed. There was no holding back now.

I crossed her threshold with a vicious thrust, and my breath was stolen as I was enveloped by her. Sadie, too, was rendered noiseless in the sudden joining, and we simply stared at each other open-mouthed for a fraction of a second before our senses were returned to us in spades. Simultaneously, moans clawed from our throats and mingled together in my living room, and I started pumping my hips. She reached over her head and scrabbled her fingers over the cushion in search of something to grab onto, but her efforts were fruitless and the only thing she could manage to do was tear her hair free from its messy twist and fist large clumps of her tresses.

“What the fuck is it about you?” I didn’t mean to ask the question. I didn’t even know I thought the question. It just spewed from my mouth before I could stop it, but, once it was out there, I genuinely wanted an answer. What was it about her? Why did she make me react this way? I was so attracted to her that I would’ve easily believed she’d put me under a love spell if she told me so, and, yet, even as I drilled myself deeper and deeper inside her, I still craved to know the person beneath the theater critic. That had never happened to me before. Women were either sexual conquests from the get or the makings of friends who could possibly become something more. They were never both at the same time.

My head rolled back as I rotated my pelvis to glide across every surface inside her, and the cry she let out was an auditory blowjob. Sensual and pleasing, but urgent and needy. She took advantage of my sudden vulnerability to lunge upward in what would’ve been considered a great crunch at the gym and clutch my waist, railing me into her with more force than I’d used thus far. I was so startled by her aggression that I lost the balance I kept on my knees and dropped forward, catching myself only inches before crushing her into the couch cushions. Eye-to-eye, nose-to-nose, I gazed down at her, and then I thrust again as I crushed my lips to hers.

Her moan swelled inside my mouth, and I swallowed rapidly to drink it down like water from the Fountain of Youth. She twisted and twirled her tongue around mine in a dance of impending climax. Soft fingers stroked the nape of my neck before sharp nails raked across my flesh, and she tore her face away from mine to shriek her pleasure freely. I stared at her as I continued slamming, transfixed by the sheer beauty in her euphoric expression, and, even with her eyes closed and her mouth wide open, I could still see flashes of her traits coming through. The sarcastic smile she’d worn several times throughout the night was hidden under her gasps. The discerning gazes she’d cast me lingered on the tips of her lashes. The questions she’d asked and taunts she’d vaulted mingled in the guttural moans careening from her diaphragm. She was there, the woman I’d first met in my dressing room, but she was stripped bare both literally and figuratively, and I was taking all of her.

That realization was enough to grip me by the balls and demand my release. I straightened up to look down on Sadie’s writhing form, pressed the heel of my hand to her clit, and rocked it up and down.

“Drink your poison, Juliet.” I increased the pressure I was applying. “It’s time to die.”

She didn’t die, but she did unravel. It was like I could see every cell in her body separating from the others as she melted, and the explosion that took her waited just long enough for me to see her fall before claiming me too. Lights popped behind my eyes, and I was forced on top of her again. She trembled violently, her voice a siren’s shriek in my ear. I was awash in pleasure. Every nerve I possessed was on fire, electrocuted, drowning, suffocating… and I never wanted it to end. Without a doubt, I’d never experienced an orgasm so gripping before.

I returned to normalcy before Sadie did, and, in my hazy post-orgasmic state, I watched her shooting through utopic universes. She was the picture of beauty, and I couldn’t stop myself from kissing her moaning mouth. She tried and failed to reciprocate, but I relished the struggle. When she finally regained some control of herself, I eased my cock from her and rolled off to the side between her and the back of the couch. Neither of us spoke as our minds tried to catch up to our bodies.

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