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Sneak Peek – Part One

The BMW rounded a curve in the road, revealing a field with a dirt road in the middle of it. I pulled the car off the asphalt and onto the rough trail. Riley looked over in surprise.

“What are you doing?”

“Punishing you,” I simply said.

The highway was a slow one. A car could come by and a car might not. At this point, I didn’t give a fuck. My cock was screaming with a mix of frustration and desire. Riley had made me want her more than I’d ever wanted any woman in my life. For that, I was going to make her pay. I planned on making her experience the same kind of ecstatic agony she heaped on me every time she touched me.

Unbuckling my seatbelt, I climbed out of the car and stomped my way to Riley’s side. She still watched me with those wide eyes, partly turned on and partly afraid, but more than anything else, excited. I whipped her door open, reached across her lap, and unbuckled her.

“Turn to face me. Legs open.”


“Do it.”

She obeyed, turning slowly in her seat to face where I stood next to the open door. I guided her legs so that her feet were braced, one on the ground and one in the car. Her dress fell open, showing off the wet spot on her panties. Seizing one of her knees in each of my hands, I got down onto my own knees in the dirt. My pants would probably be ruined, but screw it.

“What if someone drives by?” Riley timidly asked.

“Then they’ll see just what happens to dirty girls who disobey.”

Her gulp was audible. Seizing the fabric between her legs, I dug my nails into it and ripped the panties in half. Riley yelped in surprise as her underwear came off in shreds.

Pressing my fingertips into the soft flesh of her inner thighs, I thrust my tongue against her wet opening. She squirmed against my touch, but I tightened my grip and held her in place. Soft moans issued from her as I licked her slit up and down. As she got closer to her climax, I increased the pressure of my tongue.

With as much force as I could muster, I sucked and lapped at each part of her delicate pussy. In and out my tongue went, before making its way upward to press against her clit. I fucked Riley with my mouth, making her wiggle and cry out for more.

She burst against me, her slick juices coating my lips.

“Stop,” she gasped. “S-stop.”

Her hands pressed into the tops of my shoulders, urging me to stop touching her. But I didn’t listen. I sucked on her now overly sensitive bud, showing it not one shred of mercy. Riley shuddered out my name, begging me to let her be. Each cry that left her lips only urged me on. I held her legs tight and kept lapping.

Her cries took a turn again and changed from ones of torture to ones of pleasure. Moans rushed from her lungs, and she shook with another orgasm.

Not until her second eruption passed did I lick her clean and finally release her legs. I drew backward, stood, and looked down at her. Her panties were in pieces in the dirt, her dress rumpled, and her hair disheveled as she gazed up at me. Her chest heaved with each exhale, and her long lashes fluttered.

“That’s just a taste,” I told her. “Act petulant again, and you’ll really be paying.”

Riley’s pupils widened, and her lips parted.

“Well?” I prodded. “What do you say?”

Two words left her lips, so soft I could barely hear them. “Yes, sir.”

The excitement that ripped through me was groundbreaking. My dick instantly became hard and my vision blurred.

I didn’t even tell Riley the rules to this game—I never even mentioned them once—and there she was… playing it absolutely fucking perfectly.

Christ. I was in trouble.

Sneak Peek – Part Two

“Let’s go swimming.”

“Okay, let me go get my bathing suit.”

“Don’t bother. Let’s go as we are.”

I could feel my eyes nearly popping out of my head. “In those?” I gestured to his pants.

Xavier dryly laughed. “No.” He started to unbutton his shirt. “In nothing.”

My heart flipped. I glanced around us, just to make sure we were still alone. The nearest cabin sat halfway down the side of the hill. A thick line of trees separated the two buildings, only showing some light glowing through a window.

“Don’t worry,” Xavier assured me. “We’re alone.”

He finished with his shirt and started on his pants. Though I knew exactly what he looked like naked, I couldn’t help but stare as he undressed. Even in the dim light, the definition of his muscles was astounding. I got my own fingers moving and pulled my dress off. Since I’d never replaced the panties Xavier ripped earlier, removing one article of clothing meant I was naked.

Xavier took my hand in his and led me across the worn stones and down to the lake. There was a narrow beach there, with sand that almost felt like it was from the ocean. The wet bits squished between my toes as we waded into the water. Each wave that lapped against my bare skin felt like a kiss from a lover. I could feel my nipples hardening and goosebumps rising on my skin, but it wasn’t from the water temperature. The lake itself was warm.

Xavier kept my hand enclosed in his as we walked deeper into the lake. We stopped after a few more yards, at the spot where the water came halfway up my chest. My eyes had adjusted to the night, allowing me to finally see Xavier’s whole face. His eyes slid down and took in my bare body. From under the water, his free hand tenderly groped at my breasts. I closed my eyes and absorbed the sweet sensation of his touch.

When I opened them, Xavier had moved closer. We were inches away now. I sucked in a breath, unsure of what was to come next, but knowing I’d fully embrace it. What Xavier had done to me on the side of the road earlier was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. He’d blown me up with pleasure, collected all the pieces, and reassembled me all over again.

And the process had made me realize something. I belonged to him. Maybe I didn’t want to. And maybe he didn’t want me to, but there was no use fighting it.

Xavier reached out to me with both hands and cupped my face. His thumb brushed against my lower lip and set off jumps of electricity just below my skin. I lifted my chin and pressed my mouth closer into his touch.

“You,” he softly said. His mouth twitched, like there was something he wanted to say but couldn’t get out. His eyes flicked across mine. I held his gaze, staring back.

If there really was something he wanted to say, but couldn’t, I understood. This whole thing between us had turned into what I was afraid would happen. I’d fallen when I hadn’t meant to. And what came next I didn’t know. Would Xavier play me the way I was afraid he would, leaving me stranded and wishing I’d never met him? Or would he surprise me and turn into the kind of man I couldn’t even begin to hope he was?

“Let’s go inside,” he whispered. “Let’s go inside…”

Sneak Peek – Part Three

His words sent a force from my head to my toes. It melted each inch of me. I couldn’t think about what would happen tomorrow, or the day after that. This moment was too strong. It encompassed my entire understanding of reality. For all I knew, it was just me and Xavier left on the planet Earth.

I let him take me back through the water and up the hill. The fact that our clothes were laying in the grass didn’t bother me. There was an outdoor shower, and when he turned the handle, cool water cascaded over us both. Pouring body wash in his hand, he washed me everywhere, taking extra time at my center. I was in a trance and breathing hard by the time he’d washed himself and carried me through the sliding door to the cabin’s bedroom. Still wet, he lowered me down on the bed, commanded me to stay still, and then went to his bag in the corner.

He returned with several pieces of red silk. “You’re mine tonight,” he proclaimed as he lifted my hands above my head and tied them to the bedpost. “Don’t bother fighting.”

“I don’t want to,” I answered honestly.

My response had a visceral effect on him. I could see it in the way he licked his lips and edged his legs closer to the bed. I watched silently as he tied my ankles to the bottom bedposts. I was contained, but not trapped. To be trapped, I would have to want to leave, and I didn’t have any desire to go anywhere.

Finished with binding me to the bed, Xavier retrieved a condom from his bag and rolled it onto his already hard length. He took his time coming back to the bed, crawling onto the comforter, and nestling himself between my stretched legs.

Seizing the thickest part of my thighs, he squeezed them in an almost massage-like way. As his hands made their way up the length of my body, each muscle received its own special treatment. At my chest, Xavier paused.

I took in a sharp breath, anticipating what was to come next. Before I could exhale, Xavier slapped my breast. It stung in pain, and I cried out. Xavier cocked his eyebrow and looked at me, the question clear. I nodded. I was trembling, slightly afraid but also eager for more.

“Tell me to stop,” he said, “and I stop. No questions.”

“I understand,” I whispered through my teeth. I might have sounded like I was in pain, but the truth was that I was so turned on I could barely speak. Each exhale that left my body threatened to be a moan, and Xavier had only begun touching me.

Sneak Peek – Part Four

Taking both my nipples between his fingers, he lightly twisted. A complicated concoction of pleasure and pain ripped through me. I cried out, my shriek as much of a hybrid as the sensation Xavier was subjecting me to.

The man above me grinned wickedly and gently rubbed the sore spots he’d just abused. My nipples responded to the fresh touch, and somehow, became even harder.

“Are you ready for me?” Xavier huskily asked, taking his length in his hand.

I nodded.

“Say it.”

“Yes. Yes, I’m ready for you.”

He shimmied back to his spot between my legs. I braced myself, expecting a quick and violent entry. Instead, Xavier eased slowly inside, taking me careful inch by careful inch. My walls impatiently sucked at his width, eager to get as much of him as possible. Xavier watched as he entered me, his entire focus on the task at hand.

Bracing himself on the bed with his palm, he began to rock. It was the slowest I’d ever been taken. The pleasure that stroked against my core was warm and languid. I dropped my head back and let it take me under.

On and on, Xavier pulsed into me, taking me in a tender way that I never would have thought a man like him could. It was a stark contrast to the damage he’d just done to my breasts, but it was welcome. The pleasure doubled and exploded, sending shock wave after shock wave through me. Xavier watched my face as I rode the waves, his lips parted and sweat trailing down his temple.

With a curse, he released himself into me. I squeezed my walls around his length, milking him and encouraging him on. His explosion, just like mine, seemed to extend for the longest time. Finally, he pulled out of me and fell back on his haunches. Our labored breathing patterns blended together and filled the room.

Xavier let out a long breath and wiped his face. “The things you do to me,” he murmured.


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