Lust: A Mega Collection of Super Sexy Alpha Billionaire Romances

The super sexy alpha billionaire bad boys of Lust will leave you breathlessly begging for more.

At over 3,000 pages long, this mega collection contains ten full-length novels (each over 300 pages) that all contain HEA endings and no cliffhangers. If purchased separately, this collection would cost well over $30!

WARNING – Once you read the first sizzling page, you won’t be able to put this collection down. You’ll be left sleep deprived, but oh so satisfied! With hot and demanding bosses and achingly seductive billionaires, this TEN BOOK COLLECTION indulges every secret desire you’ve ever had.

Bestselling author Alice Ward and Jessica Blake bring you to the very edge of every LUST FILLED fantasy you’ve ever had. Contains hundreds of pages of steamy sex and passionate romance.

Here’s what’s included:

Blitzed by the Billionaire – Alice Ward
Behind the Scenes – Jessica Blake
Recipe for Lust – Alice Ward
Wrecked (Crystal Brook Billionaires) – Jessica Blake
Damaged (Crystal Brook Billionaires) – Jessica Blake
Crushed (Crystal Brook Billionaires) – Jessica Blake
Bluegrass Seduction (The Bluegrass Billionaire Trilogy) – Alice Ward
Bluegrass Obsession (The Bluegrass Billionaire Trilogy) – Alice Ward
Bluegrass Rebellion (The Bluegrass Billionaire Trilogy) – Alice Ward
Torn (Lords of the City) – Alice Ward

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I give 5 stars to each book in this collection.. Grab this book and enjoy some down time reading about happy endings.

Gwen Shafer

Lust is an amazing collection of 10 incredibly written books by 2 amazing authors. This collection has a variety of different types of romances that is sure to please almost every reader.

Senoria Gibson