I have a legacy to fulfill. She has memories to hold on to. Who will win this clash of wills?

As newly minted CEO of the Pennington’s enterprise, I’m thrust into the big shoes my late father left for his only son. My first task: Convince a certain stubborn metaphysical shop owner to sell the last piece of property needed to build our new superstore.

But she isn’t giving in.

I’m prepared to take Gretchen Laughlin down, until I meet her. Then, it all falls apart. Those bewitching mossy eyes, that snappish tongue, and her utter lack of intimidation has me torn and twisted, leading me to make a choice… the legacy or the girl.

I can’t have both. Or can I?

There’s only one way to find out.


There were a lot of ups and downs and twists and turns, but seeing how they worked things out and finally found their forever made for an immensely satisfying read. This one is fun and flirty but poignant and heart warming and deserve a place on your list of must reads.


Alice has a way of not only exposing her characters emotional side but as a reader you’ll go though the emotions as well.



After what seemed like an hour, but was probably only a few minutes, she spoke again in that rhythmic tone. “Join hands with mine.” I opened my eyes to find her holding her hands out.

I took them.

She started pulling on me, and my legs started uncrossing of their own accord. I tried to keep them in place, but she shook her head.

“No, like this.” She unwove her legs from each other and stretched one to either side in a wide V. I did as she indicated, and the soles of our feet pressed together. She nodded and began pulling on me again. The muscles in my upper thighs and lower back started to protest as I was tugged forward inch by inch, my chest lowering to the boat floor, but I kept my complaints to myself. If this was what she wanted to do, this was what we were going to do. As I fell forward, she went back, and I watched her chest lifting to the sky and her back arching in a way I had made her do before.

I was so hard now that it hurt.

“Now, pull me.”

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