My Stepbrother, My Lover

“My Stepbrother, My Lover” is a Hot New Adult Stepbrother Romance by Alice Ward – A Full Sized Standalone Novel with NO Cliffhanger!

I should have known better.

The moment Jackson Montgomery III showed up for his tutoring session, I knew he was trouble, but I ignored my intuition.

Soon, I couldn’t get my mind off him and he had no trouble letting me know that he wanted more than lessons from me.

The only problem was, he was the heir to a family fortune and I was the product of a single, feminist mother and working to supplement my financial aid at Harvard.

We shouldn’t have been together, but I’m proof that opposites attract and I was definitely attracted to him and wanted him in a bad way.

Temptation weakened my resolve and I ended up having the most erotic night of my life with Jackson, but by the next afternoon everything took a turn for the worst.

The sexy frat boy that just rocked my world was in his ex’s arms and I was devastated.

Then, a surprise engagement announcement from my mother revealed yet another unbelievable turn of events.

She’s marrying Jackson’s father, and the man I hated and wanted more than anything was now going to be my new stepbrother!

This book is intended for a mature audience, 18+ only.


Love it! I like a book with a bit of eroticism and a good story line. This book has that, but I definitely think anyone who is interested needs to read the prequel first….helps you get a better understanding of the characters. Two people finishing up college start to fall for each other but then they come upon several issues….the main one being their parents getting married to each other. Now they have to figure out what to do with their budding and sizzling relationship….pursue it or forget it ever happened for the sake of their parents.


Just finished reading this and I really enjoyed it. Stepbrother books always seem kind of awkward to me, especially if the parents stay together, and although they are awkward, I enjoy reading about the strangeness of the situation. Lol. If you want to read a stepbrother romance, this is a good one to read. Fun read I zipped through quite fast, as the author keeps you intrigued. Looking forward to reading more from this author.