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Saint by day. Sinner by night. Only a Christmas bet can save me.

I’m captivated.

From the moment she crashes into me, spills my drink, and tries to wipe my crotch clean, I know I want her.

But there are rules. By day, I’m Owen Driscoll, culinary investor and one of New Orleans’ elite. At night, however, I’m part of a secret society whose members are united under the shared lifestyles of wealth and dark fetishes: The Blackjack Club. My romantic escapades are limited to those bound by the confidentiality of The Club because outsiders are a financial, reputational, and emotional risk.

Tabby Rickard is most definitely an outsider. Her curvy figure, sharp wit, and quirky creativity don’t fit into my world—and that makes her dangerous to me. To us all.

The beast inside me doesn’t care. I must have her, must claim her as my own, to dominate her stubborn will and take her to the brink of insanity.

A hand of cards will seal our fate.

Will our Christmas bet be naughty or nice? Or will it bankrupt us all?

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