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Lust drove us together. Our differences are driving us apart.

As the Republican Party’s front-runner for the White House in 2024, I’m the man the media praises for having a silver tongue. By day, I’m a very conservative, buttoned-up professional. By night, my wild side comes out to prowl, searching for something. I end up in The Black Room… and find her.

Sweet little Cassandra is too good for The Black Room, too innocent. That won’t stop me from showing her everything my silver tongue can do. I can already hear her crying out in ecstasy when I sink into her. Feel her soft skin under me as she follows my every direction.

And she does… except in the most important way. She won’t reveal her true name.

The mystery addicts me to her but I can’t fall for her. Can’t veer away from the carefully crafted dream I thought I wanted.

But now I want something else. Her.

Even if it costs me my political career.

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