I sighed heavily and took her hands. She closed her eyes, tilted her face to the sky, and breathed in deeply. I just watched her, admiring the way her skin seemed to sparkle in the sunlight, and her expression took on a look of pure peacefulness. Her shoulders rose and fell, and her chest expanded and deflated. My gaze drifted down to the two round, supple mounds easing up and down under the sweater.

“Hey!” In my awe of her beautiful body, I hadn’t noticed her eyes open again. “You’re supposed to be stretching.”

I was honestly confused. “Since when is breathing stretching?”

“We’re stretching our souls, our energy.” I snickered, and she gave me a look that could have made the biggest, strongest guy in the world cower. “I’m serious. Close your eyes, picture something pleasant and calm, and breathe in and out slowly.”

I sighed again, but I obliged her. The sun was so bright that, even with my eyes closed, I could see its golden glow. Its warmth contrasted against the chill in the air, and the feeling of her hands in mine was delightful enough to make it easy for me to find the sense of peacefulness she was talking about. I inhaled slowly, held it for a second, and let it out. I did it again. To my surprise, my muscles were starting to relax, and any stress I’d been carrying with me started to filter from the forefront of my mind to the back.

“Good.” Her voice was low, soft, just like those women who led yoga sessions in new age studios.

The sound of the rippling water reminded me of the soundtrack Gretchen played in her store, and I was brought back to the first time we had been intimate. With the thunder outside, the lightning cracking, we had fallen prey to the stereotypical stranded scenario, but it had been one of the best nights of my life. In fact, I couldn’t imagine a more amazing thing to think about while trying to relax.

“Good,” she said again. “Open your eyes.”

I did as she asked me, and I glanced down. There was a massive bulge in the crotch of my tacky palm tree-patterned swim trunks that I’d picked up at a local gift shop.

“Damn!” I looked back up at her, authentically surprised. “Instead of being relaxed, I’m fucking hard!”

“I know.” She said it like I’d just told her it was a Wednesday, like it was a piece of idle conversation, and didn’t let go of my hands. Her eyes didn’t even drift down. “It’s not uncommon.”

“What, guys popping boners like preteen boys by doing nothing but breathing?” I tried to make light of the situation, but frankly, I was embarrassed.

“Yes.” She didn’t seem embarrassed in the slightest. “Now, we sit.”

Together, we sank down to the floor of the boat. She crossed her legs over each other, propping her feet up onto her thighs, and she gestured with her chin for me to do the same. I tried, but I wasn’t as flexible as she was, and I could only manage to get my feet almost to my knees. “I think that’s as good as it’s going to get, darlin’.”

“This is where we find our center.” She clasped her hands together in a prayer pose and closed her eyes once more. “Meditate. Go deep within yourself. Root your soul.”

The way I was feeling, I would have much preferred to go deep within her. This was all a bunch of mumbo jumbo to me, but any excuse to hide my raging erection was an excuse I was willing to use. I plunked my hands together, mirroring hers, and let my lids fall to hide my vision. Again, I was flooded with the image of her naked body beneath mine on the store floor, and my dick twitched. This wasn’t going in my favor.

After what seemed like an hour, but was probably only a few minutes, she spoke again in that rhythmic tone. “Join hands with mine.” I opened my eyes to find her holding her hands out.

I took them.

She started pulling on me, and my legs started uncrossing of their own accord. I tried to keep them in place, but she shook her head.

“No, like this.” She unwove her legs from each other and stretched one to either side in a wide V. I did as she indicated, and the soles of our feet pressed together. She nodded and began pulling on me again. The muscles in my upper thighs and lower back started to protest as I was tugged forward inch by inch, my chest lowering to the boat floor, but I kept my complaints to myself. If this was what she wanted to do, this was what we were going to do. As I fell forward, she went back, and I watched her chest lifting to the sky and her back arching in a way I had made her do before.

I was so hard now that it hurt.

“Now, pull me.”

I started sitting up, taking her hands with me. Just like I had, she started to bend forward. She was able to bend much closer to the ground than I was, obviously, but it didn’t register with me just what that meant until her face shrouded my crotch. She was so close that her mouth was probably a centimeter from my throbbing arousal. I groaned despite myself.

“Again.” I could barely hear her.

I was inched forward toward her, but this time I didn’t give in to the protest of my muscles. I continued bending down, down, down until my mouth was only inches from her cotton-covered pussy. She jiggled her hands to let me know silently that she wanted me to pull her back, to continue our yoga session, but I was too tempted. Changing positions, I went down until I circled my mouth around the fabric blanketing her groin and exhaled warm breath.

The gasp she emitted was so sharp it took me by surprise, but I loved it. Without her instruction, I released her hands and used mine to push her back slowly until her spine was flat against the boat floor. When she didn’t protest, I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her skin-hugging leggings and pulled them down over the meat of her thighs. With the sun cascading onto her now-naked Eden, I was sure I was looking into Heaven’s window.

Damn. The woman was even making me think poetic thoughts.

My tongue flicked out, stroking her folds so delicately that she shivered. Her fingers knitted into my hair, and her legs quivered. I repeated the motion, then changed it up with a couple swirls and circles. She shuddered. This was much better than yoga.

“What if someone sees us?” she whispered.

“It’s a beautiful sight to see.”

I took her clit between my teeth and brought it between my lips, suckling on the flavor of her sweetness. She let out a moan, and her back arched. I pressed the flat of my tongue against the surface, titillating those nerves, thrilling with the way her entire body responded. She was already soaking, her arousal coating my chin, and I could feel beads of pre-cum dribbling down my length. I wasn’t going to last long like this. She was too arousing.

When I slipped a finger inside her to simultaneously stimulate with the movements of my tongue, her moans grew louder. The fingers she had in my hair tugged, and my scalp cried out with delicious pain.

“Cash, oh god, I’m close!”

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one turned on. It had taken all of three minutes to get her to the edge, and I was eager to thrust her over, but I was selfish. I wanted to experience her orgasm for myself. Straightening up, I dug into the pocket of my shorts and fished out a condom. Ripping it open with my teeth, I flung the bottoms from my body and dressed my cock. Her thighs were still open, waiting for me. I drilled my entire length inside her.

That one swift movement was enough to claim her, and her moans turned to shrieks. She writhed beneath me with fingers scrabbling along the floor of the boat and knees clamping around me. I gritted my teeth, driving myself into her over and over. Deeper and deeper. Harder and harder.

“Yes, darlin’. Come for me.” She was wrapped around me, clenched and spasming. Unadulterated ecstasy dripped from her lips like irresistible nectar.

Her hips shot up, accepting all of me, and I swirled my pelvis to stroke her G-spot. She unraveled completely. The girlish squeals turned to guttural, unhinged screams of pleasure, but I wasn’t done yet. I dropped my hand between us to square the heel of my hand against her clit, and I started to pulse, rolling my hips faster.

A gush of hot liquid spilled from her folds and splashed my lower belly, and I came.

My body fell forward with the flexibility of a well-trained gymnast, and I was sapped of all strength. Together, we groaned and moaned and clung to each other as her orgasmic fluid coated my lower half and mine filled its protective jacket.

Our lungs heaved in sync, and our mouths found one another. I kissed her, swallowing the tail end of her pleasure, and we floated back down to Earth beneath the soothing rays of the afternoon sun.

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