The Beasts of Baseball - The Complete Series by Alice Ward

This sneak peek is from Rookie Mistake, the first book in the Beasts Of Baseball series. Scroll all the way down to the bottom for sneak peeks of the other books too!

Her lips were still perfectly painted, full and sensual as they puckered towards mine for a kiss. My tongue wasted no time coaxing apart those pink lips and finding its way inside her sweet mouth. She tasted like the strawberry drinks she had ordered and smelled of vanilla.

This is what I call dessert.

Her lips pulled away from mine, and her body lowered until her mouth met the tip of my cock. She squeezed my balls gently in her palm, rolling them as she licked up my length.

Sweet Jesus, I could come in her mouth right now!

Those beautiful green eyes looked up at me as her lips stretched around my shaft. There was an innocence in them that drove me wild, and the deeper she took me into her mouth, I could see them begin to water. My hand gripped her hair, guiding her up and down on my cock. Her mouth was wet, warm, and offered a variety of sensations, from hard suction to gentle flicks of her tongue.

I used my go-tos when I got too close — baseball, Aunt Edna and even tried to remember the taste of dill pickles — but it was useless. I needed to stop her before it was too late. I wanted to save my cum for her pussy, the tight, delicious place where my cock loved to play. I pulled on her hair, pulling her away from my cock. She refused to go.

Instead, she wrapped her hand around my thigh, squeezed my balls tightly in her other hand and took me back into her mouth. She was latched on tight, sucking hard and fast as my legs began to tremble, and my eyes rolled back in my head. A loud grunt exploded from my lips and echoed off the kitchen walls as I came into her mouth, down her throat. I quickly pulled myself together enough to look down at the image of her licking me from her lips.

Deliciously beautiful.

I kicked my shoes off and my pants from my ankles. I reached down, lifting Whitney to her feet and then scooped her into my arms to carry her to the bedroom. I kissed her hard, my tongue tasting the mixture of her fruity drink and me. I tossed her gently onto the bed and stood back to take in her beauty.

I unbuttoned my shirt and let it fall to the floor behind me as I leaned forward and pressed my mouth to her ankle. My tongue worked up her leg to her knee before tracing a path up her thigh. I kissed her skin softly, teasing, then pushed her dress over her hips so my tongue could continue its journey along her body. I teased her with long soft laps that glided to her inner thigh and stopped at the start of her panties. The sweet smell of her pussy so close to my mouth made it water.

“Take them off,” I ordered.

She wasted no time in sliding her hands to her hips and pushing the silky panties away from her body. I helped her with them until they were off her feet and then turned back to what she had just uncovered.

Her soft pink folds were swollen and plump, her clit opened with her beautiful pearl exposed. I touched her sensitive flesh there, circling the bundle of nerves while she moaned and squirmed beneath my touch. My finger slid between her folds, spreading them open to expose the delicate pink flesh surrounding her opening. Her skin glistened with the juices that flowed from between her legs, and her scent was so delicate, I needed a taste.

When I plunged my tongue into her, she moaned and squirmed as I consumed her, needing more. I slid my hands under her ass, lifting her from the mattress, pulling her harder into my mouth. Her body shook as I sucked her clit, grazing it with my teeth, letting my tongue glide across it with random flicks. Her legs clamped tight around my head, her hand gripping my hair as she let out a loud moan and began to tremble.

By the time she was screaming my name, my cock was hard and ready for more. This time what it craved from the start.

I took my time exposing her beautiful breasts, her flat stomach, and the cutest belly button I’d ever seen. I leaned down and kissed it softly. “Do you want me to fuck you or make love to you?”

I already knew the answer, her body language told me she wanted to be fucked, but I wanted to hear her innocent lips form the words.

“I want you to fuck me,” she whispered.

I raised onto my knees and felt like a beast as I looked down at her, stroking my cock with one hand, the other moving between her legs again, my fingers sinking deep inside.

“Turn over,” I demanded, and her pupils dilated at my command.

She followed my orders, exposing her plump round ass and that sexy deep curve in her back. I ran my finger down the curve and between her ass cheeks, playfully teasing her puckered hole before reaching my prize.

“Raise that pretty pussy in the air for me,” I ordered.

She gasped then sighed, letting out another soft moan. I knew she loved when I gave her orders, so as she pushed her ass high in the air and spread her legs to expose the prettiest pussy I’d ever seen, I rewarded her with the tip of my cock sliding inside, but then quickly took it away.

“You sure you want this cock?” I asked, slapping her ass, then rubbing away the sting, watching the white flesh turn pink.

“Yes,” she moaned, pushing back into me, wanting more.

“Show me how bad you want it,” I said and pushed just the tip back into her pussy. She pushed back hard against me, but I pulled away so she couldn’t send me deep inside. I was teasing her, and she loved it. Her body pushed against me again, and this time, I allowed her to take me a bit deeper. I continued teasing her until she became aggressive.

“Yes, that’s what I like, baby,” I gasped as she slammed back hard, her ass cheeks slapping into my pelvis, shaking my balls in a violent rumble, causing my cock to throb.

Her body tightened and trembled violently, and mine quickly followed suit. Cum blasted from the tip of my cock, pulsing deep inside of her as I watched her pussy lips contracting around my satisfied dick.

I caressed her soft ass cheeks and then her back as I pulled out from her warmth. “I love you,” I said and rolled off the bed to grab a towel. We had made quite a mess, but we were both too exhausted to care and fell asleep in each other’s arms, sharing the wet spot.

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