In his bathroom, he sat me on the long counter and pushed my hair out of my face. His hands gripped the sides of my head, holding me still as he seemed to take in every inch of me. Then he leaned down and did something so surprisingly gentle, I nearly started crying again. He kissed away a tear, his lips lingering on my cheek even as his hands tightened in my hair.

The brush of his beard caused me to shiver, and I turned my face until my nose nestled into its softness, breathing in his manly scent.

“Emery…” he murmured, kissing my temple, then my ear.

My fingers trailed up his back, feeling each muscle shift as I walked them up his spine. “Hmm?”

“May I kiss you?”

The question was so soft, the blood pounding in my ears so loudly, I could barely make out the words. Vaguely, I wondered why he asked. Why he didn’t just take what I was freely giving him?

“Emery, please answer me. Can I kiss you?”

The daze surrounding me broke, and I pulled back, looking up into his handsome face. The muscle in his jaw popped, and the skin around his eyes looked strained. He looked like a man in agony as he waited for my response.

I could tell how much he wanted this. Wanted me.

My stomach twisted, my core pulsing with a need so unexpected I would have collapsed had I not already been sitting.

My heartbeat counted the seconds that passed as we gazed at each other. Just one kiss. Was that too much to ask? Before I could stop myself, I answered, “Yes.”

A breath of relief exploded from him, and I expected the first meeting of our lips to be an assault. But they weren’t. His hands tightened in my hair, and we connected in the sweetest way possible. His lips were full and warm as they pressed against mine, then his fingers tightened as he turned my head until we fit together more fully.

When he licked the seam of my mouth, I opened for him, welcoming his tongue with my own. I’d kissed Ryan, but this wasn’t just a kiss. It was more like a uniting of two souls that had been lost from each other for too long.

“Where have you been all my life?” he asked against my mouth, and a small part of my numb mind wondered if that was a line he used with all his women.

With Carlie.

I pulled away, the thought dousing the flame building inside me. He’d been with another woman not more than an hour ago. God, where had his lips just been?

“What’s wrong?”

I pushed him back, wincing as his hands stayed tangled in my hair. “I need to go,” I said, pushing again. Since he was expecting it this time, it was like trying to move a concrete wall.


Making a fist, I pounded my hand against his chest, leaving a smear of blood on his t-shirt. “It doesn’t matter why.”

He released my hair and encircled my wrists, holding both of my hands together with just one of his. With the other, he lifted my chin. “Tell me why. I know it isn’t because you’re not attracted to me. And I know it isn’t because I’m not attracted to you either. I am. Very much.”

I tossed his question back at him, yanking against the fist holding me still. “Why?”

His eyes clouded. “I don’t know.”

I yanked harder, fighting him now. “Is that what you said to Carlie just before you fucked her?”

He looked confused, then understanding dawned, and he loosened his hands but didn’t let me go. “I didn’t fuck her. She came to my room uninvited. I sent her away.”

I didn’t know if I believed him. “Why would you do that? Have you seen her?”

He scoffed. “Of course I’ve seen her.” He yanked me off the counter and turned me until I faced the mirror. He towered behind me, and I expected him to look angry as our eyes met in the reflection. I was surprised to see how softly he was gazing at me.

“Then why?”

He stepped closer behind me, his hands moving to my shoulders, his thumbs caressing my skin. “I sent her away because she wasn’t you.”

A part of me believed him. Another part of me was calling it bullshit. Yet another part simply didn’t care. That part just wanted — no, needed it to be true.

That part pissed me off.

“So, if I let you fuck me, will you leave me alone after that? Move on to the next one?” I whirled on him, poking a finger in his chest. “Are you just attracted to me because I didn’t fall at your feet in the gym last night? Are you just chasing the one who got away?”

I lowered my hand and grabbed his crotch, surprising him. Surprising myself. He was hard, and it took everything inside me not to stroke him. Rip his shorts off. Learn firsthand what sex was all about.

“Is this what you want?” I shouted. “You want me to submit to you? Do whatever you want whenever you want it?” I scoffed and squeezed his shaft harder. “You want some empty-headed acceptance to your every wish? Do you want to boss me around? Am I a challenge because I didn’t fall at your feet, begging you to take me, give me a damn orgasm? Blow my mind with your sexual prowess?”

His eyes darkened as he stared down at me. Both of our chests were heaving, our warm breaths mingling between us, his body radiating a heat that was nearly suffocating.

I squeezed his hard length. “Do you want me to drop to my knees? Take your cock in my mouth when you tell me to? Let you come on my tits?”


The honest answer surprised me so much, all I could do was blink. He took advantage of the silence.

“That’s exactly what I want. And more. I want to tie you to my bed and fuck you until you scream my name. I want to bite your clit and eat you so hard, you come on my face.”

Desire stirred inside me, unwelcome but slithering and twisting through me nonetheless.

“I do want to fuck your mouth, Emery. And your sweet pussy. And your ass. I want you to beg me to let you come until your throat is so raw the words are trapped inside you. And you want to know what I want after that…?”

I couldn’t speak, because if I did, I was afraid I would beg him for everything he’d just said.

He reached between us and squeezed my hand. His cock was like steel beneath my palm. “After that, I want to do it all over again.”

A whimper escaped me, and I forced my lips closed.

His voice grew deep, lower. “Emery, do you know how much I want you?”

I didn’t answer, instead shook my head in the smallest of movements.

He dipped his head, his mouth just a few inches from my ear. “Give me permission to touch you, and I’ll show you exactly how much.”

I found my voice. “Why? Why do you need permission? Aren’t you the kind of man who just takes what you want?”

His nostrils flared. “No,” he barked, his hands moving to my biceps, giving me a little shake, “not when it comes to this.”

I watched his face, saw the pain flicker and disappear in his eyes. I reached up and ran a thumb over his forehead, smoothing out the frown lines that had appeared. Without my hand between us, his erection pushed into my belly, hard and throbbing.


His thumbs began to stroke my skin again. “Yes.”

I swallowed, praying the words I needed to say would come. “I’m not ready to let you touch me right now. If you did, I don’t think I could ask you to stop.”

Disappointment flared through him, through me, and he took a step back, honoring my decision. Blowing out a deep breath, he raked all ten fingers through his hair before pressing the heels of his hands into his eyes.

Trust bloomed inside me, and I took a step in his direction.


He dropped his hands, his eyes flickering when he noticed how close I’d come to him. “What do you want, Emery?”

I took a deep, cleansing breath.

“For now,” I said, my voice tentative in spite of myself, “could we start with me just touching you first?”

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