Stagestruck – The Complete Series

Twenty-one year old Kate Harper has everything she needs to take New York City by storm – a trust fund, and a dream to see her name in the lights on Broadway.

And the Big Apple has just as much to offer her – including the handsome Max, a definite perk to her new job at a trendy restaurant. Hooking up with him is enough to bring stars to anyone’s eyes, especially hometown girl Kate.

But life in the big city isn’t all champagne and roses and gorgeous guys. When she becomes the target of envious actresses, Kate doubts she has what it takes to survive in the city long enough to realize her dream.

But fate has other ideas, in the form of Dylan Matthews, a legend on Broadway. He’s a lady’s man, and Kate has caught his eye.

Matthews might just be Kate Harper’s chance at the big time, but what about Max? How do you choose between your dream career and your dream man?


Kate an aspiring new actress from Iowa moves to New York to try and become a Broadway star. She has a one night stand with Max. After walking out on him after sleeping with him, she never plans to see him again until she applies at the restaurant where he bartends. They end up together only to break up after Max catches her kissing Broadway and TV star Daylan Mathews. Kate finds herself in trouble when she is stalked by someone trying to harm her. I won’t go into what happens. I enjoyed the book and do recommend it to others. My only problem is with Kate beings so indecisive and so quick to jump from Max to Daylan. Still, I have to say even though it’s not one of the best series, it was a good read.


This was a great story. I loved the suspense, love,and friendship. I enjoyed the realness of the story.
Sometimes to read a story that makes you want to become a part of it. Stagestruck is one of those stories.
I adore Max and he is most definitely one of my new book boyfriends!