Winning Streak
Kane’s apartment was amazing, the little bit I saw of it as he half carried me down the hallway. He turned on his bedroom light before dimming the glare just a bit.

“There. I want to see you.” The gravel in his voice made me shiver.

“I want to see you too.”

Wrapping his arms around me, he took my mouth with his tongue then teeth as he pulled on my lower lip. He leaned down and licked my neck, stopping at the pulse point before capturing the lobe of my ear.

“Have I told you that I love this dress,” he said as he unzipped it, “even better on the floor?” Within seconds, it was pooled around my feet, and I was standing in front of him in only tiny lace panties and my shoes. He stared at me until I blushed. “Beautiful.”

As his lips covered mine again, I opened for him, welcoming his tongue, greeting it with mine. He bent down and ground into me with an urgency that was hedonistic and raw, his pubic bone creating delicious friction on my clit. I cried into his mouth as he deepened the kiss.

His lips crushed mine, seeking and searching, punishing and soothing all at once. Our tongues met for a dance as ageless as time. I sucked on his, and he moaned, the rumble reverberating down my body. I loved that I could affect him too. It made me brave.

With a pounding heart, I pushed his jacket from his shoulders, then I worked the buttons of his shirt. It was soon gone, and I could feel his skin. Warmth and rippling muscle. All man under my fingertips.

He worked the zipper of his pants, but I pushed his fingers away. “Let me.” He stepped out of his shoes as the pants and belt joined the puddle of clothes.

His erection tented his boxers, and I wanted to feel him, taste him. I began to sink to my knees, taking his boxers down with me, when he stopped me, yanking me up and tossing me onto the bed.

Like a predatory animal, he climbed up my body, licking his way up my legs and belly, stopping to circle each breast before again finding my mouth. He kissed me hard, holding my hands above my head. “Tell me what you want.”

Where did I start?

I licked my lips. “Taste you.”

He growled and slid the rest of the way up my body until he was planting a knee on each side of my head. He stroked himself just inches from my face. “You want this?”

I nodded.

“Tell me.”

“I want your cock.”


He was going to make me say it. “In my mouth.”

One side of his mouth lifted, and with a last long stroke, he lowered his length to feed me.
When he pressed the tip to my lips, I opened them gladly, eager to accept his offer. His taste exploded on my tongue as he pulsed very gently in and out. I grabbed his ass, pulling him harder into me, wanting more.

Refusing to gag, I took him into my throat, looking up into his eyes as he watched from above. His face was strained as he battled to not hurt me, giving me short intervals to breathe.

I didn’t want to breathe.

I wanted him. All of him.

And nearly cried out when he pulled away.

Immediately, I missed the weight of him on my tongue, but his cock was soon replaced with his lips. “You’re driving me crazy,” he whispered. “I don’t want to come yet. I want this to last.”

His hand traveled to my breast to play with a nipple, squeezing just hard enough for me to feel it. I groaned, and he squeezed again. “Pain enhances the pleasure.”

I believed him.

His fingers were replaced by his lips, his teeth, as he moved back down my body. When he came to my panties, I wailed as tongue and teeth pressed through the material, the lacy barrier increasing the sensations on my swollen clitoris. My hand found his hair, pulling him closer, harder.

Needing no further urging, he sat back on his knees and reached for the top of my panties. “I’ve been waiting so long to see this,” he said as he peeled them down my legs. “Beautiful. So smooth.”

When they were gone, he settled between my thighs and my breathing picked up speed. A small flick of his tongue nearly sent me over the edge.

“Sensitive. I love that.”

Sliding his hands under my ass, he lifted me. Our eyes met as he opened me with his thumbs and blew on my heated sex. Before I could even react, he dove deep, his tongue blazing a trail down my welcoming slit.

“God, you taste so good. So wet for me already.”

When I didn’t think I could take it any longer, his tongue plunged inside me, his teeth scraping my outer lips. One finger, then two invaded me, making me groan. Pleasure exploded as his teeth grazed my clitoris, his tongue sinking deeper into my folds. I moaned and cried out his name, clutching the bed covers, anything to ground me. He licked and sucked and bit, eating me alive.

He pumped his fingers, hard and deep, twisting them as he did.

I was there, so close to the edge, every cell inside me contracted. He curled his fingers, and my eyes rolled back in my head.

“Feel good?” he asked, and I hoped he didn’t expect an answer. He stroked me there again, and I shuddered. “Ready to come?”

“Yes. Please.” The words came out in pants.

The flat of his tongue washed over my clit as his fingers began to move. I clutched at his hair, my nails digging into his scalp. He didn’t stop, only increased the intensity. The pressure. Everything.

Writhing, I was between wanting him to stop and wanting more when I exploded, screaming his name.

Trying to control my trembling body, I was vaguely aware of him moving away and rolling on a condom, then he was on top of me again, his hard cock nudging my entrance.

“Open your eyes.”

I obeyed and stared up into his green ones as the tip of his cock speared into me. I arched against the burn of being stretched but didn’t close my eyes as my body absorbed him inch by inch. When he was fully seated, he murmured, “You are so precious, feel so good,” and began to move.

His strokes were hard and powerful as our bodies pounded together. I was on fire, felt branded as we melted into one. His muscles worked under my fingers as I held on for dear life.

As he pounded into me, I was at his mercy. Bound by him. To him. He snapped his hips, withdrawing just enough that I felt the loss of him before filling me again in a soul shattering thrust.

There was a hard edge to Kane’s hunger right now. A deep, insatiable need that I felt down inside my soul.

I loved it. Loved the violent need driving him into my body as he sought his own release inside me. I loved the way my breasts rocked on my chest and the ache in my hips as I clamped my legs around his waist.

Without warning, he pulled out and flipped me over, pulling my hips up until I was on my knees before thrusting inside me again. Gripping me by the back of the neck, he pushed down until my cheek was against the bed. He held me there as he ground into me over and over.

Curling my fingers into the sheets, I surrendered to all he was doing to me. Surrendered to everything I felt. Everything he was doing. Everything I was feeling. It was all so good.
He fucked me mercilessly until I was crying with the intensity from being driven from one climax to another. It was insane. Wild. Primitive.

I loved it.

The warmth of his sweat dripped down on me, and I pushed up onto my hands until my back was connected with his front. His arms encircled my waist and held me still as he thrust up into me, his mouth sucking the lobe of my ear then my neck.

He shifted us again, and I was on top, glad to be able to see his face. His green eyes blazed as I rode him, grinding my clit into him hard. His fingers pinched my nipples as I set a new pace, driving down over and over.

“Lean back,” he instructed, and I did, changing the angle and giving him better access to my clit. I keened, unsure if I could survive another orgasm, but knew that I had no choice.

And when I came one last time, he finally found his own release.

To be continued…

I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek of Winning Streak! I can’t wait to know what you think!


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