Taming The Billionaire – The Complete Series (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)

I’d never been the type of girl who craved attention from men. In fact, I’d been accused many times of shrinking away from it. I was happily single and content to stay that way when my brother brought Drake Waters into my life.

Drake was a devastatingly handsome billionaire architect—playboy extraordinaire according to the tabloid. He was the exact type of man I always tried to avoid. But when my brother got the opportunity to become his exclusive real estate agent, I was forced to play nice for the sake of family.

As I’d expected, Drake was arrogant and a bit out of touch with reality. Everything had always come easy to him. But I soon realized that there was something deeper there, something that drew me to him.

And from the moment he kissed me, I knew—good or bad–my life would never be the same.


I loved reading this book very much. Alice Ward is one of my favorite writers. The book is well written and fast moving. The author kept me wanting to read more and I didn’t want to put it down. I would recommend this to my book friends.


I ready pt1 for free, liked it so much i bought the box set. It has everything i enjoy in a story. I lobe billionaires stories. The people were interesting, and the love story was awesome from begining to end and very believable. I would love to read more from this author

chris grey