The Cabin

Isolation is all I want. Until the goddess arrives.

Of all the mountains in the world, her sexy ass has to show up on mine.

Now, she can’t escape. Not from the blizzard. My cabin. Or the attraction neither of us can fight.

This mountain is mine alone, my escape from the wonderful life that imploded two years ago. But she’s here now, and the defenses I’ve erected are falling at her feet. She needs my protection. I need my hands on her perfect skin.

The goddess has become my obsession, but if she ever finds out what I’ve done, I’ll lose her. I’ll lose myself.


Alice once again had me on a roller coaster of emotions….I laughed, I wanted to cry and I also had moments where I felt all cosy and gooey inside ….this one is another hit for me….let’s see what Alice Ward delivers next!

Kerry L

Indeed, this book has everything in its magical pages… fun and laughter from the mischievous Gonad the kitten’s antics…LOL … seriously?

Maria B


“Do you trust me?”

The answer was immediate. “Yes.”

Gray’s mouth closed over mine in a deep, almost bruising kiss that set my heart to pounding. One hand in my hair, the other rested at the base of my throat, his palm curving over the vein where my pulse raced.

He made a harsh groaning sound against my lips that was so erotically charged that it caused my nipples to draw into buds so tight, they hurt where they pressed against his chest. Inching my fingers around his waist, I pulled him closer in an effort to ease the ache.

I was glad that my brain wasn’t needed to provide vital functions when we kissed this way because I knew I wouldn’t remember how to breathe. The kiss was deep. Taunting. Tormenting. His tongue taking its time exploring my mouth.

Outside, the sun began to rise, the light casting an orange glow in the cabin, surrounding us with a light that seemed to be filled with blessings. He turned my head so that he could nuzzle my neck, raking his teeth down my throat. Dropping his hands to the belt surrounding my wrists, he stepped away and pulled. “Follow me, woman.”

I’d follow him anywhere.

“What do you plan to do with me?”

He grinned, the little gap making a reappearance. “I have no plan, Zoe. And I have no limits.”

It could have been a punishment or a promise. Both…

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