The Dom vs. The Virgin

I’m a Dom. She’s a Virgin. But not for long.

Living life as a recluse, I’ve quietly built my wealth under the radar of public attention. Then I followed my dream and created the New York Beasts, a bunch of MLB misfits who just won the f’ing World Series. I’m not under the radar now. In fact, everyone wants a piece of me.

How the hell I allowed myself to be part of a reality show, I’ll never know. But here I am, facing nine single women who see only two things — fresh man meat and big dollar signs.

Except her.

Beautiful, young, innocent Emery Rose didn’t plan on being here either. She’s flown under the radar too. But that won’t stop me from hunting her. Or from her hunting me.

She doesn’t know what she’s in for. Yeah, I might be the Beasts’ Daddy, but the real beast is me.


Alice Ward’s creativity and writings skills never fail. I truly enjoyed this story about Rhett and Emery. The storyline is unusual and intriguing and major characters are fully developed and have depth in them. “Pressure-cooker” environment of the story lead to uncovering deep secrets and other revelations.

Eleanor, Goodreads

An exceptional story – love the book, love the series.I’ll just admit right now, I love this series and I love Alice Ward’s book, and, this book, much to my surprise, is my favorite. I don’t know what I expected but this story is complicated and genuine, the characters so well thought out and created.

XO2read, Amazon


In his bathroom, he sat me on the long counter and pushed my hair out of my face. His hands gripped the sides of my head, holding me still as he seemed to take in every inch of me. Then he leaned down and did something so surprisingly gentle, I nearly started crying again. He kissed away a tear, his lips lingering on my cheek even as his hands tightened in my hair.

The brush of his beard caused me to shiver, and I turned my face until my nose nestled into its softness, breathing in his manly scent.

“Emery…” he murmured, kissing my temple, then my ear.

My fingers trailed up his back, feeling each muscle shift as I walked them up his spine. “Hmm?”

“May I kiss you?”

The question was so soft, the blood pounding in my ears so loudly, I could barely make out the words. Vaguely, I wondered why he asked. Why didn’t he just take what I was freely giving him?

“Emery, please answer me. Can I kiss you?”

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