The Heat

She hates me on sight. I want her on sight. We don’t just argue, we explode.

As the newly minted CEO of Watts Enterprises, the billion-dollar company with the world’s worst “green” reputation, it’s my job to produce the products consumers clamor for. But Atlee Young, an environmental attorney with more passion and will than I’ve ever seen, thinks differently.

We meet in the sultry jungles of Malaysia, and when I set out to show her how wrong she is about me, things get wild, fast.

Then they get dangerous.

Now, we’re not just fighting each other. We’re fighting for our lives.


This story took me on a ride I never saw coming.

Keri Loves Books

What an awesome read – you will be thoroughly involved and gripped until the end.



He reached into the back of the truck and pulled out a blanket. His voice was ragged and gruff with need. “Come with me.”

I didn’t remember him opening the door. I didn’t remember stepping to the ground or Wyatt taking me by the wrist. I remembered him kissing me again before placing his hand on the small of my back, leading me deeper into the jungle. The truck was still in view when he looked around, and apparently satisfied that we were alone — and there weren’t any creepy crawlies in the vicinity — laid the blanket on the earth.

“Tell me you want this, Atlee,” he said against my lips.

There were so many reasons to say that I didn’t, to run back to my dingy little hotel, and then back to America where I’d move on with my life. And there was one reason to stay.


The man I loathed.

The man I wanted to crush with my viral words.

The man I’d only met twenty-four hours ago.

The man… I wanted with everything in my soul.

At least just this once.

“I want this,” I told him, lifting my hands to his shoulders. “I want you.”

He took my face in his hands, his incredible eyes searching my expression. “What are you doing to me, Atlee?”

I had no answer for that. Had no time to search for one because his mouth was on mine again…

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