The Hunt

When I began the hunt, I didn’t know I’d find her.

Confined to a hospital with a rare chromosomal disorder, my little brother began sending me on scavenger hunts to uncover the world for him when we were kids.

When one of his quests brings me to a greasy Connecticut diner, my life is completely altered. Caitlyn, the gorgeous prince-slaying waitress, turns down my indecent proposal and ignites my need to conquer her at all costs.

With a reputation for being a ruthless billionaire womanizer, I can’t fault her assumptions. But now I’m on my own quest… to tame my unbridled passions long enough to get this little waitress, artist, and humanitarian into my bed.

As I lay bare my soul to capture her heart, I wonder…am I bringing the world to my brother or is he giving life to me?


I laughed, I cried, I smiled, I sobbed – this book had my emotions all over the place.


I’m pretty stingy with 5-star reviews. I save them for books that really wow me so much that I’d want to read them over and over again. This story was so beautifully done that it needed a 5th star



It felt like a dream as he stepped into the shower with me. Here we were smiling, and it felt so natural. So right.

Things changed as the shower curtain closed, and we were secluded into the small space.

“Hi,” he said and pushed my wet hair back from my face.

One of the pieces of my shattered heart reconnected. “Hi.”

Then he kissed me, and the world righted itself.

“Do you have any idea what you do to me?” he murmured against my lips. “How beautiful you are? So sweet?”
“I feel that way with you.”

He smiled and reached for my favorite bar of soap, trying to take it from his hands.

“Can I do that?” I asked.

His eyes fell to my breasts. “I’d rather do it for you,” he said sweetly.

I reached out a hand and touched his chest, his stomach. “I think I’ll feel better if I start.”

He handed the soap to me. “You have all the power tonight.”

I grinned. “I like the sound of that. Turn around.

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