The List

We love the chase, thrive on the hunt, but hate the entanglement. So we created The List.

The List – a top secret database of New York’s hottest women. As one of four entrepreneur billionaires who devised it, I live by its rules.

The formula is simple. If any of us sleeps with a girl, we are obligated to add her name, address, and kinks to The List. When another one of us has an urge for a certain type of woman, we simply pull up the list, make a selection, and find our prey.

It sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Well, for years it has been.

But now something’s different.

Riley Carson is different. The soft brunette has woken a part of me I didn’t know existed, a part of me that could be dangerous.

I don’t do girlfriends, but for the first time in my life, I’ve met a woman I don’t want to put on The List. A woman I want to keep to myself.

I have new desires. New cravings. New problems, like betrayal, or even worse, exposure.

Our wealth and reputations are on the line. A scandal would ruin us all.

Riley Carson may very well be our downfall… mine, most of all.


What a beautiful story written with perfection. The author made me feel with precision at every turn, bringing tears to my eyes more than a few times. It’s been a long time since I’ve picked up a perfect novel and felt so involved. 10 full stars and I can’t wait to leave my 5-star review on Amazon when the novel goes live. Beautiful.

Tressa Black, Goodreads

Alice Ward has done it again with The List. I couldn’t put it down. I just loved reading this book. This wasn’t just about a bad boy and good girl. It was about self- discovery as well as finding love. The story of Riley and Xavier is one that really pulls you in. You have a girl who loves too easily and a guy who is a player and does not love at all. Reading this story gave me a new look at finding true love. Vikki, Amazon



Ann-Marie huffed. “Aren’t you wondering why I’m here?”

Before I could answer, she held up a folded piece of paper. It was thick, off-white material with a ripped, red wax seal at the end. It looked like a wedding invitation and an acceptance letter to Hogwarts had a baby.

“What’s that?”

Ann-Marie grinned in an almost wicked way. “Ever heard of Enigma?”

Heard of it? I think I’d had wet dreams about it. “Yeah.”

“This, my dear, is an invitation to it.”

“No,” I breathed, unable to believe it.

She nodded. “It’s for two, and it’s only good for tonight...”

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